Google introduced the app to view the photo Gallery Go offline

The U.S. company Google has announced a compact app gallery Go Gallery designed for smartphones with Android operating system Go. It is available worldwide for free download in the Google Store and requires at least Android 8.1 Oreo.

The program helps you find photos because they are automatically combined into groups, and to save bandwidth, as the application can work in offline mode. Has support for SD cards and handwritten sorting photos.

Google представила приложение для просмотра фотографий офлайн Gallery Go0

Google представила приложение для просмотра фотографий офлайн Gallery Go1

Gallery Go automatically sistematizirovat user photo groups: «People», «Self», «Nature», «Animals», «Documents», «Videos» and «Movies». Also the application provides tools to edit photos.

The program takes only 10 MB. Google claims that the app was created for users who do not have access to high speed Internet or cloud-based backup solutions.


Top 5 foreign TV shows according to the Russians

Топ-5 иностранных сериалов по мнению россиян

«Interfax» published survey data «Levada-center» about the Russians view foreign TV series. According to the survey, 62 percent of people at least once watched a foreign TV series.

On the basis of the surveyed group have identified the top 5 most popular shows:

  • «Game of thrones» — 27%
  • «Sherlock» — 25%
  • «Dr. House» — 24%
  • «Chernobyl» — 22%
  • «Stay alive» — 22%

Among men and women leaders were different. So, most women chose the series «Dr. house» (28% versus 20% men), while men prefer «Game of thrones» (30% vs. 24%).

About 35% of the respondents do not watch modern foreign TV series. Among those who do not go online every day, this figure increases to 62%, and among those who visited the network to 23%.

The survey was conducted from 27 June to 4 July 2019. He touched on 50 subjects of the Russian Federation, 137 settlements and of people aged 18 years and older.



Facebook will pay a record fine of $ 5 billion for breach of privacy

Facebook заплатит рекордный штраф в 5 млрд долларов за нарушение конфиденциальности

Facebook will pay a record penalty of $ 5 billion and change its processes related to the protection of the confidentiality of the information announced by the Federal trade Commission.

The leadership of the social network was also ordered to carry out an extended validation of security data into each new product, results should act on the assessment of the CEO and the independent expert each quarter.

Facebook also agreed to pay an additional $ 100 million to get the company charged with misrepresentation private investors about the seriousness of abuse of user data.

The penalties are the final investigation of numerous violations of privacy from Facebook, including data leakage 87 million users of the now defunct Cambridge Analytica.

Despite promises by its billions of users around the world to control the transmission of personal information, Facebook undermines the choice of consumers, — the Chairman of the FTC

A fine of 5 billion dollars exceeds the maximum imposed by the Federal trade Commission the penalty of 30. Up to this point the largest fine of $ 168 million were made Dish company in 2017.


Huawei took 61 place in the ranking of the largest companies in the Fortune Global 500

Huawei заняла 61 место в рейтинге крупнейших компаний Fortune Global 500

Chinese technogiant Huawei has improved its position in the ranking of the 500 largest global companies Fortune Global 500 famous edition of Fortune.

In 2019, the Corporation climbed to number 61, surpassing last year’s result by 11 positions. Interestingly, in 2017, Huawei took 129 place. He top list is based on revenue firms.

The revenue of the manufacturer amounted to 109 030 million U.S. dollars, showing a growth of 22% compared to the previous period. The net profit — 8 953 million dollars. This is above the previous result by 27.5%.

The assets of the holding is estimated at a time in a 96 974 million dollars, and the number of employees is 188 000 people.

Huawei заняла 61 место в рейтинге крупнейших компаний Fortune Global 5001

The head of Huawei Consumer Business Group Richard Yu shared his secret of success.

We strive to offer our customers the latest technology and pay special attention to innovation, investing in research activities, allowing us to reach new heights.

For comparison, another manufacturer from China, Xiaomi for the first time entered the top 500 Fortune this year, is located at 468 place and becoming the youngest representative of the ranking.


Gaming laptop Clevo K670E-G6T3 V2.0: available beast

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь

In our era, the world took ultrabooks. Minimal frame around the screens, a slim design, high portability and often a compromise in performance. But we have a test today on a very unusual device.

A real gaming laptop, and even from the manufacturer which you likely have not heard anything.

Technical characteristics NEC K670E-G6T3 V2.0:

  • Dimensions: 378×250×29.8 mm, 2.3 kg
  • Display: 15,6″, 1920×1080 IPS
  • CPU: 6-core Intel Core i5-8400, 2.8 GHz
  • Graphics: discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 with 4GB of GDDR5 memory
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR4, 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Connectors: 2×USB 3.1; 1×USB 2.0; 1×Type-C; 1×HDMI; 1×Mini-DisPlay; 1×RJ-45; 1 x DC-in; 1×Kingston lock; 1 earphone port; 1 microphone port; card reader
  • Communication: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Price: 48 000 rubles

The design of the case

The top cover is quite distinctive, or rather, very simple. The usual matte plastic has a slight rounding in the corners. No faces here, just at the bottom, closer to the hinges, has a characteristic bevel. Even the logo of the brand decided not to put in the middle, and placed a little higher.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь1

The back part looks more interesting and more like the works of Asus in their ROG lineup. Blame the two symmetrical air intake, through which you can clearly see the radiator.

Similar elements can be found and along the sides of the laptop, only on the right side we have a decorative insert without cut-outs, while the left can be seen again the heat exchanger.

And here it is necessary to clarify that the issue is not that where we see the metal, but somewhere there. We are talking about the cooling system, which is without any protection and will actively become clogged with dust.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь2

That’s what is nice is the full scattering ports. On the left hand you have: mini-DP, HDMI, Type-C and dual USB 3.1.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь3

At the right hand of the user is located:, DC-IN, RJ-45, USB 2.0 ports for microphone and headphone, card reader.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь4

If you turn the laptop, we can see not only the thick rubber legs, but familiar approach to the world from China. See a lot of slots, in which are emblazoned the fee. Question again in the aesthetics. Knocked over a Cup of coffee, the pool fell under the laptop and you to replace the motherboard.

As you can see here, the faces of the bevel, in order to visually make the laptop thinner. And you know the designers did. When work does not think you work for a huge «Pandora».

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь5

Moreover, the working part of the device is very neat, and looks much more interesting. There is the same matte plastic. But you can praise the manufacturer for providing the keyboard and accurate touchpad shifted left of center. Any slits and cutouts are not, and the only illuminated elements is the power button.

I raised my eyes higher and see the manufacturer’s logo, which is emblazoned on the large frame matte display, above which is located the camera.


As noted above, it is matte. This means that the user is faced with a complete lack of glare, regardless of the maximum brightness of the matrix. And she’s of average quality, though IPS.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь6

The display size is 15.6 inches and a resolution FullHD. For comfortable work and play is enough. Even after prolonged work with text no discomfort does not occur.

If we talk about the color, it goes with warm tones. Thus, distortion of all colors uniform, what can be said about the lighting. On our instance there is a distinctive glare in the upper right part. Included black background and see a grey blur.

Minimum brightness is slightly brighter than needed for comfortable work in the dark. But maximum enough even in daylight.

Keyboard and touchpad

It is a membrane, without backlight. I note the hard substrate, which does not allow the keyboard to bend. The key travel is solid, with a typical return button in the standard position.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь7

Type texts comfortably. When playing the border of the keys is also not confusing. However, some allocation block WASD is not here. But high F-number given under quick command. You can easily turn off the screen or touchpad to change the volume, turn on the sleep or airplane mode. Display the Caps Lock is missing.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь8

As for the touchpad, it clearly surpassed my expectations. The touchpad is a single part with the body. The finger glides well and the substrate itself is not deformed. Practicing touching occurs to cheer, to RUB his fingers in the window is not necessary, and gesture support on the spot.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь9

Two keys have a clear click and perform the functions of the left and right mouse buttons. Here you can find fault only to the Assembly. At our instance the left button is slightly moved upward, you can see this by comparing the gaps around the keys.

Iron and performance

Let me remind you that the laptop is gaming and directly on top of the motherboard installed two of the highlights. The first is the Intel Core i5-8400, and the second is a discrete graphics card Nvidia GTX 1050 c 4 GB of memory.

If you think that the i5 in a gaming laptop is nonsense, I would note that we are talking about generation Coffee Lake, so it boldly gives «a light» to the older i7.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь10

There is not much want to take in the number of cache and frequency of the cores, just go and load the sample toys. Immediately run GTA V and watch a situation.

The graphics were automatically set to «very high» settings. Me they were downgraded to «high», then was disabled vertical sync. In the result below 45 FPS I have ever seen. On average, even with active driving transport game gave 60-75 FPS.

The processor was able to warm up to 91 degrees. And during the hour average temperature was 77 degrees. The laptop itself is heated not strongly, much like a modern smartphone under load. Most goes to the top left part.

After launch CS:GO it became apparent that shipping the laptop should give serious projects. Because at high settings the FPS was steady at the level of 100-115. When a sudden murder and a jump of the ping, the indicator could drop to 60-80.


The laptop comes with Windows 10, even the official website says. Although on some commercial sites you can find the information about the DOS. The operating system was inactive, and was installed on the HDD drive, while on Board there was a blank SSD.

So it became clear that running the system with a regular hard drive, you will need 40-45 seconds, while after transfer the system to SSD, booth takes 18-23 seconds. The read speed is approximately 430 MB/s, write 350 MB/s.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь11

It is strange that the manufacturer indicates the possibility to accelerate the cooling by a combination of FN+F1, in our case, this command disables the touchpad, which is even said by the dedicated icon. So this feature on the F-number could not be found. But the method of scientific spear found out, that the fans disperse the combination of FN+1.

Plus operation as it became clear that the full power of a notebook available to the user only when connected to the power cable. The system was set to high performance, but GTA V without socket does not give more than 30 FPS, the same situation in CS:GO.

And if you play without the cord, your fun will not last more than an hour, averaging about 40 minutes. The battery here is really weak. Even when typing text, the computer consumes about 30% per hour, and screen brightness set at only 50%.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь12

But happy speed. No glitches or loud and clear. Everyday tasks can be solved without power supply from the wall outlet. Even for a light project in Photoshop, cut down the power enough.

Noise from a computer is not too much. In automatic mode, even under load, the system is not twisted fans on maximum. But if you just work with a browser, then typing on the keyboard will be much louder.

Обзор игрового ноутбука Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0: доступный зверь13

Individual plus a decent screen loop. Put the laptop on the table and quietly lift the lid of the screen with one finger. This usually can only MacBook.

But the rigidity of the lid of the display is not to be envied. Enough to stick to the non-touch screen you hear a tap matrix on the back cover. And if you hold down the display between the two fingers, you can flip.

I also do not much like the two stereo-speaker. They are located in the lower part and in addition to that the game is just in the table, and do it very disgusting. The sound is flat with a complete lack of bass. Movie one time to watch, but fans will be greatly disappointed.

About the camera tactfully trying to keep quiet. If you try to find a laptop on sale, most often its resolution is not specified. If you believe the manufacturer’s website, it is 1 MP, which is damn little.


It turns out that in our hands has been quite specific device. On the one hand this is quite a powerful iron, which is given almost for nothing, of course if you compare with other gaming laptops.

But at the same time to a laptop can how to find fault and praise on the part of the Assembly. Unambiguous same drawback becomes autonomy and the limitation of the performance. Among the advantages of matte screen and plenty of ports.


Apple has fixed bugs in the obsolete iOS 9 and iOS 10

Apple исправила ошибки в устаревших iOS 9 и iOS 10

Apple released a new iOS version 9.3.6 and iOS 10.3.4 for older models of the iPad and iPhone, which is no longer available current iOS 12.

The update is intended to correct errors in the operation of the GPS module and setting the date and time. If the device is not installed the update after November 3, 2019, they may face with incorrect positioning and calculation of the current time. This can lead to errors in the sync with iCloud and download mail.

9.3.6 iOS for the original iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3. 10.3.4 iOS for iPad 4 with cellular module the iPhone 5. The update is already supplied to the device «over the air».

Apple Support


Apple is discussing the purchase of Intel’s business for the production of 5G modems

Apple обсуждает покупку бизнеса Intel по производству 5G-модемов

Apple may be close to signing deals for the purchase of mobile modems Intel, reports The Wall Street Journal. The agreement will be announced next week.

In April, Intel announced its withdrawal from the business of mobile modems (chip, providing operation in cellular networks) after Apple reached an agreement with Qualcomm, which resulted in the smartphones cupertinos companies will be equipped with Snapdragon modems. Intel CEO Bob Swan said that without Apple as a customer it made no sense to continue production.

According to reports, Intel began seeking a buyer for its modem business. Interested in Apple. Recent rumors around the work inside the company on their own modems to confirm this information.

Part of Intel’s business, including patent portfolio and key employees is estimated at $ 1 billion or higher.

The Wall Street Journal


Lenovo denied the return of the smartphone brand on the Russian market

Lenovo опровергла возвращение смартфонов бренда на российский рынок

Lenovo has not entered into an agreement with a distributor Mobilidi on the supply of smartphones, the Chinese brand in Russia. This was announced by General Manager of Lenovo in Russia Alexander Kataev.

Mobilidi is the official distributor of Lenovo in Russia. I’m not familiar with this company. There are companies that buy in China smartphones Lenovo and come here. It is unclear whether they are able to work in the Russian Federation if they meet the standards. Authorized service centers, they will not be supported and Russian representatives will not.

On 22 July, «Kommersant» reported that Lenovo will resume sales of its smartphones in the Russian market after exit in 2017. The distributor must be the same company Mobilidi (part of the RDC Group), which also supplies to the device Xiaomi.

The source of publication of Tdaily told that the distributor entered into an agreement directly with the Chinese office Lenovo, so all activities, including marketing and service, will be carried out by Mobilidi.

Mobilidi sent reporters an invitation to a press event on the launch of Lenovo Mobile in Russia. The event will take place on 1 August in Moscow.



Shazam called musical preferences of Russians for the first half of 2019

Shazam назвал музыкальные предпочтения россиян за первую половину 2019 года

A service to determine musical compositions Shazam revealed preferences of Russians for the first half of 2019. Most often, Russian users used the app to find the song Life singer Zivert.

A list of 10 songs that Shazam users in Russia were looking for the most number of times:

  1. Zivert — Life
  2. Ilkay Sencan — Do It
  3. Aaron Smith — Dancin (Krono Remix) (feat. Luvli)
  4. Artik & Asti — «Sad dance» (feat. Artem Kacher)
  5. Billie Eilish — bad guy
  6. Havana — I Lost You (feat. Yaar)
  7. Sonorous — Voice
  8. Don Diablo — Survive (feat. Emeli Sandé & Gucci Mane)
  9. Ariana Grande — 7 Rings
  10. Filatov & Karas — Au Au

In addition to the Russian songs chart, Shazam also called the most popular tracks in 2019 worldwide. Most users are looking for Calma (Remix) Puerto Rican artists Pedro Capó and Farruko and track by American singer Ava Max Sweet But Psycho.

The global Shazam charts for the first half of 2019:

  1. Pedro Capó & Farruko — Calma (Remix)
  2. Ava Max — Sweet But Psycho
  3. Daddy Yankee — Con Calma (feat. Snow)
  4. Calvin Harris & Rag’n’bone Man — Giant
  5. Billie Eilish — bad guy
  6. Mark Ronson — Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus)
  7. Ariana Grande — 7 Rings
  8. Halsey — Without Me
  9. Sam Smith & Normani — Dancing With A Stranger
  10. Imagine Dragons — Bad Liar


The court rejected the company Promt in the complaint to «Yandex»

Суд отказал компании Promt в жалобе на «Яндекс»

The Moscow arbitration court dismissed the claim of the Promt company to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). Earlier FAS refused to initiate a criminal case on the complaint of unfair competition from «Yandex».

According to the company «PROMT Service», dedicated to the online translation service, Yandex violates the law On competition, promoting their own similar services. The company is dissatisfied that the user requests associated with the transfer, in immediately search suggestions based on «Yandex.Of the translator». Competitors this is not possible.

FAS has not found in actions of «Yandex» unfair competition «in view of the prevailing practice of using other search engines similar interactive window».

In turn, the court concluded that the activities of «PROMT Service» aimed at promoting the paid services of translation, whereas «Yandex» offers the same, but for free, which is more profitable for the user.

Previously, similar claims to «Yandex» has launched a number of companies: Amazon, CYANOGEN,, 2GIS and ivi. They also believe that the underestimates in the search results their websites, promoting their accounting services.