Samsung Galaxy A8s: the first «leaky» smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A8s: первый «дырявый» смартфон

Samsung introduced the world’s first smartphone with hole for front camera in the display. He got the name of the Galaxy A8s.


  • Dimensions: 158,4×74,9×7.4 mm, 173 g
  • Display: 6,4″, 2340×1080
  • Processor: OCTA core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, 2.2 GHz, Adreno 616
  • Memory: 6/8 GB RAM, 128 GB constant, microSD slot
  • Camera: 24+10+5 MP (triple main), 24 MP, f/2.0 (front)
  • Battery: 3400 mAh
  • OS: Android 8.1
  • Connection: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS/GLONASS, NFC

Samsung Galaxy A8s: первый «дырявый» смартфон1

The rear surface made of glass, available in three color options: green, blue and silver.

Detailed information, including the cost of the smartphone, Samsung did not disclose. The first time it will be available only for the Chinese market. Pre-order starts on 10 December.


Renders of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition before the announcement

Рендеры OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition до анонса

A Twitter user with the nickname IshanAgarwal24 published high-quality renders of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. Its official presentation is scheduled for 11 December.

Unlike the usual OnePlus 6T bit: carbon back cover with logo McLaren and orange gradient piping. According to IshanAgarwal24, the smartphone is equipped with 10 GB of RAM and 256 GB memory technology: fast-charging Warp Charge, which «will provide energy for the day in 20 minutes».

Рендеры OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition до анонса1

Рендеры OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition до анонса2

Рендеры OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition до анонса3

Рендеры OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition до анонса4

Рендеры OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition до анонса5

In addition to the technological innovations and changed appearance, expected a special topic of interface design and new packaging of the smartphone.

OnePlus 6T launched on October 29. The smartphone has a 6,41-Optic inch AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 845 with 6 or 8 GB of RAM, dual main camera with a sensor 16+20 MP and podkrovny fingerprint scanner.

IshanAgarwal24 (Twitter)


How to activate dark theme on Google Chrome for macOS?

Как активировать тёмную тему в Google Chrome для macOS?

The first mention of developing a dark theme on Google Chrome for macOS appeared at the end of September. Now the new design entered the test branch of the browser, Chrome Canary.

After installing the latest version of Google Chrome Canary, you will need to run the following command in the built-in «Terminal»:

/Applications/Google Chrome Chrome Canary —force-dark-mode

Due to the introduction of dark theme there is a problem, discuss the developers in the service of the Chromium Bugs. The browser already uses the dark design in the «Incognito» mode on all platforms, especially for macOS now have to really rethink a special style for private browsing.

Как активировать тёмную тему в Google Chrome для macOS?1
Screenshots: MacRumors
Как активировать тёмную тему в Google Chrome для macOS?2

One of the main innovations Mojave macOS was system dark theme: changes the background not only of the settings and panels, built-in apps.


Telegram for Android got a new design and View Instant 2.0

Telegram для Android получил новый дизайн и Instant View 2.0

Client of Telegram for Android was updated to version 5.0. The update brought several functional and visual changes.

A new platform for translation of Telegram allows anyone to create their own language pack. The distribution of the translation is simplified due to the introduction of the new format of the links

Each language received a public chat to discuss the translation — that is, for example, the conversation about the Russian localization. In addition, all translations are now updated instantly on the server side.

Telegram для Android получил новый дизайн и Instant View 2.01

Telegram для Android получил новый дизайн и Instant View 2.02

Telegram для Android получил новый дизайн и Instant View 2.03

Telegram для Android получил новый дизайн и Instant View 2.04

The Instant View technology that allows you to view web pages with «zero load time», has been updated to the second version. She learned to display tables, nested lists, image links and blocks related tables.

Page users, channels and conversations in the Android app is made easier, and the client settings are now divided into categories. Updated icons and tool to select the image profile, as well as a zoom function during video viewing.

Another noted new emojis and the theme is Dark Blue, the possibility of copying to the message in the public chat for all participants and a display of covers of songs in playlists and «shared media».

Download Telegram 5.0 for Android from the Play Store and APKMirror.

Telegram Blog


Microsoft Edge will support Chrome extensions

Microsoft Edge получит поддержку расширений Chrome

A couple of days ago Microsoft confirmed the change of the browser Edge on Chromium, which is used in many other browsers. One of the team members software development Microsoft Edge Kyle Alden told on Reddit about upcoming changes in the browser.

Updated Edge to support existing extensions from Chrome. This means that the user will receive the entire library of already available extensions browser Google.

Even the developer said that Edge will soon be released on «all Microsoft devices». Perhaps he meant the support for the updated version of the browser in the Xbox One game console and glasses virtual reality glasses HoloLens.

Alden talked about the future of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) to the browser Edge. These applications will continue to operate in the Microsoft Store, and the company plans to implement the installation of PWA directly from your browser, similar to Chrome. In addition, Microsoft will leave in Edge support to the browser engine EdgeHTML and Chakra.

The company plans to release Edge for legacy Windows versions, and in the future to port on other platforms. Release date updated version of the Microsoft browser yet to be named.


The PlayStation Classic has received support wireless controllers

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров

Miniature Classic PlayStation console from Sony comes with two wired joysticks. To remedy this inconvenience, the company 8bitdo has released a special adapter.

The device connects directly to the console, and supports wireless controllers PS3, PS4 DualShock, Xbox, Switch, Wii U, and many others. The adapter also works with Windows, Android TV, Mac and Raspberry Pi.

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров1

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров2

PlayStation Classic получила поддержку беспроводных контроллеров3

The adapter 8Bitdo pre-order available on Amazon for $ 19 (~1300 rubles). The start of sales is scheduled for December 31.

Recently hackers have managed to hack PlayStation Classic and run third-party games on the console.


Qualcomm made the ban of iPhone sales in China

Qualcomm добилась запрета продаж iPhone в Китае

A Chinese court ruled in the case of patent infringement by Apple and banned the sale of many iPhone models in China. The corresponding statement I extended a press-service of Qualcomm.

The court found Apple guilty of violating two patents Qualcomm technology photo editing and touch control. The company asked to suspend the sale of smartphones with iPhone 6S iPhone to X. Model this year under the ban were not included.

Apple continues to benefit from our intellectual property, refuses to pay us compensation, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm don Rosenberg.

Apple claims that all iPhone models are still available in China, but the ban could be applied only to smartphones running on older versions of the operating system. Now all devices sold with iOS 12.

News to ban sales led to a drop in the value of Apple shares is 2% on the new York stock exchange.



Google+ will close earlier than expected

Google+ закроют раньше, чем ожидалось

Google found another bug in the API of the social network Google+, which has affected 52,5 million users. The app can view information of the profile even if the profile itself was closed.

The company says that the vulnerability was fixed within a week after detection. Information about the leak of user data no.

However, Google has decided to accelerate the closure of social networks. For normal users access to Google+ will be closed in April 2019.

For the first time about the closure of social networks it became known in October this year, when the API were also identified that led to the data leak of hundreds of thousands of users.


Samsung has signed an agreement with fake brand Supreme

Samsung заключила соглашение с фейковым брендом Supreme

During the presentation of the first Samsung smartphone with a display of Infinity-Galaxy O A8s, the company made a pause to represent the new partnership with the brand Supreme.

According to the representative of Samsung, the brand of street fashion Supreme plans next year to open China’s first flagship store. These data are confirmed by several employees of the company.

The problem is that the Supreme has no plans to open stores in China and two people called to the scene, it is not working. For some reason, Samsung is not found, it is not clear.

Real Supreme is an American brand that collaborates with other well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton and Jordan. And Samsung signed an agreement with Supreme Italia — the company sells counterfeits of a famous brand because of loopholes in the laws of Italy. Samsung is unlikely to need such cooperation.


In Instagram appeared a voice message

In the social network Instagram has the opportunity to voice messages.

To send a message, in the chat you need to press the microphone button. Maximum recording length is one minute. Like other popular messengers, records don’t disappear and you can play them many times.

The voice function works in both personal correspondence and in group chats.

В Instagram появились голосовые сообщения0

Changes are already in force in a mobile application for iOS and Android.