Engineers are faced with overheating and disruption of AirPower

Инженеры столкнулись с перегревом и помехами в работе AirPower

Insider Sonny Dickson (Sonny Dickson) has released a report which explained the delay in the release station of the wireless charging Apple AirPower and the recent removal of all the device information from the company website.

Apple engineers found several problems in the design of AirPower. Including significant overheating of the pad, which leads to performance degradation and errors in the chip with a stripped-down version of iOS, which controls the process.

The software responsible for the device connection also works properly. One of the «chips» AirPower is the ability to view the status of charge all rechargeable devices with the iPhone. With this, it difficulties arose.

Инженеры столкнулись с перегревом и помехами в работе AirPower1

A function to simultaneously charge up to three devices — another advertised feature of AirPower. Dixon says about 21-24 coils power supply, is positioned inside the charging station Apple, which allow the user to place iPhone, watch and AirPods anywhere on the court. But dense coils causing interference between them, reducing the efficiency of charging and the allocation of the excess heat.

Dixon really knows what happened to project AirPower. Apple could start developing from scratch, to cancel or delay the release of the product. His sources report that the company may even use the concept and trademark to a new product that has little to do with what was presented in September 2017.


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