The PlayStation Classic has received support wireless controllers

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров

Miniature Classic PlayStation console from Sony comes with two wired joysticks. To remedy this inconvenience, the company 8bitdo has released a special adapter.

The device connects directly to the console, and supports wireless controllers PS3, PS4 DualShock, Xbox, Switch, Wii U, and many others. The adapter also works with Windows, Android TV, Mac and Raspberry Pi.

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров1

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров2

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров3

The adapter 8Bitdo pre-order available on Amazon for $ 19 (~1300 rubles). The start of sales is scheduled for December 31.

Recently hackers have managed to hack PlayStation Classic and run third-party games on the console.


Qualcomm made the ban of iPhone sales in China

Qualcomm добилась запрета продаж iPhone в Китае

A Chinese court ruled in the case of patent infringement by Apple and banned the sale of many iPhone models in China. The corresponding statement I extended a press-service of Qualcomm.

The court found Apple guilty of violating two patents Qualcomm technology photo editing and touch control. The company asked to suspend the sale of smartphones with iPhone 6S iPhone to X. Model this year under the ban were not included.

Apple continues to benefit from our intellectual property, refuses to pay us compensation, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm don Rosenberg.

Apple claims that all iPhone models are still available in China, but the ban could be applied only to smartphones running on older versions of the operating system. Now all devices sold with iOS 12.

News to ban sales led to a drop in the value of Apple shares is 2% on the new York stock exchange.



Google+ will close earlier than expected

Google+ закроют раньше, чем ожидалось

Google found another bug in the API of the social network Google+, which has affected 52,5 million users. The app can view information of the profile even if the profile itself was closed.

The company says that the vulnerability was fixed within a week after detection. Information about the leak of user data no.

However, Google has decided to accelerate the closure of social networks. For normal users access to Google+ will be closed in April 2019.

For the first time about the closure of social networks it became known in October this year, when the API were also identified that led to the data leak of hundreds of thousands of users.


Samsung has signed an agreement with fake brand Supreme

Samsung заключила соглашение с фейковым брендом Supreme

During the presentation of the first Samsung smartphone with a display of Infinity-Galaxy O A8s, the company made a pause to represent the new partnership with the brand Supreme.

According to the representative of Samsung, the brand of street fashion Supreme plans next year to open China’s first flagship store. These data are confirmed by several employees of the company.

The problem is that the Supreme has no plans to open stores in China and two people called to the scene, it is not working. For some reason, Samsung is not found, it is not clear.

Real Supreme is an American brand that collaborates with other well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton and Jordan. And Samsung signed an agreement with Supreme Italia — the company sells counterfeits of a famous brand because of loopholes in the laws of Italy. Samsung is unlikely to need such cooperation.


In Instagram appeared a voice message

In the social network Instagram has the opportunity to voice messages.

To send a message, in the chat you need to press the microphone button. Maximum recording length is one minute. Like other popular messengers, records don’t disappear and you can play them many times.

The voice function works in both personal correspondence and in group chats.

В Instagram появились голосовые сообщения0

Changes are already in force in a mobile application for iOS and Android.


Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is updated to Android 9 Pie

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 обновляется до Android 9 Pie

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 gets stable update to Android 9 Pie shell MIUI 10.1. Beta firmware based on latest Android version came in the middle of November.

In the list of changes includes the appearance of Google Lens in the in-built camera app, bug fixes with MIC and Android Auto. Users also report about the new notification settings.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 обновляется до Android 9 Pie1

The OTA update is offered to devices in the coming weeks. Self-install the update by downloading the ZIP file of the firmware (1.7 GB), by placing it in the folder downloaded_rom and select the settings manual system update.

Pocophone F1 — the first smartphone of the new brand Xiaomi. He received the flagship features, including the Snapdragon 845, up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROM, the screen by 6.18 inches with cut-out and dual 12 main camera+5 MP. Now the device costs about 20 thousand rubles.


Wanna Kicks — fitting sneakers without leaving the house

Wanna Kicks — примерка кроссовок не выходя из дома

Belarusian startup WANNABY developing a AR app in the future will replace endless shopping and trying on shoes.

Wanna Kicks the app allows you to try the desired model of sneakers in different colors and in the same order. At the moment the functionality is limited — only available model of New Balance 574 in four colors.

To try the beta version of the application by the owners of iOS devices that support AR. Before doing this you need to install TestFlight.

For learning uses technology computer vision and rendering. In the future, the developers plan to submit your work to the marketplaces and online stores, so that anyone using the app store could try on shoes from a selection before buying.

The final version of the application is scheduled for mid-January 2019. The screenshot above shows the plan view Wanna Kicks. The demo version looks different.

Wanna Kicks — примерка кроссовок не выходя из дома1
Fitting sneakers New Balance
Wanna Kicks — примерка кроссовок не выходя из дома2

Wanna Kicks — примерка кроссовок не выходя из дома3

Wanna Kicks — примерка кроссовок не выходя из дома4

For the first time on a startup WANNABY became known in may of this year when it attracted $ 2 million investment in the development of the app to «try on» nail Polish Nails Wanna. The project team is working with 23 people, 15 of them are developers.


Recommendations in the «Google Maps» is now available for 130 countries

Рекомендации в «Google Картах» теперь доступны для 130 стран

Google announced the appearance of the tabs with the recommendations of the «For you» in more than 40 countries on iOS and 130 countries on Android.

Section will allow you to be always aware of new interesting places that you knew exactly where to go with your family this winter.

Рекомендации в «Google Картах» теперь доступны для 130 стран1

For tuning recommendations, it is sufficient to visit the places of interest and the surrounding area. The tab will offer a list of restaurants, but the news about the opening of a similar institution or a new menu item at your favorite coffee shop.

Recommendation system operates in the «Maps» from the end of June, but up to this point worked in a limited list of countries.

Tab «For you» will appear on smartphones in the coming weeks. It is unknown whether Russia and the CIS countries in the list of 130 countries, which is available for a new partition.

The Google Blog


OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: «salute to speed»

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: «салют скорости»

OnePlus and Izvestia motor racing team McLaren has released a special version of the smartphone OnePlus 6T. McLaren Edition has received increased RAM, a new charging technology and special design.

As promised, Warp Charge 30 will provide power to charge a smartphone half in 20 minutes. Probably, the new technology may be equivalent to SuperVOOC from parent company OPPO — this method charges the battery capacity of 3400 mAh for 35 minutes.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: «салют скорости»1

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: «салют скорости»2

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: «салют скорости»3

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: «салют скорости»4

Another innovation that justifies the slogan, «salute to speed» — 10 GB RAM type LPDDR4X. Previously the smartphone was only available with 6 or 8 GB of RAM.

The rest of the features identical to the OnePlus 6T: 6,41-inch AMOLED display (2340×1080), OCTA core Snapdragon 845, 256 GB of storage, the main camera with sensors 16 and 20 MP, front sensor to 16 megapixels and the battery is 3700 mAh.

Back surface made of carbon fiber, while the bottom edge is painted in the colors of McLaren Papaya Orange. Proprietary shell includes an exclusive loading screen and Wallpapers. Included, in addition to orange USB cable Type-C and the black charger has a book with the story of OnePlus and McLaren.

Sales OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition will start on 13 December in the US, Europe and India at a price of $ 699 (~46 400 rubles), which is $ 150 (~9 900 rubles) is more expensive than conventional 6T OnePlus.


In GIPHY launched animated stickers

В GIPHY запустили анимированные стикеры

Service GIPHY added functionality in the same application for iOS. Users can send animated stickers and gifs c keyboard.

The GIPHY extension is enabled via the native keyboard on the iPad or iPhone. Opening it, the user will see the popular GIF image. Provided and a search function. Function is only available for devices with iOS 12 and above.

В GIPHY запустили анимированные стикеры1

Animated stickers are created using camera on iPhone TrueDepth X and newer. Such stickers can be edited: add labels, change the length and save it to your favorites.

Both features will gradually become available to all users of the application GIPHY to iOS.