Google is preparing a rewards program for purchases in the Play Store

Google готовит бонусную программу за покупки в Play Маркете

Viewing of source code changes in the application from the Play store revealed 11.6.15 the development of the Play Points. Under this program, users will earn points for purchases inside the app store.

In one of the rows provided that each spent 100 yen (~60 rubles) will bring one point. It also offers five levels of benefits, starting with bronze and ending in platinum and Almazov. It is unclear what the actual bonuses will bring the owners high levels of this program. On one of the images shows an example of in-app purchases in games, which are converted into the currency of Candy Crush.

Google готовит бонусную программу за покупки в Play Маркете1

Google already encourages participants of the program «Local experts» who make corrections in Maps, as well as the participants of the surveys, Google Opinion Rewards.


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