A single subscription to «IMDb» and «Mediateka» cheaper

Единая подписка на «КиноПоиск» и «Амедиатеку» обойдётся дешевле

Yandex, and online cinema «Amediateka» have launched a joint subscription to the «IMDb+Amediateka». Subscribers will get access to the 4500 movies and TV series in high quality.

United subscription costs 649 rubles a month, which is 119 rubles cheaper, if the issue of a subscription separately. A trial period of 30 days is offered free of charge.

Users of the «IMDb+Amediateka» will be able to:

  • Watch movies, cartoons and TV shows from the catalog of «Kinopoisk»
  • Premium content «Imediately», including the HBO series «Game of thrones» and «the Wild West»
  • To use «Yandex.Plus»: additional 10 GB on «Disk» discounts «Taxi» and «Take» and subscribe to «Music».

Единая подписка на «КиноПоиск» и «Амедиатеку» обойдётся дешевле1

The managing Director of AMEDIA TV Elena Kiryushina noted that the company considers logical cooperation with the «IMDb» for his audience — service of «Yandex» are 35 million people per month.


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