Appeared in Google Play Lite version «Cards» from Google

В Google Play появилась облегчённая версия «Карт» от Google

In Google Play a Lite version of the app «Maps» from Google — Google Maps Go. It is designed to work with unstable wireless connection on devices with limited memory. And distributed free of charge for devices with Android 4.1 and above.

In may this year at Google I/O 2017 was submitted to Android Go — modified version of Android 8.1 Oreo for a budget device, with which Google is developing a lightweight version of its mobile apps, as well as special utility to save memory and bandwidth. Among them: Datally, Files Go, Google Go.

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Apple invests in the production of lasers for Face ID

Apple инвестирует в производство лазеров для Face ID

Apple announced a significant investment in Finisar company, which will produce a vertically-emitting lasers (VCSEL) used in the camera TrueDepth in iPhone X for the implementation of Face ID, animaze and portrait mode. Apple will provide $ 390 million for the construction of a new plant in Sherman, Texas.

Current investments are part of a campaign to invest $ 1 billion from a special Fund Apple to create new jobs and development of innovative technologies. Finisar plans to hire 500 people to work.

The new plant plans to launch in the second half of 2018.

Corning company engaged in the production of glass Gorilla Glass for smartphones, will also get money from Apple in the amount of $ 200 million.



Microsoft will introduce artificial intelligence in the Bing search

Microsoft внедрит искусственный интеллект в поиск Bing

At an event in San Francisco dedicated to artificial intelligence, Microsoft announced the release of several functional updates for Bing. The company hopes that it will improve object recognition, machine reading (for text analysis and extraction of meaning) and other functions using a learning artificial intelligence.

The search results will show multiple sources or answers to ambiguous questions.

Bing also learn how to draw analogies and comparisons that will facilitate the understanding of information. For example, responding to a query about the size of Syria, instead of the dry 71 498 square miles, the search engine will report that the country is roughly the size of Florida. «We want to reduce the number of situations where people read the numbers and are unable to realize them. And we want to do it, providing some context, or analogy, or perspective that put a person in more familiar terms, usually tied to his everyday experience,» said Jake Hoffman, senior researcher at Microsoft.

Microsoft внедрит искусственный интеллект в поиск Bing1

In addition, it will be easier to compare products or services directly on the search page. And if too blurred query, Bing will ask leading questions.

Microsoft внедрит искусственный интеллект в поиск Bing2

Search by image pulled up to the level of competition the opportunity to find the product or the object in the photo.

In addition, Bing will be integrated into popular discussions and comments from Reddit. Partnership with portal entertainment will begin today and smart features in Bing will appear next month.

Microsoft also introduced a new function with the AI for Cortana and Office 365. So, the Excel received function machine learning Office Insights, which analyzes data to create summary tables and trending graphs. And Word and PowerPoint able to create presentations of the information specified in the document. Cortana will sort the mail and to offer the user the necessary tasks.



«Area-imaging scanner» from Google learn to automatically save pictures

«Фотосканер» от Google научился автоматически сохранять снимки

Google has updated the Android version of the application «area-imaging scanner». Among the features:

  • Automatic saving of the scanned images on the device at the time of shooting.
  • Dobalina manually edit the corners after automatic cropping of the image.

«Area-imaging scanner from Google photos,» digitizing printed photos using mobile device camera. The app includes four photos into one to eliminate shadows and glare.

The new version 1.5.0 is already available in Google Play. Probably, soon the update will reach iOS.



Nubia is preparing a new «frameless» smartphone: first renderings and diagrams

Nubia готовит новый безрамочный смартфон: первые рендеры и схемы

Nubia, a sub-brand of ZTE, one of the first showed «frameless» smartphone Z11, which was good, but not enough, because now the trend is full-screen smartphones that Nubia is only one — Z17s which looks similar to the Huawei Mate 10. But the company is preparing something really interesting in the Internet appeared the drawings of the new flagship, on the basis of which has already prepared the render.

The device looks like a mixture of Xiaomi Mi 2 and MIX Essential Phone — there is a chin at the bottom for the sensors, but the front camera is located to a more convenient location — in the center top of the screen. Rear dual camera with triple flash, and a fingerprint scanner, a stylized logo of a company.

Nubia готовит новый безрамочный смартфон: первые рендеры и схемы1

The scheme of the new flagship was spotted in the patent office of China, which means the willingness of Nubia to the realization of their developments. But to see their new work until the spring of 2018. Recall that some smartphones of the brand are officially sold in Russia.

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Disney bought 21st Century Fox dropped to 52.4 billion dollars

Disney купила 21st Century Fox за 52,4 миллиарда долларов

Walt Disney Co. buys media company 21st Century Fox, which includes the movie Studio, 21th Century Fox, owns the rights to such characters as: Alien, X-Men, Deadpool and others. The amount of the transaction amounted to 52.4 billion dollars.

Disney will get the 20th Century Fox film Studio, cable channels FX Networks, National Geographic and more than 300 international channels and 22 regional sports networks. In addition, the company will receive a 30% stake in Hulu, a 50% stake in Endemol Shine Group and 39% in the European satellite broadcaster Sky.

The main points of the agreement:

  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Disney Bob iger has extended his contract with the company before the end of 2021, to control the pooling of assets.
  • Shareholders of 21st Century Fox will receive 0,2745 of Disney stock for each share of Fox.
  • The total amount of the transaction amounted to $66,1 billion, Disney took over the company’s debt in the amount of $13.7 billion
  • Disney will issue 515 million new shares in favor of the shareholders of 21st Century Fox, which corresponds to 25% share of Disney.
  • 21st Century Fox will separate a number of assets: television network Fox Broadcasting, TV channels Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network.

Now Disney owns the rights to a popular franchise and characters: «Alien», «Predator», «X-Men», «Fantastic four», «Deadpool», «Avatar», «the Simpsons», «Futurama», «family Guy», «planet of the apes» and others.



Lens Studio — platform augmented reality for Snapchat

The American company introduced the Lens Snap Studio is a utility that allows the creation of custom «lenses» for a mobile app, Snapchat.

To get a new «lens» users should scan the assigned Snap-code in the mobile app. Lens Studio is distributed free of charge for Windows and macOS.

«Lenses» — visual effects applied as an overlay to objects in the camera field of view. Snapchat is a mobile application to exchange text and video messages that self-destruct after viewing.



Final Cut Pro X has received the support of the VR content

Final Cut Pro X получил поддержку VR-контента

Final Cut Pro X got a major update 10.4 editing a 360-degree video and the ability to view it in real time in a VR-helmet.

Support 360-degree content appeared in appendices companion Motion and Compressor. Ready VR videos can immediately be posted on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. In addition, improved color correction tools and adds support for HDR.

Final Cut Pro X — professional video editing program from Apple, available only on macOS. Fresia 10.4 is available as a free upgrade, but new users will have to pay 22 990 rubles. Motion and Compressor are sold separately.



He published the first addition to II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

In the sale received its first of three additions for story shooter Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

«Arrow the adventures of Joe» tells the story of a once professional footballer Joseph Stallion that left a great sport for one purpose: «Roderick Metz must die!».

DLC was the first episode of «Chronicles of freedom» — a series of three additions, each of which is dedicated to a unique character: Joseph Stallion, Jessica valiant and Gerald Wilkins.

To access the Supplement requires a copy of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and the season pass, «Chronicles of freedom», available for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.


In the Play Store appeared keyboard that will teach you grammar

В Play Store появилась клавиатура, которая научит вас грамматике

Grammarly is a program that checks the user’s spelling and punctuation. Was previously available only in desktop version, and now there is an Android app Grammarly Keyboard.

The keyboard itself looks traditional, but the top bar where it usually is predictive, is busy checking the grammar. If you click on the application icon in the upper left corner, the program will automatically correct all errors in the proposal. There you can see what was changed and why.

В Play Store появилась клавиатура, которая научит вас грамматике1

Language Grammarly only supports American and British English. Swype input is not available, but developers are already working on it.

Users are assured of privacy and security. It is alleged that the keyboard does not read the data entered in fields specifically marked as, for example, a field of the card number.

The app is already available for free download in the Play Store. Want to fill up your vocabulary and to improve writing style can get a premium account.