Volkswagen Beetle in the image of Bumblebee appeared in the catalogue «the»

Volkswagen Beetle в образе Бамблби появился в каталоге «Авто.ру»

Automotive resource «» has announced a rally in honor of the release of the Russian movie «Bumblebee». Users can search the directory for yellow Volkswagen Beetle 1967 — this model starred in the role of Autobot.

If you call the phone number listed in the ad, will answer Optimus Prime and start the quest about six cars-the images of «Bumblebee» which is prepared «» for fans of the series fighters «transformers».

The winners will attend a special screening of the solo film about the yellow Autobot «Bumblebee» on 11 December in the cinema «KARO 11 Oktyabr». There you can see the Beetle in person.

A spin-off of «Bumblebee» comes out in Russian theaters on December 13. The film tells about how a robot becomes familiar in the comics and the cartoons look. The Director of the film was made by Travis knight.


In Russia will start selling the premium Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS

В России стартуют продажи премиального Porsсhe Design Huawei Mate 20 RS

Huawei has scheduled the start of sales of smartphone Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS in Russia on December 17.

The new flagship is equipped with an identical Mate 20 Pro: chipset Kirin 980 with 7 nm process technology and dual neuromodules, 6,39-inch display AMOLED with a resolution of 3120×1440 pixels, a triple main camera with sensors 40+20+8 MP battery 4200 mAh.

There is support for fast wireless charging and facial recognition, a fingerprint scanner hidden under the display.

В России стартуют продажи премиального Porsсhe Design Huawei Mate 20 RS1

A feature of the edition is an exclusive design, developed jointly with Porsche Design. The housing is finished in embossed leather, and glass insert in the middle of the rear panel. Comes with leather folio case.

Configuration with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory in black color will cost 139 990 rubles. The sale will be conducted in the online store Huawei, as well as retailers «M. Video» and «Svyaznoy».


Instagram permits you to share «stories» only with a list of «close friends»

Instagram позволит делиться «историями» только со списком «близких друзей»

In the side menu of the application Instagram will be able to create a list of «close friends». View the list of added friends can only the owner of the account.

When you create a new «story» the user can decide to share it with everyone or only with people from the list. The publication, available to a limited circle of persons can be identified by a green outline profile photos under «History.»

Loading Facebook post…

Function create a list of «close friends» will gradually become available to all users of the application Instagram for iOS and Android.

Previously, Instagram has begun testing a new design for user profile and also launched a feature «Your activity» counts conducted in the service time.


Samsung spoke about the future innovations for smartphones Galaxy

Samsung рассказала о будущих нововведениях для смартфонов Galaxy

Samsung representatives said the users of the official forum, what innovations were added in the phones of Galaxy series and which will be seen in 2019.

Major changes occurred with the interface. Shell Samsung Experience changed to One UI for smartphones with Android 9 Pie.

Some proprietary applications have also been updated. For example, in the «Gallery» had an opportunity to organize your photos into albums and widget Clock app integrated settings of color and transparency.

Other chips of the year:

  • The main events can be seen in the «Calendar» in the view mode to months
  • «Video editor» was supported for file format HEIF
  • The series phones Galaxy A for the front camera, added feature «Self-focus»
  • For Galaxy S9 and Note 9 updated the list of Emoji
  • «Browser» learned how to scroll pages using the S Pen
  • In the original Samsung keyboard included search Emoji

In the first half of 2019 will affect Good Lock application to change the appearance of Samsung smartphones. The program Routines that performs the action on the events, you can set the sound and vibration.

At the end of next year manage your notes with Samsung Notes will be easier in handwriting mode you can zoom in and zoom out. There will be a choice of background color for notes.

The above features will be available for Samsung smartphone with sheath One UI. Some users have already received the second beta of firmware.


In Pokémon GO will soon be a PvP-battle

В Pokémon GO скоро появится режим PvP-битвы

Mobile game with elements of augmented reality Pokémon GO will soon have a PVP mode, whose appearance was announced in the middle of the year.

How it will be implemented in mode «player vs player» is not yet clear, but according to the tweet profile Pokémon GO, you can notice that players will battle on the field, not in the arena.

Release date mode is not named, but Niantic promise of his appearance «very soon».

In October, Pokémon GO for Android received support from ARCore technology which renders realistic virtual characters in the game. To activate the AR+ ‘ll need a compatible platform smartphone.


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery became available for the Nintendo Switch

Pixel art-art has finally come to the most unusual console of today. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery appeared in the Nintendo eShop.

The project allows players to immerse themselves in the mysterious pixel world full of mystery and adventure. Where the main characters have to solve some musical puzzles.

The Foundation of peace is sound, and under the control of the character is the sword and magic. And to listen to what is happening around is strictly necessary.

The gameplay is at times reminiscent of the work of art. Some events are tied to real lunar calendar, so just because you don’t find them.

As for optimization under Nintendo Switch, then players offer several types of control. You can play using the touch screen, or to use proprietary controllers.

The cost of the project in the Nintendo eShop is 615 rubles. If you don’t have the console the game is available on PC, Android and iOS.


The results of the mini-games Chrome Dino is now synchronized

Результаты мини-игры Chrome Dino теперь синхронизируются

In Google Chrome version 72 appeared sync results mini-games Dino Chrome between devices.

A game about running through the pixel desert dinosaur appeared in 2014 on the service page of the browser on the absence of a network connection. Later it became available and while connected to the address chrome://dino.

Результаты мини-игры Chrome Dino теперь синхронизируются1

Previously achieved records in Dino destroyed after reloading the page, but in Chrome Canary 72 they are saved and synced between desktop browser and Android app.

The main branch of the browser will get a sync achievements after updating to version 72 at the end of January.


Google may shut down messenger Hangouts by 2020

Google может закрыть мессенджер Hangouts к 2020 году

Portal 9to5Google with reference to anonymous sources told that the messaging service Hangouts, which, in April, is five years old, may be closed to users in 2020.

Despite the closure of the service, the Hangouts brand will continue to exist within enterprise applications G Suite.

In the spring of 2017, Google has removed support for SMS/MMS messages in Hangouts, and in April of this stopped the development of the messenger Allo.

The company has deployed all its resources to maintain other SMS apps — «Android» Message. Recently it has the function of «Chat», advanced search interface and updated.


Battlefield V PC offer to take for free for a week

Battlefield V на PC предлагают забрать бесплатно на неделю

The company Electronic Arts invited all gamers to obtain free of charge a new military shooter Battlefield V on PC for a week.

Users on the PC offered free of charge to access the full version of Battlefield V using the gaming service Origin in Access Basic. In order to obtain a free 7 day subscription to the service, you will need to send a message to EA Help account on Twitter with the hashtag #TRYBFV.

EA Help said that the offer is valid during the day, so you need to have time to apply 1 Dec to 17:00 GMT. A paid subscription to the service Origin Access Basic will have to cancel after the expiration of the trial period.

EA Help


Huawei confirmed the development of their own OS to replace Android

Huawei подтвердила разработку собственной ОС на замену Android

Vice President of Huawei Bruce Lee confirmed the company’s commitment to abandon Android in favor of Kirin OS.

Now alternative operating system Chinese manufacturer is under an «average development».

As noted by Lee, the company aims to create its own ecosystem, so such a project is absolutely vital. It is expected that Huawei will demonstrate Kirin OS in early 2019.

The platform is developed on the basis of the Linux kernel, and the project received its name in honor of the eponymous processors Kirin. In September, Huawei presented the world’s first commercial processor, made on 7-nanometer technology, Kirin 980.

The company also prepares 5G-smartphone with curved display. The novelty will show during the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019, which will be held in February next year.