Car sharing YouDrive left gifts in their cars

Каршеринг YouDrive оставил подарки в своих автомобилях

Carsharing service YouDrive in honor of the triennium placed in some vehicles, gift boxes YouDriveBox. They include:

  • a packet of coffee and a voucher for a cappuccino or filter coffee;
  • a pair of socks;
  • energy drink;
  • damp cloth and a certificate of cleaning;
  • the tongue and free online consultation with a doctor.

In the Nissan cars under the brand YouDrive service put a kit YouDrive 3rd Anniversary Box Edition Nissan wireless charging for a smartphone, wireless mouse and model Oreca 03 Nissan or Nissan GTR.

Каршеринг YouDrive оставил подарки в своих автомобилях1

Also YouDrive plays gift test drives from Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, BMW, MINI and smart. The winners will be the most active users who will use the car sharing. Summing up is scheduled for June 28.


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