When will the Android Pie for smartphones and Huawei Honor?

Когда выйдет Android Pie для смартфонов Huawei и Honor?

Huawei social network Weibo published a launch date of a global update proprietary shell EMUI 9.0 c Android Pie. The smartphone Huawei Honor will begin to obtain the ninth version of this Saturday, November 10.

The list of supported smartphones:

  • Huawei Mate 10
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Design
  • Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • Honor 10
  • Honor View 10
  • Honor Play

In addition to the Android Pie, the device owners will receive an improved smooth interface and a GPU Turbo mode 2.0 for enhanced performance in mobile games.


The world’s first QLED-8K TVs from Samsung are now made in Russia

Первые в мире QLED-телевизоры 8K от Samsung теперь производятся в России

Samsung announced the start of production of TV line Q900R at the plant in Kaluga region. Devices with diagonals 75 and 85 inches are for sale at the local market.

In line Q900R include the world’s first TVs with 8K resolution and a matrix of «quantum dots» (QLED). Devices supports 8K Upscaling AI, which scales the image to very high resolution by means of artificial intelligence, and also modify the sound quality. The brightness of the screens up to 4000 nits.

Первые в мире QLED-телевизоры 8K от Samsung теперь производятся в России1

Первые в мире QLED-телевизоры 8K от Samsung теперь производятся в России2

Первые в мире QLED-телевизоры 8K от Samsung теперь производятся в России3

Первые в мире QLED-телевизоры 8K от Samsung теперь производятся в России4

New products available Smart TV features, standard video, 10 HDR+ mode and the Ambient which illuminates the back of the TV to match the content on the screen.

On the model 75” Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV and 85” Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV in Russia, you can pre-order at prices 699 1 499 990 and 990 rubles, respectively.


Xiaomi has released a budget version of the Mi Notebook with Core i3

Xiaomi выпустила бюджетную версию Mi Notebook с Core i3

Xiaomi presented a 15.6-inch Notebook with Mi a minimalist design and an Intel Core i3. It is cheaper all laptops range.

The display is 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, framed by rather big part. Option drives only one 4 GB DDR4 RAM 2400 MHz and 128 GB SSD. The keypad provides a full numeric keypad, but the fingerprint scanner as the other Mi Notebook, no.

Xiaomi выпустила бюджетную версию Mi Notebook с Core i31

Xiaomi выпустила бюджетную версию Mi Notebook с Core i32

Xiaomi выпустила бюджетную версию Mi Notebook с Core i33

Notebook with a thickness of 19.9 mm painted in dark grey and is cooled by two fans. The set of ports include an SD reader, USB 2.0, Ethernet, 2×USB 3.0, HDMI and headphone Jack.

In China, the model is available at a price of 3399 yuan (~32 400 rubles). Sales will begin November 11, is now taking pre-orders with a discount of 300 yuan (~2,900 rubles).


Xiaomi Mi AirDots: wireless headphones for 2 thousand rubles

Xiaomi Mi AirDots: беспроводные наушники за 2 тысячи рублей

Xiaomi has released a fully wireless headphone Mi AirDots. Although they are similar to the AirPods the presence of a case for storing and charging the headset is in-ear.

Built-in battery will last for 5 hours of playback, moreaudio and 4 hours of stereo audio. The case, which is provided in the kit, increases the overall life of up to 12 hours. The connection with the smartphone is via Bluetooth standard 5.0, control playback and answer calls with the touch region. The weight of each earphone is 4.2 g.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots: беспроводные наушники за 2 тысячи рублей1

Xiaomi Mi AirDots: беспроводные наушники за 2 тысячи рублей2

Xiaomi Mi AirDots: беспроводные наушники за 2 тысячи рублей3

Xiaomi Mi AirDots: беспроводные наушники за 2 тысячи рублей4

Mi AirDots can be purchased in China at a price of 199 yuan (about 1900 rubles).


iPad Pro 11 scored half a million points in AnTuTu Benchmark

iPad Pro 11 набрал полмиллиона очков в AnTuTu Benchmark

New iPad 11 Pro, featured by Apple on October 30, gained in the mobile benchmark AnTuTu 557 679 points — more than any tested in the service device.

Leading the rating iOS devices iPhone XS scored 58 percent less points — 352 405 points. If you dwell on iPad Pro awarded 11 points for the computation of graphics, even they are more than the result of any Android smartphone.

iPad Pro 11 набрал полмиллиона очков в AnTuTu Benchmark1

11 and iPad Pro 12.9 are working on OCTA core chipset Apple A12X Bionic, which is built on the technology of 7 nm and includes 10 billion transistors. The graphics subsystem consists of 7 cores is a coprocessor M12 to track movements and the Neural Engine, which performs up to 5 trillion operations per second.


Launched the second wave of updates to MIUI 10

Запущена вторая волна обновлений до MIUI 10

Xiaomi has expanded the list of devices who received the update to MIUI 10, reports GizmoChina. Now the tenth version of the original shell support 39 devices-including Xiaomi’s Mi 4, launched in 2014.

While the second wave of updates released in China. Users get «fresh» build of MIUI «on the air». It may also be installed manually by downloading from the official website. Among the new devices supported:

  • The Mi series: Mi 4S, Mi 4C, the Mi 4, the Mi 5s, 5s Plus Mi, Mi Max (standard/high), Mi Max 2;
  • Redmi series: Redmi Plus 5, 5A Redmi, Redmi 4A, 4X Redmi, Redmi note 4 (standard/high), Redmi note Pro;
  • A series of Redmi Note: Redmi Note 5A (standard/high), the Redmi Note 4X (Qualcomm/MediaTek), the Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3.


PUBG and PES 2019 is available for free for Xbox One

PUBG и PES 2019 доступны бесплатно для Xbox One

Without warning in the Microsoft Store started the attraction of unprecedented generosity: the full version of the multiplayer shooter PUBG and football simulator PES 2019 is available for free for Xbox One.

It is unclear how long the campaign will last. Also not specified whether there will be PUBG and PES 2019 permanently on the user accounts. It should be clarified that to play PUBG Xbox One need Xbox Live Gold subscription.

It is assumed that free access to above mentioned games associated with upcoming event X018, which will be held this weekend in Mexico city.


Harley-Davidson introduced the LiveWire electric motorcycle

The motorcycle show EICMA in Milan, Harley-Davidson has demonstrated pre-production prototype electric motorcycle LiveWire, the sale of which is scheduled for 2019.

LiveWire deprived of clutch and gearbox. The driver has to twist the handle of the accelerator. The bike will get seven drive modes, 17-inch wheels with sports tires Michelin and Showa fully adjustable suspension.

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire0

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire1

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire2

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire3

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire4

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire5

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire6

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire7

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire8

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire9

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire10

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire11

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire12

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire13

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire14

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire15

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire16

Harley-Davidson представила электрический мотоцикл LiveWire17

It also reported the presence on-Board system with touchscreen control and Bluetooth responsible for music and navigation.

LiveWire can be recharged from a regular power outlet and use the charger of the second type, which will provide 80% of battery in 15-20 minutes. The battery capacity of the vehicle is not specified, and its value.


Qualcomm announced a chipset for the new generation of Internet of things

Qualcomm представила чипсет нового поколения для Интернета вещей

The American company Qualcomm has introduced a new LTE modem for IOT devices — Qualcomm 9205.

This modem can operate, for example, applications to track or record activities, health monitoring and security systems.

According to the company, Qualcomm 9205 supports all the key technologies required for product development of Internet of things: support LTE Cat.M1 and NB2, processing of applications, security at the hardware level, geolocation and work with cloud services.

Built-in application processor ARM Cortex A7 with a frequency up to 800 MHz running operating systems real-time ThreadX and AliOS Things. The new chipset is in standby mode, power consumption is 70% less than other generations of modems. In addition, Qualcomm 9205 smaller and cheaper to produce.

Qualcomm представила чипсет нового поколения для Интернета вещей1

This modem supports the previous generation of chipsets Qualcomm LTE IoT. This will allow manufacturers to re-create the software in the development of new products.

The first devices, including modules manufactured by Gemalto, Telit and Quectel may appear in 2019.


The unlock system in the face the flagship for Android cheated 3D layout of the head

Last week the portal Forbes conducted an experiment: the journalist Thomas Brewster created a replica of his head using a 3D printer and tested the unlock smartphones using a person.

Head of Thomas was printed in the lab Backface in the UK. Journalist brought in a domed Studio where there were more than 50 cameras to capture three-dimensional images. From the resulting material on a 3D printer recreated a copy of the head of a journalist.

Participated in the test X and the iPhone four devices on the Android operating system: LG ThinQ G7, Samsung S9, Samsung Note 8 and OnePlus 6. Artificial head worked on all smartphones, except for Apple devices.

Систему разблокировки по лицу в флагманах на Android обманули 3D-макетом головы0
Head of Thomas Brewster created using a 3D printer

The journalist notes that some of the differences between the protection devices on Android and iOS from hacking was still. For example, when you first turn on LG G7 there was a warning that the user should not enable face detection: «face recognition is a secondary unlock method, in which your phone becomes less safe.»

The LG spokesman told the publication that the function of face recognition can be improved in the devices with the enhanced recognition that LG recommends that during setup. Or just use a PIN code or a fingerprint.

A similar warning appeared when running the Samsung S9. However, when configuring the device first presents the option of unlocking was the face recognition and the iris.

Smartphone Note 8 has the function of faster face recognition, which by his own admission the manufacturer is less secure than other unlock methods.

The OnePlus 6 there were no warnings, no choice is more secure recognition. The Forbes experiment showed that the phone instantly opens with the appearance of the fake head and was the least safe of the tested devices. The representative of the OnePlus is also recommended edition to use a password, PIN or fingerprint security.

According to the newspaper, Apple’s investment in technology has paid off, and the company offers the best security methods in the mobile market.