Apple brought the announcement of the OnePlus 6T

Презентация Apple приблизила анонс OnePlus 6T

On the official OnePlus forum, the representative of the Chinese company said the postponement of the presentation of the flagship OnePlus 6T in connection with the Apple event scheduled for October 30.

Not to be in the «shadow» of the American company, OnePlus has postponed the official announcement of OnePlus 6T in new York the day before on October 29.

For several months in a row, hundreds of people poured their hearts and souls into creating our best product to date. Our goal is to make sure that he gets the time and attention that deserves — it is told in the company message.

The OnePlus reported that the decision to postpone the presentation was not easy. The company took feedback from the press and devoted fans.

OnePlus will contact all ticket holders individually to pay material costs required for replacement of flight or change of dates of hotel booking. Any owner of a ticket to the presentation in new York can apply for a refund for the ticket.



Google will charge vendors up to $ 40 for each sold smart phone with Play store

Google будет взимать с вендоров до 40 долларов за каждый проданный смартфон с Play Маркетом

According to resource the Verge, the manufacturers of Android-based smartphones will have to pay up to $ 40 for each sold in Europe, the device. At the price Google has evaluated the application package, including Play store.

At this step Google had to make due to the requirements of the European Commission, which fined the company at 4.34 billion euros. In the opinion of the authority, the company enjoyed a monopoly position and required vendors to install Chrome and Search, along with the rest of the set of Google Mobile Services.

Google will divide the EU into three categories. In the UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands, the smartphones with a pixel density of over 500ppi display will be taxed at 40 dollars for the installation of the licensed application set. For devices with 400-500ppi producers will pay 20 dollars to 400ppi — $ 10. In the other categories the fee may be only $ 2.5 for the device, and the rate for tablets is the same everywhere — $ 20.

The company will fully or partially reimburse fees to manufacturers who want to install Google search and Chrome browser by default in their devices.


Netflix cancels third season of the series «Luke cage»

Netflix отменяет третий сезон сериала «Люк Кейдж»

A week after the show was canceled Iron fist, Netflix announced the end of another story about a superhero of Marvel comics. For many it was a surprise, as the script for the third season was already in development.

The exact reason for this decision is not called. Perhaps the show failed financially. Representatives of the service gave the following review:

«Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix are grateful to the show-run, the writers, actors and crew who gave life to the characters of Harlem, and all of the fans who supported the series.»

Now have Netflix there are only three Marvel series «Daredevil» will debut on October 19 with the third season, «the Punisher», the shooting of the second season which is completed and «Jessica Jones.»

Perhaps the closure of the TV shows associated with Disney plans on opening its streaming service. Run Disney Play is planned in 2019.


MIX the Xiaomi Mi 3 will receive a dual front camera with flash

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 получит двойную фронтальную камеру со вспышкой

Director of product Xiaomi is Donovan sung (Donovan Sung) said on Twitter about one of the features frameless flagship Mi 3 MIX.

The render contains the image of the front side of the smartphone, and the inscriptions which tell about the presence of two sensors selfie camera at 24 MP and flash. The modules will be placed in leaving the back of the smartphone: the most recent video, push it to the have to manually.

It is expected that Mi MIX 3 will receive 845 Snapdragon, AMOLED screen of 6.4 inches with an under-glass fingerprint scanner, Android 9.0 Pie and 3D scanner for unlocking in the face. Previously, Donovan sung announced support for smartphone mobile networks 5G and the presence of the variant with 10 GB of RAM.

The official presentation of the Mi MIX 3 will be held on October 25 in Beijing.


Honor Magic 2 will receive a glass case and a triple camera

Honor Magic 2 получит стеклянный корпус и тройную камеру

In Chinese social network Weibo published a photo of the flagship sub-brand Huawei Honor 2 Magic. Leak shows not only colors, but also the number of main cameras.

In the photo two smartphones with glass top in black and twilight colours. The design resembles Huawei P20 Pro: here also the three main camera, next to them are signed «AI Vision». The difference lies in the arrangement of flash and the logo of Honor in the lower part of the rear surface.

Honor Magic 2 получит стеклянный корпус и тройную камеру1

According to rumors, Magic 2 will be equipped with fingerprint scanner in the display, the processor Kirin 980 and support fast charging with 40 watts. The front camera is hidden in a pull-out module.

Presentation of Honor Magic 2 will take place on 31 October in Beijing. Along with a flagship will show its own smart watch on LightOS.

Video stream of the event with photos will be available via our Telegram channel.


Deepfakes put Harrison Ford in the «skin» of a young Han Solo

YouTube channel called derpfakes released a video with fragments of the film «Han Solo: Star wars. History» in which the actor’s face Alden Ehrenreich replaced with the face of Harrison Ford.

The name of the channel suggests that the video was created using Deepfakes utility that uses artificial intelligence to replace those in the videos any more.

One of the most well-known roles of American actor Harrison Ford remains the pilot of Han Solo. At the age of 76 years, Ford certainly cannot fulfill the role of a young smuggler, but because the enthusiasts have used AI.


Presented C523 ASUS Chromebook with 15-inch screen

Представлен ASUS Chromebook C523 с 15-дюймовым экраном

ASUS has added a few set with the Chromebook 15 inch screen, providing a model of the Chromebook C523.

Notebook with a thickness of 15.6 mm and a weight of 1.45 kg is equipped with touch screen 15″ with resolutions up to FullHD. It will work from battery up to 10 hours. The ports include two USB Type-C (one of them is used for charging), two USB Type-A, a microSD slot and a headphone Jack.

Представлен ASUS Chromebook C523 с 15-дюймовым экраном1

Представлен ASUS Chromebook C523 с 15-дюймовым экраном2

Представлен ASUS Chromebook C523 с 15-дюймовым экраном3

Представлен ASUS Chromebook C523 с 15-дюймовым экраном4

Представлен ASUS Chromebook C523 с 15-дюймовым экраном5

More detailed characteristics of no: in the specifications section on the ASUS website lists only the operating system, Windows 10 Premium, although this edition does not exist.

ASUS Chromebook C523 will go on sale in the UK early next year.



How to return the vertical menu multi-tasking at the Google Pixel 3?

Как вернуть вертикальное меню многозадачности в Google Pixel 3?

New Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL and other smartphones with Android 9.0 Pie uses a horizontal list of recently running apps. To help navigate designed a new navigation system, however, and it was not very convenient for many users.

However, there is a way to get a vertical menu, recent apps and familiar navigation buttons without gestures.

In Android 9 Pie new navigation method and a list of recent applications embedded in the preinstalled launcher. Google Pixel 3 is a Pixel Launcher. In previous versions of Android style of these elements were built into the system, the application System UI.

If by yourself delete the system launcher, a horizontal list of recent apps and gestures will stop working. This can be done even without root-rights.

  • Install any third-party launcher: after you delete the system no additional home apps will cause problems
  • Install ADB on your computer (instructions)
  • Connect your Pixel 3/3 XL to the PC and start a command prompt in the folder where you installed ADB
  • Enter the command adb shell on Windows or ./adb shell on macOS or Linux
  • Remove Pixel Launcher with the following command: pm uninstall-k —user 0
  • Return the standard navigation menu: settings put secure system_navigation_keys_enabled 1
  • Restart Pixel 3.

Как вернуть вертикальное меню многозадачности в Google Pixel 3?1

In other Android smartphones Pie navigation gestures, you can disable the built-in methods in the menu «Settings > System > Gestures > Tap the home screen and hold up.» Remove the default launcher (it may not be Pixel Launcher) also, most likely, will return a vertical list of recent programs.

XDA Developers


Keyboard Gboard received a «floating» mode

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим

With the latest updates of the Android version of the keyboard Gboard received a «floating» mode.

It is activated from the extended menu in the top left corner of the keyboard and allows you to «undock» the keyboard from the usual position in the lower half of the display. The keyboard window allows you to change its size and can be placed in any part of the screen.

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим1

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим2

Клавиатура Gboard получила «плавающий» режим3

It may take some time before the «floating» mode will appear for all users of the stable version of the application. Impatient users can take part in the program testing unstable builds Gboard.


Instruction to return search screen On Google Tap on any device

Инструкция по возвращению поиска по экрану Google On Tap на любом устройстве

Google Now On Tap first appeared in Android smartphones in 2015. She helped to find brands, people, and unfamiliar concepts that appear on the screen at that moment. But later Google has replaced any many service.

On the YouTube channel for the app Tasker, which performs routine actions for you, there was a guide how to get Google Now On Tap, while maintaining Assistant.

  • Install the app Tasker, AutoShare and Google Lens
  • Open the AutoShare, and grant access permission to memory: the application will save the screenshots and send them Google Lens
  • Open this link on your smartphone with installed Tasker and click Import
  • Start the task by adding a shortcut in the quick launch bar

Google Lens able to highlight and search for information not only from the screenshots, but real world using smartphone’s camera.