Fortnite on Android expands the list of supported smartphones

Fortnite на Android расширяет список поддерживаемых смартфонов

The latest update of the mobile game Fortnite for Android brings support for modules Snapdragon 670, 710 and 660 — specially designed for Samsung Galaxy A9.

Chipset Snapdragon 710 basically have the Nokia X7, X8, Meizu, Meizu 16, Samsung A8s, Vivo, Nex, and presented yesterday, Lenovo Z5 triple main camera. List of smartphones supporting Snapdragon 670, a little less Oppo R17, X23 and Vivo version Vivo Z3 4 GB of RAM.

At the moment, Fortnite on Android not 60 FPS, but the developers at Epic Games are planning to add support for framerate in the foreseeable future. Now the mobile version of the game supports 60 frames per second only on the latest Apple smartphones.

Recently Epic Games announced a new mode for the «battle Royal» mode «Creativity». In it players can create your own island and make it what you want.


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