The action in the PS Store: discount 70% for two games

Акция в PS Store: скидка 70% за две игры

Sony has launched a digital PlayStation store a new action in terms of which until October 4 when you purchase two games for the consoles PS4 is entitled to a discount of 70 percent.

To receive the discount you must add to cart for two digital copies of games participating in the promotion. For example, the set of Dishonored 2 (2 699 rubles) and Prey: Digital Deluxe Edition (2 499 rubles) will cost 1 558 rubles.

The action involves:

  • Sniper Elite 4;
  • Dishonored;
  • Dishonored 2;
  • Dishonored: Death of the Outsider;
  • Complete edition Dishonored;
  • Expanded edition Prey;
  • The full edition of Project CARS;
  • Mad Max;
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham;
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes;
  • The LEGO Movie Videogame;
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens,
  • LEGO Hobbit,
  • «Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor»;
  • RIDE;
  • RIDE 2;
  • Sebastion Loeb Rally EVO;
  • Zombie Army Trilogy;
  • Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 2 — The Swindle, Nova-111, Pumped BMX +;
  • Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 3 — Action Henk, Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, 10 Second Ninja;
  • Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 4 — Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, the Hue, The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition.


Aston Martin announced the characteristics of the rival Tesla

Aston Martin озвучила характеристики конкурента Tesla

English automaker Aston Martin revealed the specifications of its first production electric car Rapide E, the prototype of which was shown three years ago.

Rapide E get rear-wheel drive and two electric motors with a total impact of 610 horsepower and 950 Nm of torque. Acceleration to 100 km/h will take the electric car for more than four seconds and a top speed limited to around 250 km/h.

Aston Martin озвучила характеристики конкурента Tesla1

Aston Martin озвучила характеристики конкурента Tesla2

Batteries with a capacity of 65 kWh is enough for a 322-km 50-kilowatt terminal to charge the battery for an hour, and 100-kilowatt charging up for a charge from 0 to 100 percent in 30 minutes.

With the release of Aston Martin Rapide E limited edition of 155 copies. The output of the electric car is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.


Samsung Health 6.0: new design and social «chips»

Samsung Health 6.0: новый дизайн и социальные «фишки»

Samsung has announced a firmware update for the Samsung Health application to version 6.0. Users expect the transformation of the user interface and several new features.

Samsung Health 6.0 offers a new interface and new social features like sharing photos, achievements and participation in the global testing community around the world.

Samsung Health 6.0: новый дизайн и социальные «фишки»1

Samsung Health 6.0: новый дизайн и социальные «фишки»2

Now updated Discover tab in addition to individual recommendations, articles, programs and apps offer affiliate products and services.

Interface Samsung Health also updated for wearable devices of the company. The company promises more descriptive information about the session. Wearable devices Samsung can discern 39 workout monitor sleep and stress levels reduce which will help breathing exercises.

The change list closes the service «Ask an expert» offering advice from qualified professionals.

The timing of the release of a new version not specified.


Apple Watch Series 4: fewer frames, more concern about health

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье

Traditional autumn presentation, Apple introduced the next generation of smart watches — Apple Watch Series 4.

Have changed the dimensions of the case: if the previous models are sold in versions 38 and 42 mm, Series 4 will be offered with the housings 40 and 44 mm. Apple States that the display area is increased by 35% and 32, respectively, including through a significant reduction of framework.

Improved performance: 64-bit dual-core chip Apple S4 with new graphics twice as powerful than the S3. By updating the accelerometer and the gyroscope, the Apple Watch is able to track the decline of the owner and offer to call emergency services. The watch will warn about sudden increases in heart rate and can record the cardiogram. To do this, the scroll wheel Digital Crown, which also received the Taptic Engine, built-in special electrodes.

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье1

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье2

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье3

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье4

Special attention is given to faces that contain even more information. Dynamic dials interact with a large display with the help of the animation: for example, the effect of pouring water through the edge of the display. The app «Breathe», which helps to relax and focus on breathing, too, got its own dial.

The battery life of the Apple Watch Series 4 — up to 18 hours and up to 6 hours of exercise in the open air. Declared water resistance for training in the pool and the Bluetooth module 5.0.

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье5

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье6

Apple Watch Series 4: меньше рамок, больше заботы о здоровье7

Three color options: gold, silver, and gray. The old straps are going to approach the new series, despite the change in dimensions, the model of Nike+ with bright bracelet including.


  • Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40 mm — $ 399 (31 990 rubles)
  • Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 44 mm — from $ 429 (33 990 rubles)
  • Apple Watch Series 4 LTE (not available in Russia) — from $ 499 (~34 400 rubles)
  • Apple Watch Series 3 — 279 USD (~19 300 rubles)

The start of sales of the first wave — September 21, in Russia since September 28. watch OS 5 will come to watch past generations September 17.


Apple introduced the iPhone XR with many color options

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов

After the iPhone XS, cupertinos the company introduced a more affordable model called the iPhone XR. Although he is deprived of the OLED display and the second camera module, the new product has a wide range of color variations.

Display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches with a resolution of 1792×798 and a sensitivity of 120 Hz is made by technology LCD — Liquid Apple calls it Retina. Although the technology is True Tone is preserved, there is no 3D Touch.

The product has the same fast authentication system with the help of technology Face ID, and iPhone XS and chipset Apple A12 with 7 nm process technology and the Neural Engine of new generation. Installed iOS 12 also supports gesture control, as well as a new feature of Haptic Touch for instant startup of a flashlight or camera.

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов1

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов2

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов3

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов4

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов5

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов6

The main camera of 12 MP with optical stabilization able to shoot in portrait mode and Smart HDR. The module aperture — f/1,8 and the pixel size is 1.4 microns. New Depth Control allows you to adjust the depth of field preview. The front camera records videos with up to 1080p resolution and a frame rate of 60fps.

Present support for wireless charging, LTE Advanced modules and Bluetooth 5.0, and also the ability to use two SIM (nanoSIM+eSIM). The aluminium case and glass are protected from dust and moisture according to IP67 standard. The battery capacity will last for one and a half hours more than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов7
Examples of photo on iPhone XR
Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов8

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов9

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов10

Apple представила iPhone XR с множеством цветовых вариантов11


  • iPhone XR 64GB -749 $ (64 990 rubles)
  • iPhone XR 128GB — $ 799 (68 990 rubles)
  • iPhone XR 256GB — $ 899 (77 990 rubles)

Pre-order the iPhone XR in white, black, blue, yellow, orange and red (PRODUCT)RED colors will begin on October 19, including in Russia. Sale — 26 Oct.


iPhone XS and XS Max —bigger, more powerful, better

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше

At the presentation, held in the name of Steve jobs in California, Apple unveiled the next generation iPhone X called XS. In addition to updated model, showed a version with a larger display screen — XS-Max.

«The best iPhone we ever made» — Tim cook

iPhone Xs got a 5.8-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels (458 ppi). The iPhone XS Max 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED-display with a resolution of 2688×1242 pixel (458 ppi). The frequency of the touch sensor 120 Hz, there is a True Tone, support 3D Touch, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The difference between the devices only in the display size and battery.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше1

The battery capacity is not revealed, promising the following: iPhone XS will work for 30 minutes longer iPhone X, and XS is Max 1.5 hours longer.

Three colors: silver, space grey and gold. Case made of heavy-duty glass, protection IP68 immersion in water to a depth of two meters for 30 minutes.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше2

At the «brows» hidden: microphone, speaker, proximity sensor, infrared and front-facing camera, point, projector, and other sensors. Thanks to them, Face ID has become even safer and works faster. The company promises that the Face ID is the most secure smartphone protection.

The main innovation — heavy duty CPU A12 Bionic, performed on a 7-nanometer technology, as Huawei Kirin 980. 1 square centimeter fit 6.9 billion transistors. In total, the six core processor cores and four graphics cores that complements the neural network.

A12 Bionic handles 5 trillion operations per second, while the A11 at the same time manages only 600 billions. Because of this, the new handsets will cope with any task, whether it’s playing or mounting video.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше3

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше4

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше5

Chip is responsible for everything, including image processing and video. The presentation demonstrated the application HOMECOURT, which you can use to watch basketball game in real time will be displayed how many points scored from which side. In addition, the chip will help bring AR gaming to a new level by adding graphics that A11 Bionic could not physically handle.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше6

Basic dual camera retained the resolution of 12 MP, but have updated the main sensors that are now 2 times faster. Aperture the main eye f/1.8 in telephoto of f/2.4. Dual optical stabilization. Thanks to smart chip, promise a new era of photo and video. Portrait mode is already not smear, plus in the settings added the ability to adjust the degree of blur.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше7
Adjust the amount of blur

New Smart HDR makes a few shots, but the output leaves one the best. In one photo, the processor performs one trillion operations, achieving the best frame.

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше8
Examples of a photo on the iPhone XS
iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше9

Front camera with a resolution of 7 MP also promises a great portrait shots due to the second infrared camera. Video the front camera records 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Improved and stereo speakers — pulled the volume and sound quality. Microphones are now able to record in stereo.

One of the most important new features are support for multiple SIM cards and Gigabit LTE.

The iPhone XS starts from $ 999 (about 70 thousand rubles). Option three memory: 64, 256, or 512 GB. iPhone XS Max is offered with the same amount of memory, the price of 1099 dollars (~76 thousand).

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше10

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше11

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше12

Pre-order will start on September 14, on sale from 21 September. In Russia will appear only on September 28.

Lowered the price on the iPhone 7 and 8 — 449 and $ 599, respectively. Pro iPhone X said nothing, probably it will be removed from production.

On the Russian Apple website already published the official prices of the new iPhone in Russia.

  • the iPhone XS — from 87 990 rubles
  • iPhone XS Max — 96 990 rubles

iPhone XS и XS Max —больше, мощнее, лучше13

The iPhone XS and XS Max already preinstalled iOS 12, for all other users it will be available on September 17.


The kit iPhone no longer put the adapter to the mini-jack

В комплект iPhone больше не кладут адаптер mini-jack

Apple will no longer put in the set of devices an adapter with Lightning connector to 3.5 mm mini-jack. This applies to the iPhone Xs, Max Xs, Xr and iPhone 8, released in September or later.

The supplied connector does not include any additional sound enhancement or the built-in DAC, but needed for those who still uses wired headphones and not in a hurry to jump on the wireless.

The adapter was first introduced with the iPhone 7, and still he walked free with iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. Now he will have to pay 690 rubles.


To upgrade to macOS Mojave will be on 24 Sep

Обновиться до macOS Mojave можно будет уже 24 сентября

In the past 12 September event in California, Apple presented the new generation of watches and iPhones, and has announced release dates for updates to proprietary operating systems.

Final Assembly 10.14 Mojave macOS for laptops and computers will be available for all from September 24.

Mojave was first shown in June, the conference for developers WWDC. OS got dark mode with auto-enable feature of the organization of folders and files on the desktop, and the advanced photo editor and files. In addition, as part of the upgrade system makes its debut a completely redesigned App store.

To upgrade to macOS Mojave will be the owners of the following devices:

  • MacBook (2015 and newer)
  • iMac (2012 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (2012 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)
  • Mac Mini (2012 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (2013, 2010, 2012)
  • iMac Pro (2017)


Apple HomePod will learn to call to look for songs in the text and create multiple timers

Apple HomePod научится звонить, искать песни по тексту и создавать несколько таймеров

Apple CEO Tim cook at the autumn presentation of the company has announced several new features that will get smart column HomePod. The release of the innovation is likely to take place on September 17 with the release of iOS 12.

The speaker will help to find a lost iPhone at home, forcing the smartphone to play a sound alert. Also with the HomePod, you can now take and make phone calls and search for songs through Siri, voicing the text fragments of the composition.

One of the long-awaited innovation is the ability to create multiple timers. This will come in handy in the kitchen for counting the stages of cooking, with HomePod maintains simultaneous music playback and works with Siri.

Apple HomePod presented at last year’s WWDC and is a column with a voice assistant Siri. For the calculation meets the A8 processor for the sound — a powerful sound system.


Google closes the email client Inbox

Google закрывает почтовый клиент Inbox

Google announced the closure of the experimental email client Inbox. Its support will cease in March 2019 in favour of Gmail.

The Corporation produced a transition manual with Inbox by Gmail. Since the latter does not have some features, Google recommends the parallel use of other services, including Google Keep and «Google Tasks». At the same time Google employee told The Verge that at least clever category, which sort incoming mail, later appear in Gmail.

Google Inbox was launched in 2014 and was noted for intelligent cataloging, pending letters, intelligent answers and reminders. Some of these features appeared in Gmail after the redesign this year.