Lens comes to Google mobile search

Google Lens приходит в мобильный поиск

Google Lens that helps to find products and brands on the image, appeared in mobile search «Google Images».

Here Google Lens works the same way as in the «Google Assistant» and «Google Photos»: the image is analyzed by a machine learning algorithm that then displays the discovered logos and products. On the latest service offers free online shops where they can purchase. Can draw interest to a segment of the image: so the Lens will only search for it.

Google Lens приходит в мобильный поиск1

Google Lens приходит в мобильный поиск2

The Google Lens near the «Share» function on the page image. On the page accessible from Google search results.

The function is active for users in the United States with installed English the search for other countries and languages, she will appear later.

The Google Blog


Create documents in Google Docs now easier

Создавать документы в Google Docs теперь удобнее

Google simplified the access to the pages to create documents in the cloud service Google Docs, adding a short address on the domain .new.

This method can be applied to the entire Suite of web applications for the office from Google. Quickly create a file in «Documents» on the address doc.new, docs.new or document.new; in the «Tables» — sheet.new, sheets.new or spreadsheet.new; the «Presentations» — slide.new, slides.new, deck.new or presentation.new; in «Forms» on the address form.new or forms.new. Generate a new web site using «Google Sites» you can also single click on the address site.new, sites.new or website.new.

The new addresses are already working on all browsers and devices.


«Yandex.Taxi» celebrates the birthday and the first billion trips

«Яндекс.Такси» отмечает день рождения и первый миллиард поездок

26 October 2018 the taxi service of «Yandex» it will be seven years. For this event the company has kept information about another event — the first billion trips.

Happened almost a month ago, September 28, in 19 hours 48 minutes 34 seconds. At this point, completed 43 trips in eight countries and 23 cities.

«Яндекс.Такси» отмечает день рождения и первый миллиард поездок1

As of October, the service «Yandex.Taxi» are more than 36 million users and more than 900 thousand drivers in 14 countries. The most active driver scored 17 728 trips.

A week ago, «Yandex.Taxi» bought a service kits for cooking «Party food». This will allow the company to expand the food business.



The court is not allowed to appeal the Telegram lock

Мосгорсуд не позволил обжаловать блокировку Telegram

The Moscow city court rejected the appeal of Telegram on the decision of Tagansky court to block the messenger on the territory of Russia, informs «RIA Novosti» with reference to press Secretary of the court Uliana Solopova.

The judge of Moscow city court indicates that the failure to provide FSB the keys to decrypt the messages is not grounds for failure to comply with the law.

13 April, Tagansky court of Moscow has satisfied the claim «Roskomnadzor» about the Telegram lock in Russia’s refusal to provide the FSB with information necessary for «opening» the correspondence of the users.

Later Telegram agreed to share with the authorities the IP addresses and phone numbers of users by court order.


Xiaomi has revealed the calendar of updates to Android smartphones Pie

Xiaomi раскрыла календарь обновлений смартфонов до Android Pie

At the forum, Xiaomi published the «road map» updates smartphone brand to Android and Oreo Pie. Until the end of the fourth quarter of 2018 will receive updates no less than seven devices.

Model Version Of Android Status
Mi 5 Oreo Release
Mi 5s Oreo Release
Mi 5s Plus Oreo The release is expected to fix the error
Mi 6 Oreo Release
Mi 8 Oreo Release
8 Mi SE Oreo Release
Mi 8 Lite Oreo Release
Mi 8 EE Oreo Release
Mi 8 Pro Oreo Release
Mi Mix Oreo Release
Mi Mix 2 Oreo Release
Mi Note 2 Oreo Release
Mi Note 3 Oreo Release
Redmi 5 Oreo Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018
Redmi 5A Oreo Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018
Redmi 5 Plus Oreo Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018
Mi 5X Oreo Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018
Mix Mi 2S Pie Release
Mi 8 Pie Release
Mi 8 EE Pie Release
Mi 8 Pro Pie Release
Mi 8 Pro Pie Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018
8 Mi SE Pie Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018
3 Mi Max Pie Planned before the end of the fourth quarter of 2018

Xiaomi did not specify the date of commencement of distribution of updates for each smartphone. Moreover, during the development and testing of firmware can cause problems that pushed the release date.


Xiaomi will improve the quality of the photos Mi 8 and Mi 2S MIX

Xiaomi улучшит качество фотографий Mi 8 и Mi MIX 2S

Co-founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun announced in his personal blog in Weibo that the smartphone Mi 8 and Mi 2S MIX in the foreseeable future will have updates that improve the picture quality to a new level the company’s flagship Mi 3 MIX.

The report said that the Mi 8, Mi 2S and Mi MIX MIX 3 use the same dual module main camera with sensor Sony and Samsung IMX363 S5K3M3 12 MP each. In the ranking DxOMark Mi MIX 3 received a total of 103 points, and Mi 8 and Mi 2S MIX — 99 and 97 points respectively.

Best photo quality obtained on Mi 3 MIX shall optimization. Lei Jun did not specify how soon the update will reach users of Mi 8 and Mi 2S MIX.


Details about folding Samsung Galaxy S10

Подробности о складном смартфоне Samsung и Galaxy S10

The Bloomberg report States that Samsung will present three models of the flagship Galaxy S10 in early 2019. A smartphone with a folding display from the South Korean brand will also be released in the first half of next year.

Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will get bent on the sides of the OLED display with built-in fingerprint scanners. Screens with rounded corners will be virtually no part around the front camera will be placed right in the screen area with a cutout in the matrix. Rear camera is to be installed of the three sensors. The third model will be more budget version, which will disappear lateral bending of the display, and the fingerprint sensor will move to one of the faces of the smartphone.

Concept Samsung Galaxy S10 from Benjamin Heskin

Samsung is negotiating with mobile operator Verizon about sales Galaxy S10 with module 5G in USA. The company is also testing prototypes without a dedicated Jack for headphones, but the final decision on his removal is not accepted.

Подробности о складном смартфоне Samsung и Galaxy S101

The report contains information about the current smartphone with the code name of the Winner. Samsung has not yet decided, will the screen be folded horizontally or vertically, but folded the diagonal of the screen is four inches. Fingerprint scanner embedded within matrix will not be because of technological difficulties, and the glass on top of it will replace film. Also for the Winner, will develop a special version of the shell the Samsung Experience, which adapts to the mode used smartphone.



Huawei introduced the AI-column design Apple HomePod

Huawei представила ИИ-колонку с дизайном Apple HomePod

In Chinese the presentation of a new 20 Mate, Huawei has presented a smart column AI Speaker. It is intended only for China market.

Externally, the device looks like a speaker Apple HomePod and is available in black or white options. Responsible for sound technology from the Danish company Dynaudio, brand equalizer Huawei Histen, as well as a 2.25-inch speaker 10 watts. Six microphones allow you to recognize the voices of family members. Control buttons, including mute the microphones are on the top edge.

Huawei представила ИИ-колонку с дизайном Apple HomePod1

Specified in the title of any column AI — artificial intelligence — hidden voice assistant Xiaoyi. The assistant is able to control the elements of the smart home, whether a security camera or light. The service knows only Chinese.

Huawei AI Speaker priced at 399 yuan (~3 800 rubles).


Cab aggregators want to ban regulate prices

Агрегаторам такси хотят запретить регулировать цены

Online services for ordering taxi «Yandeks.Taxi», «Citymobil», «Lucky» and «Maxim» made a statement against the initiative on the legislative prohibition of the participation of aggregators in the pricing of taxi journeys.

The initiative was launched in the framework of the International Eurasian forum «Taxi». She offers to taxi companies and individual entrepreneurs to submit their tariff menu aggregators to publish it freely available.

Online services opposed the proposed amendments, arguing its position by the fact that travel prices are determined by the market in the interests of passengers and carriers, in agreement with the partners-taxi companies and individual entrepreneurs. The current work-based aggregators taxi is a single maximum rate.

We believe that if they [the amendments] will be accepted, the Russian taxi market in its development will be pushed back to 15 years ago, and all the achievements of recent years — legal taxis, new cars, transparent and low prices, fast feeding machine — will be thwarted, — reads the statement of the companies.


How to activate the dark theme in «Google Phone»

Как активировать тёмную тему в «Google Телефоне»

In the application code the «Google Phone» version 25 discovered line responsible for the dark theme, however it cannot be enabled from the settings. Resource XDA Developers has released instructions on how to activate the dark interface independently.

  • Install the «Google Phone» 25 directly, or to join in the beta testing of the application
  • Install a file Manager running with root, for example, FX File Manager
  • Navigate to the directory /data/data/com.google.android.dialer/shared_prefs from the root folder
  • Open the file dialer_phenotype_flags.xml
  • Find the line G__enable_dark_mode_settings and toggle the value from false to true
  • Look for the line data_rollout__DarkMode.EnableDarkModeRollout__launched and replace the value false to true
  • Save the file dialer_phenotype_flags.xml
  • Stop the Phone app manually, go to settings and enable dark theme

Как активировать тёмную тему в «Google Телефоне»1

Как активировать тёмную тему в «Google Телефоне»2

Как активировать тёмную тему в «Google Телефоне»3

«Google Contacts» does not yet have a dark theme, so the transition from «Phone» contact card is still decorated in light colours.

XDA Developers