MIX Mi 2s will be the first Xiaomi smartphone with wireless charging

Mi MIX 2s станет первым смартфоном Xiaomi с беспроводной зарядкой

Less than a month remains before the announcement of the new smartphone Xiaomi. We are waiting for the updated Mi MIX 2. Gradually, the rumors reveal details about the new product, and the company tigerit some of the features.

Another poster hints at wireless charging. «Wait!», — say fans of the Chinese brand, which until now has not released any devices that support wireless charging technology (like Meizu).

Mi MIX 2s станет первым смартфоном Xiaomi с беспроводной зарядкой1

Among the shortcomings of MIX 2 was an average camera, updated model should have a dual main camera with optical stabilization and a two-time approximation. This is also the company said in the teaser.

Mi MIX 2s станет первым смартфоном Xiaomi с беспроводной зарядкой2

The display will remain at the same level of 5.99 inch, processor upgraded from Snapdragon 835 to 845, RAM promise up to 8GB, continuous up to 256 GB, the battery is 3400 mAh.

The question remains to the location of the front camera. Mi in MIX 2 it is located at the bottom, because of what the smartphone should be turned upside down — not easy. According to the latest leaks, the camera can move up, but will be located off-center, as in the Essential Phone and X iPhone, and in the upper right corner.

We’ll all March 27, on the date of the scheduled formal presentation. Perhaps up to this point Xiaomi will release more than one teaser and reveal more details.


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