Details Snapdragon 855: 7 nm, Kryo 485 and Adreno 640

Детали Snapdragon 855: 7 нм, Kryo 485 и Adreno 640

Qualcomm gave more information about the hardware system on a chip Snapdragon 855, announced on Snapdragon Tech Summit on 4 December.

Main features:

CPU 1×Kryo 485, to 2.84 GHz, Cortex-A76
3×Kryo 485, to 2.42 GHz, Cortex-A76
4×Kryo 385, up to 1.8 GHz, Cortex-A55
GPU Adreno 640
Memory 2133 MHz, LPDDR4X
The image processor
Dual Spectra 380 ISP
To 48 MP to a single camera and up to 22 MP in a double
4K with 60fps HDR
Modem Snapdragon LTE X24
2000 Mbit/s for download and 316 Mbps to boot (Cat.20)
Process technology 7 nm (TSMC)

Snapdragon 855 is equipped with a special modem Snapdragon X50 for 5G networks, supports Wi-Fi 802.11 ax, ay 802.11 and 802.11 ad (60 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0.

Adreno 640 works with the OpenGL ES API 3.2, OpenCL 2.0 FP, Vulkan 1.1 displays with a 4K resolution with HDR support. Security is achieved by technologies Qualcomm Iris Authentication, Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit and Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor — the latter provides support for ultrasonic fingerprint sensors under the display.

A dedicated neural processor according to the rumors, the chipset no. All load calculations for neural networks rests on the GPU and other components that Qualcomm collectively calls the AI Engine of the fourth generation.

Qualcomm claims that the processor became more powerful by 45 percent, and the graphics system by 20 percent compared to the previous generation.


The first smartphone with Snapdragon 855 will release OnePlus

Первый смартфон с Snapdragon 855 выпустит OnePlus

The head of OnePlus Pete Lau spoke at the event Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018, describing the cooperation of the Chinese brand with Qualcomm and announced a smartphone based on Snapdragon chipset 855.

Lau said that OnePlus has started to work with Qualcomm with the release of the first smartphone, which was installed Snapdragon 801. Subsequently, all devices of the brand has been system of the line Snapdragon 800.

We know that Snapdragon 855 — the most powerful chipset, so it’s the only option for our smartphone, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus

Later, the OnePlus account on Twitter has published a recording which announces the flagship with support for 5G at the beginning of 2019 in partnership with Qualcomm and British operator EE.

Snapdragon 855 announced on 4 December. System-on-chip with the configuration of the GPU core 1+3+4 equipped with a 640 GPU Adreno, Snapdragon LTE modems and Snapdragon X24 X50 5G and built according to the process of 7 nm.


Interactive quest and Gone Home will be released on iOS

The game Gone Home from the Studio Annapurna Interactive will soon appear in the AppStore.

Quest tells the story of twenty girls, Kaitlin Greenbriar. Back home, Caitlin finds her parents. To understand what happened to the Greenbriar family, the girl examines the mysterious house, personal belongings, notes and letters.

In 2013, Gone Home was awarded a number of awards – «game of the year», «Best debut», «Best story» at the GDC and BAFTA. There are versions of the game for Windows, Linux and macOS, and popular consoles.

Buy this game in the Apple app store will be December 11 for 379 rubles.


«Yandex.Taxi» to inform users about the price drop

«Яндекс.Такси» будет предупреждать пользователей о снижении цен

Now users of the service «Yandex.Taxi» will receive the notification about the price drop during the increased demand for taxis.

If within 15 minutes after the search the price of a taxi will drop, the application will notify and suggest the best order. Also it will tell you if the price will fall below the user is not waited in vain.

Enable tracking prices at the top of the app screen.

«Яндекс.Такси» будет предупреждать пользователей о снижении цен1

Update tracking prices gradually begin to appear on iOS and Android «in the nearest future».


Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G get Snapdragon 855

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 с поддержкой 5G получит Snapdragon 855

At the event, China Mobile Partner Conference in Beijing, the company Xiaomi has shown a demo model of the Xiaomi Mi 3 MIX with a connection to the 5G network. To support the new standard uses a Snapdragon X50 modem built into the Snapdragon chipset 855.

At the demonstration, the smartphone really has joined the 5G, lightning fast loaded web page and a reproduced video stream. The theoretical maximum speed to download networks of the fifth generation — 2 GB/s.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 с поддержкой 5G получит Snapdragon 8551

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 с поддержкой 5G получит Snapdragon 8552

Externally, the Xiaomi Mi 3 MIX with 5G will not change the hardware, except for the chipset, also will remain the same. According to representatives of Xiaomi, development of a device with 5G started in 2016, and the final architecture was created in 2017.

The company will launch Xiaomi Mi 3 with Snapdragon MIX 855 in Europe in the first quarter of 2019.


«Yandex.Drive» has launched a rental car for a day

«Яндекс.Драйв» запустил аренду машины на сутки

«Yandex.Drive» starts rate long-term car rental «Clock». Offer is valid on all car classes of service. The price for the fare is calculated dynamically, as the price of minutes in «Drive».

If the congestion does not allow you to get there in time, or, on the contrary, the planned distance was covered faster, the user will not burn minute/miles and pay the extra distance is not necessary.

The algorithm pre-calculate the price further rent at a special rate. Such a proposal is advantageous for a series of trips with multiple stops.

At launch will be available four sets to choose from:

  • 3 hours and 45 kilometers.
  • 6 hours and 70 kilometers.
  • 12 hours and 100 miles — from 2100 rubles.
  • 24 hours and 150 kilometers — 2900 rubles.

In the future there might be other sets.

«Яндекс.Драйв» запустил аренду машины на сутки1

The rate of «Clock» with the new proposals will be available in the application «Yandex.Drive» for iOS and Android in the near future.

In late November, «Yandex.Drive» announced the appearance in the fleet of trucks Citroen Jumpy. For this type of car is also an hourly billing.


The Pantone Institute has determined the color of 2019

Институт Pantone определил цвет 2019 года

The Pantone Institute has named the main color of 2019 — it was the shade «live coral». Information about the study appeared on the website of the organization.

Vice-President of the Institute Lauri Pressman noted that «color enriches and affects how we perceive life.» «Live coral» — sociable, warm and bright, it symbolizes the «domestic demand for optimism».

Colors are able to embody our collective experience and reflect what is happening in global culture at a particular point in time.

Director of the center for Litres Iceman believes that next year «live coral» can be found in social networks and in natural surroundings: interior design, automobiles, food and clothing.

The Institute is Pantone for 20 years influences decisions in the field of design, fashion and architecture. Them cooperates Adobe Stock, which selects the annual color for inspiration and help the creative community.

In the past 2018, the primary color is considered «ultra-violet».

Институт Pantone определил цвет 2019 года1
2018 — «Ultra-violet»
Институт Pantone определил цвет 2019 года2
2017 — «Greens»
Институт Pantone определил цвет 2019 года3
2016 — «Calm and Rose Quartz»
Институт Pantone определил цвет 2019 года4
2015 — «Marsala»
Институт Pantone определил цвет 2019 года5
2014 — «Radiant Orchid»


Renders of the Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact from OnLeaks

Steve Hammerdorfer known as OnLeaks, published online at CompareRaja renders of the Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact. The same insider previously revealed appearance of the main flagship Xperia XZ4.

A compact modification will get a single main camera is shifted to the left side of the smartphone, although XZ4 camera module is installed in the middle. The smartphone will receive the Sony logo on the front side, there are stereo speakers. On the top side will be the headphone Jack and the bottom USB Type-C.

Display with a diagonal of about 5 inches is inscribed in the body size 139,9×66,5×9.3 mm. Information on the technical characteristics no.

Рендеры Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact от OnLeaks0

Рендеры Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact от OnLeaks1

Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact can provide, along with the flagship at MWC 2019 at the end of February or later.



Microsoft confirmed the change of Edge on Chromium engine

Microsoft подтвердила смену движка Edge на Chromium

Microsoft in the official blog has confirmed the recent rumor that Edge browser will change the EdgeHTML rendering engine in Chromium.

The objective of the company is Edge compatible with all modern web standards and other browsers based on Chromium. According to the report, the company plans to release Edge for legacy Windows versions, and in the future to port on other platforms, including macOS.

From the text it is clear that Microsoft will leave the Edge brand to a new browser. The transition will occur over the next year, pre-Assembly will also appear in 2019. The company launched the Microsoft Edge Insider, which will allow web developers of the first to try the new browser, and to optimize their services to work with them.

Microsoft is planning to actively contribute in the development of Chromium, including to continue working on support for ARM processors and touch screens.

Windows Blogs


Posters Lenovo Z5s show the color options of the smartphone

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона

In anticipation of the announcement of the smartphone Lenovo Z5s, which will be held on 18 December, the company published the official poster of new items in different body colours.

Lenovo Z5s will be available in three variants: Coral gradient Orange and Quite Blue, and the classic Starry Night. Images confirm the presence of three cameras and a fingerprint scanner on the back.

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона1

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона2

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона3

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона4

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона5

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона6

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона7

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона8

Постеры Lenovo Z5s демонстрируют цветовые варианты смартфона9

The company does not disclose the design of the front of the product, but previous leaks have reported the presence of holes in the display for the front camera, like the Samsung Galaxy A8s. Expected Snapdragon chipset 710 and sheath ZUI 10 on the basis of the Android Pie.

The image from the user’s social network Weibo indicates the presence of a special version of the Ferrari SuperFast Snapdragon processor with 845, 128 GB of ROM and a record 12 GB of RAM, although it is possible that the leak is a fake.