The script of the fourth «Riddick» is finished

Сценарий четвёртого «Риддика» закончен

VIN Diesel in his Instagram showed the finished script of the film «Riddick 4: Fury». The author made the writer and Director of the first three parts of the film is David Twohy.

About the development of the fourth part of the film was known in 2015. It was assumed that the shooting will begin in 2017, but production has not begun. According to early reports, the film will tell the story of Riddick and how he got eyes with which he sees in the dark.

For the first time Riddick in the performance of VIN Diesel appeared in the film «Black hole» in 2000. The character is so like the public, in 2004, he released a spin-off of «the Chronicles of Riddick». The picture flopped at the box office, so in 2013 he released a more budget version, which affected the evaluations.


The start of sales of long-lived smartphone Philips S561 in Russia

Старт продаж долгоживущего смартфона Philips S561 в России

Electronics manufacturer Philips announced the start of sales in Russia of its budget smartphone Philips S561.

The main feature of novelty was the large amount of battery to 4000 mAh. According to the company, the gadget is able to work on a single charge up to 32 hours of talk time and up to 912 hours standby.

Technical characteristics Philips S561:

  • Dimensions: 147,8×70,7×10,05 mm, 173,9 g
  • Display: 5,45″, 1440×720, IPS
  • CPU: 8-core Spreadtrum SC9863A, 1.6 GHz, PowerVR GE8322
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB constant, microSD slot (up to 128GB)
  • Camera: 13 MP (primary), 5 MP (front)
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Connection: MicroUSB, wifi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, LTE, Dual SIM

Старт продаж долгоживущего смартфона Philips S561 в России1

Старт продаж долгоживущего смартфона Philips S561 в России2

In addition, in the device the module NFC for contactless payment, but there is a fingerprint scanner, which is located on the rear panel.

The Russian official price of Philips S561 retail price will be 8990 rubles.


The PlayStation Store launched a summer sale with discounts up to 60%

В PlayStation Store стартовала летняя распродажа cо скидками до 60%

Company PlayStation launched a «Summer sale» in the digital PlayStation store. Discounts up to 60% apply to the blockbusters, indie games, add-ons and designs in virtual reality.

The most interesting proposals:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — 2299 rubles instead of 3999 rubles
  • Persona 5 — 1199 rubles instead of 3999 rubles
  • World War Z — 1499 2299 rubles instead of rubles
  • Resident Evil 2 — 1999 rubles instead of 3499 rubles
  • Devil May Cry 5 — 1999 rubles instead of 3499 rubles
  • Days Gone — 2599 rubles instead of 4499 rubles
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man — 1799 rubles instead of 3999 rubles
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III — 2279 rubles is 3799 rubles
  • Star Wars Battlefront II — 599 rubles instead of 1499 rubles
  • Battlefield V — 1599 rubles instead of 3999 rubles
  • Ark: Survival Evolved — 1199 rubles instead 3199 roubles
  • Playerunknown»s Battlegrounds — 899 rubles instead of 1799 rubles
  • Need For Speed Payback — 599 $ instead of 2199 rubles

Other proposals can be found on the official website of PlayStation Store.

7 Aug to the sale will be added new special offers. The event will conclude on August 21.


Microsoft is preparing a new interface «Start» in Windows 10

Microsoft готовит новый интерфейс «Пуска» в Windows 10

Microsoft accidentally published the Windows 10 build number 18947 intended for internal use testers using a 32-bit device. In the operating system discovered the new design panel «start».

The main change is the rejection of the tiles and a separate list of installed apps: they were replaced by a grid of shortcuts to call the programs. At the top of the grid there are several frequently used apps.

Microsoft готовит новый интерфейс «Пуска» в Windows 101

There’s avatar of the user who occupies the Central upper part of the «Start» button. Under the image — line search, probably duplicating Windows Search. The new design can be disabled from the menu.

Another discovered innovation — search GIF-image menu, select Emoji.

The head of the program Windows Insider Dona Sarkar said that the team examines the reasons for the Assembly 18947 spread to all test branches, including even the Slow Ring in which testers get builds almost ready.


Official: Samsung will begin selling Galaxy Fold in September

Официально: Samsung начнёт продажи Galaxy Fold в сентябре

Samsung has announced the start of sales of the smartphone Galaxy foldable Fold in September of this year. Before that, the company conducted a complete evaluation of all components.

Improvements of design and construction include:

  • The protective layer Infinity Flex Display is extended beyond the front panel: it is now clear that it is an integral part of the screen, and not designed to be removed
  • Introduced additional elements to protect the device from external particles
  • The top and bottom loops are reinforced with protective caps
  • The space between the hinge and the Galaxy Fold reduced

The company also said that a greater number of applications optimized to work with a folding display. Who are the final tests of the product.

Samsung did not specify in what countries the first will begin selling the Galaxy Fold. Details will appear closer to the release.

In April, the test samples Fold Galaxy fell into the hands of journalists and bloggers. Some of them complained about getting hit by display of foreign elements, some noted that after removal of the film, which was an integral part of the matrix, portion of the screen stops working. Samsung has postponed the start of sales of smartphone to correct errors.

Samsung Newsroom


The founder of RED confirmed the release of Two mobile Hydrogen

Основатель RED подтвердил выпуск смартфона Hydrogen Two

The founder of RED Jim Jannard told in a post on the website about the reasons for the failed launch of the first smartphone under the brand RED, Hydrogen One, and also announced the development of the second version.

According to Jannard problems Hydrogen One to blame Chinese manufacturers, which have not solved the problems of the smartphone and in General worked effectively.

Now attention is focused on Hydrogen RED Two, which is being developed «from scratch» in partnership with a new manufacturer. The company will also release the promised the camera module, but will improve its capabilities and features, and will also make it compatible with both smartphones.

Jannard promised that owners of Hydrogen One will receive preferential terms to buy a second model of the smartphone and camera module. About the release dates not reported.

RED One Hydrogen released at the end of 2018. Obzorschiki noted the complexity of the smartphone, the unreasonably high cost and low quality of the main features of the device — a holographic display.



The first trailer for the Russian TV series «Chernobyl» from NTV

Первый трейлер российского сериала «Чернобыль» от НТВ

The network posted the first trailer for the Russian TV series «Chernobyl» from NTV. Officially, the channel did not confirm the authenticity of the video.

Serial picture would tell the story of events in 1986 with the conspiracy side. The intent of the writers it is the actions of the intelligence services of the CIA led to the tragic disaster at Chernobyl.

The main character is an agent of the Soviet counterintelligence Andrei Nikolaev performed by Igor Petrenko. He is trying to prevent the accident, prepared by the American CIA saboteur albert Lentz (Dmitry Ulyanov).

Despite the large number of inventions, Director Alexey Muradov says that his work is documentary work.

Our story will cover several periods: a few hours before the explosion, the explosion itself, and a few months later. We will show in sufficient detail what happened.
The hypothesis from intervention in the work of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant there. Many historians do not exclude that in the day of the explosion at the station worked one of the agents of enemy intelligence services.

On the first day the trailer on YouTube has collected many dislikes allowed and negative feedback in the comments. Unlike competitor HBO, which entered the top 5 serials of Russians this year.

Series «Chernobyl» will consist of 12 episodes, which should be out before the end of this year.


Filmed pilot episode of the prequel to «Game of thrones»

Отснят пилотный эпизод приквела «Игры престолов»

The head of HBO Casey Bloyce told the media that the pilot episode of the prequel to «Game of thrones» has already been taken.

Shared information Director during the press tour of Television Critics Association event 2019. Bloyce overall happy with the documentary and believes that visually the series looks great. He also highlighted the cast. Further comment from Casey refused.

Отснят пилотный эпизод приквела «Игры престолов»1

Отснят пилотный эпизод приквела «Игры престолов»2

Отснят пилотный эпизод приквела «Игры престолов»3

Отснят пилотный эпизод приквела «Игры престолов»4

Отснят пилотный эпизод приквела «Игры престолов»5

Earlier in the Internet already leaked photos from the set and info about what the picture will tell about the history that happened long before the events of the main seasons. In addition, it will play Naomi watts.

According to the author of the eponymous novels by George Martin, in the prequel will appear the kings in the North the Starks, but Lannisters, we do not see.


Vivo revealed the key specifications of the smartphone Z5

Vivo раскрыла ключевые характеристики смартфона Z5

Vivo posted on his Weibo profile posters of the upcoming Z5 smartphone, which will be presented in India on July 31. They demonstrated some of the features of the device.

The smartphone will get a matrix of Super AMOLED and fingerprint scanner under it. Back camera module will include three sensor, one of them is 48 MP. Front camera resolution set to 32 megapixels.

Vivo раскрыла ключевые характеристики смартфона Z51

Vivo раскрыла ключевые характеристики смартфона Z52

Vivo раскрыла ключевые характеристики смартфона Z53

Vivo раскрыла ключевые характеристики смартфона Z54

The role of the chipset will perform Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 712, the battery capacity will be 4500 mAh. For its fast-charging technology provides a power of 22.5 W and port USB Type-C.

According to the website TENAA, Vivo Z5 will also get 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of permanent memory. The resolution of two photosensors 8 and 2 MP, Android 9 on top of the Pie is set a proprietary shell.

About prices information.


«Sberbank» and Mail.Ru Group will create a platform on the basis of Delivery Club and «Citimobile»

«Сбербанк» и Mail.Ru Group создадут платформу на базе Delivery Club и «Ситимобила»

«Sberbank» and Mail.Ru Group signed an agreement of intent to create a joint venture with a potential valuation of more than 100 billion rubles. The platform will become the leading in Russia in the field of food and transportation.

The partnership will combine the financial and technological resources of Sberbank and Group, and to ensure optimal conditions for the development of the consumer O2O (online-to-offline) services.

Mail.Ru Group will contribute its assets and Delivery Club «Citymobil» and 7.7 billion roubles. «Sberbank» share a share in the company «Funplex» (includes «Poster.Restaurants», UCS and Plazius) and 38 billion rubles. The objectives during the year after closing the transaction, the company will also make a 5.1 and 13 billion respectively.

Sberbank already has a joint venture with other Internet holding company «Yandex» on the basis of «Market». They develop the marketplace «Take» and Bringly.

We have built cooperation with Sberbank as long-term mutually beneficial partnership and remain faithful to those principles. We expect the same attitude from the «Sberbank» — Greg Abovsky, operational and financial Director of «Yandex»

In the fall of 2019 «Sberbank» and Mail.Ru Group plan to enter into a binding agreement.