«Yandex» has launched a generator of predictions for search queries

«Яндекс» запустил генератор предсказаний на поисковых запросах

«Yandex» has published a list of funny and unusual search queries, and launched the «generator predictions» based on them.

Press the «Learn» start the generator, which will offer a random request. «Yandex» notes that all the requests are impersonal, therefore it is impossible to know who is their author.

Some fun search terms:

  • «You look very nice without a jacket in Bulgarian»
  • «Sinaid Zidane»
  • «The films motivating to clean»
  • «The Avengers war without limbs to watch online»
  • «Conspiracy to resorce friends 3 men»
  • «A forgery made by the Pope on the feast of the Pope»
  • «Exactly how much is 4»
  • «How to Shine the day the cat what would he have liked»


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