What would happen if the controllers from the PS4 to cook in the oven

Что будет, если контроллеры от PS4 приготовить в духовке

One Twitter user shared a photo of a pair of «cooked» in the oven controller Dualshock 4.

According to the user, he hid gamepads from his son that he went to sleep. However, his wife did not know and in the morning turn the oven — pair Dualshock 4 is melted under high temperature.

Repost the entry made Twitter British representative Sony, urging users «don’t cook your PS4 controllers, as they are not the cake.»

Previously, The Game Awards founder Geoff Keele told about his impressions about DualSense — controller for the PlayStation 5. The controller will be slightly heavier than DualShock 4 and you’ll get new chips.

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