Apple claimed 146 million rubles from the Russian customs for duties on the Apple Watch

Apple потребовала 146 млн рублей у российской таможни за пошлины на Apple Watch

The Russian office of the Apple, the organization «eppl Rus», filed a lawsuit against Sheremetyevo customs. The company wants to return previously paid 146.1 million rubles as taxes on smart watch Apple Watch.

Apple has paid customs fees in the amount of 42.9 mln rubles because of the decision of customs about the «technical errors «eppl Rus»» when applying for the import of the Apple Watch. Them and more than 103 million rubles as percent of the company and wants to return.

In 2016, the Russian representation of American Corporation had sued the customs service: the state structure is considered Watch wristwatch, the import duty which is 10%. Apple has been able to prove in the Supreme court that the devices are actually «complicated devices for receiving and transmitting data», of the fee which will be waived.

However, Apple is unlikely to fully return the money paid. According to the representative of the Sheremetyevo customs, requirement for the organization of recovery of interest may not be met because «eppl Rus» independently paid customs payments, and interest may be recovered only in case of enforcement.


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