Nvidia will release a 65-inch 4K gaming displays

At day zero CES Nvidia spoke about their collaboration with companies like Acer, Asus and HP for production of large format gaming displays (Big Format Gaming Displays).

Expected displays will get a 65 inch diagonal 4K expansion, frequency of 120 Hz and support for HDR. For smoother graphics screens will be equipped with the technology G-Sync. They also will be integrated the streaming service Shield from Nvidia. Since the platform is based on Android TV, the displays will provide support for Google Assistant.

In addition, monitors will receive back the backlight a brightness of 1000 nits with a color gamut of DCI-P3.

«PC makers expect high performance and instant response, but until now they were limited to traditional displays,» said Matt Webling, head of GeForce NVIDIA. «BFGD will change all that. Thanks to the latest technologies built into the new displays, gamers will be able to enjoy your favorite games with the minimum of delay, which they deserve.»

The company promised that the new product will go on sale in the summer. However, in early 2017 Acer were presented in 27-inch 4K monitor that supports G-Sync and it still has not appeared on the shelves. The price is not yet known, but they will definitely be sky-high.



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