Assistant Samsung Bixby learned to understand the context

Ассистент Samsung Bixby научился понимать контекст

Announced the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be shipped with the updated to the second version brand assistant Bixby. About its capabilities told at the presentation of the Galaxy Unpacked held on 9 August.

Bixby 2.0 better understands natural language, and learned to recognize the context. For example, if you ask him about what concerts will be in Brooklyn this weekend, and after the answer to ask about the first weekend in October, the helper will not get lost. This has can and Amazon Alexa, and Google.

Improved system recommendations: when asked Bixby to recommend a restaurant, it will show options based on previous bookings of the owner. So, if a user often went into places with Italian cuisine, the assistant will display like this in the first place. He will fill in for the person some input fields based on previous decisions.

Ассистент Samsung Bixby научился понимать контекст1

While on the scene of the event Galaxy Unpacked 2018, the company’s representatives claimed that the assistant has become much faster, it was noticeable in the demonstrations, he responds to commands very slowly. Perhaps this is a pre-release version, and devices Bixby will be really fast.

In addition to Galaxy Note 9, Bixby 2.0 will be embedded in the smart column, the company Galaxy Home. Surely the company will update the assistant and on all supported devices.


«Roskoshestvo» was chosen best app for booking hotels

«Роскачество» выбрало лучшие приложения для бронирования отелей

During the tourist season from April to July this year, «Roskoshestvo» conducted a study to identify the highest quality mobile apps for searching and booking hotels.

For the study was selected for 17 of the apps for iOS and Android. Best for Apple’s platform become,, For green robot the top three winners are, and that the study was recognized as best domestic service.

From the point of view of functionality the best services for both platforms named:,, Agoda. The worst service was the Hotel Tonight.

Number of proposals leading positions are: Trivago,, KAYAK, and TripAdvisor Instead.

Specialists «Roccasecca» contacted the support team with questions about the selection and booking, as well as problems at check-in. The result is the best phone support showed:,, Hotel Tonight and AccorHotels.

Not without a security check. The problem was discovered:


  • (does not encrypt photos)
  • (does not encrypt the information and pictures)
  • HotelsClick (does not encrypt the data query)


  • and (if photos)
  • Agoda, and KAYAK (if map image)
  • (the coordinates are transmitted in the clear)
  • (does not encrypt the data device)



New from Palm will receive a 3.3 inch screen

Новинка от Palm получит 3,3-дюймовый экран

First 2011 smartphone from Palm will be the smallest Android device that is officially sold in the USA. The implementation of the device under the code name «Pepito» will the operator Verizon.

From the performance point of view, Pepito is a typical budget smartphone segment: 435 Snapdragon, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, the actual Android 8.1. But the display is 3.3 inches with a resolution of 720p and battery at 800 mAh though returns in 2011. The smartphone does not provide a headphone Jack and will ship in gray and gold colors.

Новинка от Palm получит 3,3-дюймовый экран1

Новинка от Palm получит 3,3-дюймовый экран2

Information was received from an anonymous source resource Android Police. It is unclear when the smartphone is announced officially. But we know that Pepito or model PVG100 get Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Palm was founded in 1992 in the United States. The company issued PDAs and smartphones running Palm OS. Among the achievements of the Palm, used in mobile devices to this day, it is possible to mention wireless charging, a menu of multitasking in the form of cards and navigation, built on the swipe. Now the brand belongs to the Chinese TCL.


Users «Yandex.Drive» made 2 million trips for the six months of service

Пользователи «Яндекс.Драйв» совершили 2 млн поездок за полгода работы сервиса

The company «Yandex» announced Commission of a two-million car trips careregular of the service «Yandex.Drive». The mark achieved in less than 6 months of the project — «Drive» has started in Moscow in late February.

Now the service is one of the largest in Moscow with over two thousand cars, although started car sharing with 750 cars Kia Rio, Kia Rio X-Line and Renault Kaptur. Most of them are equipped with the infotainment system «Yandex.Auto» self-development with support for voice input and is optimized for management driving interface.

Car sharing adds to the fleet of premium cars, and also opened a lounge for its customers at the airport «Sheremetyevo». Now don’t even have to refuel rented car — this will take a mobile gas station.

the blog of «Yandex»


Apple claimed 146 million rubles from the Russian customs for duties on the Apple Watch

Apple потребовала 146 млн рублей у российской таможни за пошлины на Apple Watch

The Russian office of the Apple, the organization «eppl Rus», filed a lawsuit against Sheremetyevo customs. The company wants to return previously paid 146.1 million rubles as taxes on smart watch Apple Watch.

Apple has paid customs fees in the amount of 42.9 mln rubles because of the decision of customs about the «technical errors «eppl Rus»» when applying for the import of the Apple Watch. Them and more than 103 million rubles as percent of the company and wants to return.

In 2016, the Russian representation of American Corporation had sued the customs service: the state structure is considered Watch wristwatch, the import duty which is 10%. Apple has been able to prove in the Supreme court that the devices are actually «complicated devices for receiving and transmitting data», of the fee which will be waived.

However, Apple is unlikely to fully return the money paid. According to the representative of the Sheremetyevo customs, requirement for the organization of recovery of interest may not be met because «eppl Rus» independently paid customs payments, and interest may be recovered only in case of enforcement.


When owners Switch Nintendo will have to pay for online?

Когда владельцам Nintendo Switch придётся платить за онлайн?

Nintedo identified the date of occurrence of the paid membership of the online service Nintendo Switch Online, which is the equivalent of subscriptions to PS Plus and Xbox Live.

Nintendo Switch Online will take effect in the second half of September. Subscription offers: multiplayer with other players, download save games in the cloud, exclusive offers and discounts, mobile companion app, a collection of classic games for the NES, some of which support multiplayer.

It should be clarified that the upload backups to cloud storage is not supported by all games. Once subscribed, users Nintendo console Switch no longer free to play online.

Subscription cost:

  • One month — 279 rubles;
  • Three months — 559 rubles;
  • 12 months — 1 399 rubles.



Older people believe Apple is «stupid and chaotic»

Пожилые люди считают рекламу Apple «глупой и хаотичной»

Conducted by UserTesting, the study found that commercials Apple annoy people age group 55 and older.

UserTesting has studied the reaction of 200 people of two age groups: generation Z (18-25 years) and «baby boomers» (55+ years). Among them were iPhone users, and Android smartphones. They demonstrated three real advertising video Apple.

People from the group 55+ is considered the «stupid and chaotic» due to their fast pace. Also, the subjects were worried about the security of contactless payment service Apple Pay and the method of confirming the identity of the Face ID.

I’m worried about identity theft with a new payment function and unlocking the phone a look, is a Woman, 61 years old, Android

The idea that you can pay eye, scares me. There are many variables to consider, a Woman, 54 years old, iOS

UserTesting finds that the opinion of the older generation do not matter much, because Apple is not created to attract users to purchase the device brand, but rather to strengthen the loyalty of the younger iPhone owners.


Spec comparison Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Apple Watch S3

Сравнение спецификаций Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport и Apple Watch S3

During the press conference, Samsung Unpacked 2018 along with the Galaxy Note 9 a number of announcements joined the smart watch Galaxy Watch — the successor to the Galaxy Gear, which closes the model Gear Sport.

Compare the specs with the Galaxy Gear Sport Watch and their rival, the Apple Watch Series 3.

Gear Sport Galaxy Watch Apple Watch Series 3
Diameter 42 mm 42/46 mm 38/42 mm
Display 1,2″, AMOLED, 360×360 pixels 1,2″/1,3″, AMOLED, 360×360 pixels OLED, 272х340 points (38 mm) or 390×312 pixels (42 mm)
Processor 2-core,
1 GHz
2-core to 1.15 GHz 2-core
Memory 768 MB/4 GB 768 MB/4 GB or 1.5 GB/4 GB (LTE version) 8GB ROM
Link 4.2 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC 4.2 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and LTE (optional) 4.2 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and LTE (optional)
The heart rate sensor Yes Yes Yes
Protection case MIL-STD-810G, 5 ATM MIL-STD-810G, 5 ATM WR50
Battery 300 mAh 270 mAh (42 mm) or 472 mAh (46 mm) Not specified, Apple promises 18 hours of battery life

Along with Galaxy Watch debuted the fourth version of the proprietary OS of Samsung smart watch Tizen OS, which now has a voice assistant Bixby. Still unknown, will update Gear and Sport Gear S3.


Galaxy Note 9 has become a cause for further ridicule Apple

Galaxy Note 9 стал причиной новых насмешек над Apple

Samsung continues to make fun of the shortcomings of Apple devices in commercials of their products. The reason for two new videos was Galaxy Note 9.

The theme for the first movie were the capabilities of the new flagship. Samsung indicates that Note 9 in no way inferior to iPhone X. for Example, both devices are able to recognize faces. However, here the Korean company is disingenuous: iPhone X uses an IR projector to generate three-dimensional maps of the face, while Note 9 scans the iris of the eye and detects a face through the front camera.

The second video covers the main features 9 Note — S Pen stylus. More precisely, the lack of counterparts for the iPhone. Branded stylus pen for Apple Pencil only works with the range of iPad Pro.


Tencent is testing mobile PUBG.

Tencent тестирует мобильную PUBG для слабых устройств

Tencent Games released in the Philippine Google Play the light version of multiplayer shooter PUBG Mobile — PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is designed for devices with little RAM. Unlike the regular mobile version, the Lite version of the game includes a small map and less number of players: 2×2 km to 8 x 8 km and 40 vs 100.

Reducing the size of the map and number of players, Tencent Games, we hope to increase game performance. However, the Lite version promises more than fleeting appearances.

Official release date PUBG Mobile Lite remains a mystery.