In Facebook and Instagram will appear in the time Manager

В Facebook и Instagram появится менеджер времени

Company Facebook, which owns Instagram, has decided to help its users to lose productivity due to social networking and introduces a new tool.

Inside Facebook’s innovation is called «Your time» in network Instagram feature called «Your activity». The idea is to give the user the ability to track online and to set limits.

Step for choice is 5 minutes. Choose a valid value and if you exceed, the application will issue a notification, but will continue to work. As innovations allow you to customize the notifications are turned off, say at night to 8 in the morning.

В Facebook и Instagram появится менеджер времени1

В Facebook и Instagram появится менеджер времени2

Over the next few days, almost all users will have access to innovations, yet less than 1% of users will leave without the new features, for comparative testing.


Xiaomi has released wireless computer speakers for $ 58

Xiaomi выпустила беспроводные компьютерные колонки за 58 долларов

The company Xiaomi has introduced a wireless Bluetooth speakers for the computer, but nothing will prevent you to use them with your mobile device.

The body is made of aluminum, in one of the speakers there is a volume control. Lossless Bluetooth technology allows you to transmit audio without losing quality. Among the supported built-in CRS chip formats are: MP3, AAC, APTX and APTX-LL.

Xiaomi выпустила беспроводные компьютерные колонки за 58 долларов1

Xiaomi выпустила беспроводные компьютерные колонки за 58 долларов2

Xiaomi выпустила беспроводные компьютерные колонки за 58 долларов3

At the moment sales started exclusively on the domestic market, where the cost of the device is approximately $ 58.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 officially presented

It was assumed that the tablet will be released at the upcoming presentation of Samsung, but the announcement happened today.

The first thing you notice is a small frame around the screen. Super AMOLED matrix with a size of 10.5 inch that has a resolution of 1600×2560 pixels. Slim body hides in itself a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835, accelerator Adreno 540 and 4 GB of RAM.

On Board there is 64 or 256 GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 512 GB by using microSD cards. The main camera is 13 megapixels, the front sensor 8 megapixels. Battery capacity 300 mAh 7.

Aluminum frame surrounds a sandwich of glass, but no wireless charging the device does not have, as well as the fingerprint scanner. Instead Samsung rely on a retinal scan.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 официально представлен0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 официально представлен1

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 официально представлен2

Brand DeX mode is now supported without auxiliary devices. This means that the user is able to access a full desktop Samsung without the dock.

Included with the tablet is the S Pen stylus, as do the keyboard case. The starting price of the device 700 euros.


Subscribers PS Plus will receive Mafia III

Sony has announced free games Aug available to PS Plus subscribers. Owners of the PlayStation 4 expect just four games.

The traditional sites of the two projects was taken: action adventure Mafia III and multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight. In the first case, players expect a crime story about revenge, and the second intense fight with a maniac while playing for the victims or attempted to kill a handful of survivors in the game for the killer.

Also a selection of PS Plus for August is filled with game collection of PlayLink «Knowledge is power» and Here They Lie for VR PS VR.

Not forgotten about Sony and the PS3 with the PS Vita. For the third generation consoles, the PlayStation offers Bound by Flame, Serious Sam 3, and the portable console will get Draw Slasher and Space Hulk.

New free games will be available on 7 August.


Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is officially announced

Galaxy Tab A 10,5 официально анонсирован

Samsung announced Galaxy Tab A of 10.5. The tablet is positioned as the ideal device for home use and the control center of the smart home.

The basis of the TTF device is a LCD display with a diagonal of 10.5 inches. The resolution is 1920×1200 pixels. The heart of the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor assisted by 3 GB of RAM.

To install programs you have 32 GB of internal memory and possibly expanding the space through microSD cards. For autonomy is responsible for 7 battery 300 mAh.

A fall two cameras, the main sensor of 8 megapixels and front camera of 5 megapixels.

Galaxy Tab A 10,5 официально анонсирован1

Platform support, SmartThings will allow you to control home appliances. And advanced baby mode is designed specifically to safely leave the child with the device.


Apps on iPhone X Plus will work like on the iPad

Приложения на iPhone X Plus будут работать, как на iPad

With the fifth test iOS build 12 resource iHelpBR found out that the upcoming iPhone X Plus will receive the display mode of the applications like the iPad.

Earlier, an anonymous source told Bloomberg of the development of the 6.5-inch iPhone Plus is X, which is the display resolution will be 1242×2688 pixels. Journalists from iHelpBR used a test version of development environment Xcode to run the iOS simulator with resolution X iPhone Plus.

Приложения на iPhone X Plus будут работать, как на iPad1

Приложения на iPhone X Plus будут работать, как на iPad2

Приложения на iPhone X Plus будут работать, как на iPad3

It turned out that pre-installed iOS apps at a resolution of 1242×2688 points are displayed in landscape mode, similar to those on the iPad. That is, the application interface is divided into two parts to display more useful information.

It is expected that the «big» version of the iPhone X will be on sale at the end of this year.


The yield of Apple services reached the record

Доходность Apple от сервисов достигла абсолютного рекорда

Apple has announced financial results for the third quarter of 2018. The report reveals that revenue increased by 17%, to the level of 53.3 billion dollars.

Cupertinos net profit of the Corporation reached USD 11.5 billion or $ 2.34 per share — 40% more than the year before. Such indicators will allow Apple to pay in August to 0.73 dollars per share in dividends.

This is the fourth consecutive quarter that the growth of our revenues is recorded in two-digit values. Highlights of the third quarter was provided steady sales of iPhone and wearable device, as well as income from services. We are extremely enthusiastic about products and services in our lineup — Tim cook, Apple’s CEO.

The company expects fourth quarter income from 60 to 62 billion dollars and a gross quarterly profit was 38 to 38.5 percent.


Tesla sent out to owners of electric vehicles tips to combat theft

Tesla разослала владельцам электромобилей советы по противодействию угону

Tesla sent out to owners of its EVS useful tips to prevent theft of the vehicle through a Keyless entry.

American company advises owners of Tesla Model 3, S and X to disable the Keyless entry when visiting crowded places or keep the keys to the electric car in the case that blocks electromagnetic signals.

Keyless entry allows the owner of the car to get inside, without taking the keys. The vehicle picks up the signal from the key is nearby and unlocks the door locks.

The attackers, working together, can get inside the vehicle using two devices. The first will read the signal from the key and transmit it to the second device, which will issue the key holder and allow to penetrate.

To read the signal an attacker with the first device needs to get close to the owner of the electric vehicle.


Microsoft starts shipping Surface tablets Go worldwide

Microsoft начинает доставку планшетов Surface Go по всему миру

From today, residents of 24 countries who preorder the Surface of Go, you start to get your purchase. The smallest and most affordable tablet Microsoft has all chances to become the most popular device of the company.

10 Jul pre-order the Surface of Go was opened to 21 countries. Later the list increased and eventually shipping started in the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Taiwan, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Malaysia.

In the coming weeks, the device will appear in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and China. From September 12 to open a pre-order in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. At the beginning of October in India.

Surface Go introduced in July. Device for $ 399 (~25 000) offers a 10-inch display, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, dual core CPU Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y. To buy a tablet in the Microsoft store or retailers BestBuy and Amazon.


Huawei Mate 20 Lite appeared in TENAA

Huawei Mate 20 Lite появился в TENAA

Unidentified smartphone with the code name Maimang 7, appeared on the website TENAA. Based on the fact that earlier Maimang 6 was Mate Lite 10, before us Mate 20 Lite.

In the image we can see only two cameras, one of which is wide angle. Get whether the device is a cutout in the upper part of the screen is not clear. But the location of the sensors pointing in that direction.

The company abandoned the logo on the front of the device. Card spec is completely empty and characteristics we learn together with the European announcement, which should happen in mid or late autumn.

Previously the network has flowed specifications of two senior models — Huawei Mate 20 and 20 Pro.