Google now learned to politely answer the queries

Google Ассистент научился вежливо отвечать на запросы

Google announced new features for its voice assistant Assistant. Their support will appear in the coming days.

Mode Pretty Please assistant will be politely and cheerfully respond to user commands. For this you need to add «please» before the request. For example, «Please set the timer for five minutes,» the Assistant will say «Thanks for being so politely asked. Well, five minutes.»

Feature announced at the Google I/O conference in 2018, and now works on smart columns and displays with the aide of Google.

Google Ассистент научился вежливо отвечать на запросы1

To compile and memorize a list of gifts before the holidays or any other will also help Assistant. Later will support third-party to-do clients, including Google Keep, and Todoist. The function works in Russian.

With a subscription to «Google Play Music» smart display can synchronously display text of the songs that are played now on the device. Feature is only available for selected compositions. A column Google Home will read the children a story with sound effects from the list.


Xiaomi Mi 3 MIX Forbidden City Edition will go on sale in December

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Forbidden City Edition поступит в продажу в декабре

A special edition of the Xiaomi Mi 3 MIX Forbidden City (Forbidden city) will be released in December at a price of 5000 yuan (~48 000). The price is relevant for China only.

Version of the device comes with 10 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory. The ceramic body is made in the sapphire-blue color. On the rear panel of the gold engraving of the famous statue of the Forbidden city.

A retail complete edition Forbidden City includes a protective cover, wireless charger at 10 watts and a statuette of the mythical lion plated with 24-carat gold.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Forbidden City Edition поступит в продажу в декабре1

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Forbidden City Edition поступит в продажу в декабре2

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Forbidden City Edition поступит в продажу в декабре3

Xiaomi Mi 3 MIX presented at the end of October. The smartphone is equipped with a 6,39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340×1080, Snapdragon processor 845, from 6 to 10 GB of RAM and a battery of 3200 mAh.


Instagram learned how to retell a photo visually impaired users

Instagram научился пересказывать фото слабовидящим пользователям

In the latest update, Instagram has added a feature that will help people with full or partial vision loss to listen to the content of the photos. It is stated in the blog social network.

The service works by using computer vision algorithms. On the dashboard, user profiles and partition For you, the application will be able to describe the pictures on smartphones.

«Retelling» will be available for those who have on the gadget, you have the option of reading from the screen. This feature in Apple’s smartphone, where the VoiceOver system in response to user gestures, voiced the element that is being touched on the screen.

Instagram научился пересказывать фото слабовидящим пользователям1

In addition, authors can enter a description of the photos yourself. This will help visually impaired people using the services screen readers.

Applications for the visually impaired released and other companies. For example, Soundscape from Microsoft describes the current location and the direction in which the user is located. Google is also developing its app for the visually impaired — Lookout.


Released the second beta version of the UI shell Samsung One

Выпущена вторая бета-версия оболочки Samsung One UI

Samsung has started distributing the beta version of One UI among the users testing Android 9 Pie. The new update brings with it new features and is aimed at elimination of detected errors.

Basic fixes:

  • Delay display the incoming call screen.
  • The inability to join the group call.
  • Swipe left and right were not working in the menu of recent applications.
  • The app closed when you move the image to another folder in the «Gallery».
  • The alarm only vibrate.
  • On the lock screen display the clock, even if it is not activated.
  • The alarm at the appointed time.
  • The screen is getting truncated when you switch YouTube from landscape to portrait mode.

Users also report new problems appeared after the updates. For example, the menu multi-tasking does not work button «Close all» when using a third-party launcher.

Выпущена вторая бета-версия оболочки Samsung One UI1

Выпущена вторая бета-версия оболочки Samsung One UI2

Выпущена вторая бета-версия оболочки Samsung One UI3

For smartphones Galaxy S9 S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9 the final version of One UI will be released in January 2019.


Closed the Netflix TV series «Daredevil» after three seasons

Netflix закрыл сериал «Сорвиголова» после трёх сезонов

Streaming service Netflix and Marvel Television have announced the closure of the series «Daredevil». The show will end at three seasons.

The series about the masked avenger is appreciated by critics and audience: the average rating of 8.7 on IMDB and on Rotten Tomatoes — 94%.

We are very proud of the last season of the show, and unfortunately for fans, we believe that it is better to close this Chapter on a positive note. We are grateful to our partners at Marvel, writer Eric Oleson and incredible cast, — Netflix

«Daredevil» — the third series based on the Marvel comics, which shut down Netflix lately. The previously canceled «Iron fist» and «Luke cage». «Jessica Jones» is the third season scheduled for early 2019 and, most likely, then it will be closed too.

Perhaps the reduction of the line series Marvel/Netflix associated with the imminent launch of the streaming service Disney+. To replenish the library will have both the old Disney projects and Marvel, and new and restarted the show.


Tisera MediaTek chipset Helio P90 with the «amazing AI»

MediaTek тизерит чипсет Helio P90 с «потрясающим ИИ»

MediaTek is working on a new flagship platform Helio P90. This became known from the Twitter account of the manufacturer.

The only thing reported about the new MediaTek — «amazing AI». This is consistent with the rating Benchmark test AI, where a preliminary version of the chipset Helio P90 with a score of 453 19 points ranked second after Snapdragon 8150.

It is not clear when MediaTek will present a full Helio P90. Perhaps because the company is trying to remind myself ahead of the Snapdragon Summit, which will present top-end Snapdragon chipset 8150.


Apple releases new cases for iPhone XS and watch straps

Apple выпустила новые чехлы для iPhone XS и ремешки для часов

Apple added new colors branded silicone cases for iPhone XS and XS Max, as well as tissue, sports and silicone watches. XR for iPhone covers is still there.

Just added three new colors. For iPhone:

  • Red hibiscus (iPhone XS iPhone XS Max) — 3490 rubles.
  • Pacific ocean (iPhone XS iPhone XS Max) — 3490 rubles.
  • Lemon cream (iPhone XS iPhone XS Max) — 3490 rubles.

Apple Watch sport (40 and 44 mm):

  • Lemon cream — 3990 rubles.
  • Pacific ocean — 3990 rubles.
  • Red hibiscus — 3990 rubles.

Silicone for Apple Watch Nike Sport (40 and 44 mm):

  • Heavenly turquoise/black — 3990 rubles.
  • Green olive/black — 3990 rubles.
  • Purple haze/beige pollen — 3990 rubles.

Fabric for the Apple Watch, Nike Sport (40 and 44 mm):

  • Heavenly turquoise — 3990 rubles.
  • Green olive — 3990 rubles.
  • Purple haze — 3990 rubles.

Obviously, the company is preparing for the imminent Christmas holidays. The supply of each accessory promised within 7-10 days.


Volkswagen Beetle in the image of Bumblebee appeared in the catalogue «the»

Volkswagen Beetle в образе Бамблби появился в каталоге «Авто.ру»

Automotive resource «» has announced a rally in honor of the release of the Russian movie «Bumblebee». Users can search the directory for yellow Volkswagen Beetle 1967 — this model starred in the role of Autobot.

If you call the phone number listed in the ad, will answer Optimus Prime and start the quest about six cars-the images of «Bumblebee» which is prepared «» for fans of the series fighters «transformers».

The winners will attend a special screening of the solo film about the yellow Autobot «Bumblebee» on 11 December in the cinema «KARO 11 Oktyabr». There you can see the Beetle in person.

A spin-off of «Bumblebee» comes out in Russian theaters on December 13. The film tells about how a robot becomes familiar in the comics and the cartoons look. The Director of the film was made by Travis knight.


In Russia will start selling the premium Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS

В России стартуют продажи премиального Porsсhe Design Huawei Mate 20 RS

Huawei has scheduled the start of sales of smartphone Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS in Russia on December 17.

The new flagship is equipped with an identical Mate 20 Pro: chipset Kirin 980 with 7 nm process technology and dual neuromodules, 6,39-inch display AMOLED with a resolution of 3120×1440 pixels, a triple main camera with sensors 40+20+8 MP battery 4200 mAh.

There is support for fast wireless charging and facial recognition, a fingerprint scanner hidden under the display.

В России стартуют продажи премиального Porsсhe Design Huawei Mate 20 RS1

A feature of the edition is an exclusive design, developed jointly with Porsche Design. The housing is finished in embossed leather, and glass insert in the middle of the rear panel. Comes with leather folio case.

Configuration with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory in black color will cost 139 990 rubles. The sale will be conducted in the online store Huawei, as well as retailers «M. Video» and «Svyaznoy».


Instagram permits you to share «stories» only with a list of «close friends»

Instagram позволит делиться «историями» только со списком «близких друзей»

In the side menu of the application Instagram will be able to create a list of «close friends». View the list of added friends can only the owner of the account.

When you create a new «story» the user can decide to share it with everyone or only with people from the list. The publication, available to a limited circle of persons can be identified by a green outline profile photos under «History.»

Loading Facebook post…

Function create a list of «close friends» will gradually become available to all users of the application Instagram for iOS and Android.

Previously, Instagram has begun testing a new design for user profile and also launched a feature «Your activity» counts conducted in the service time.