Specifications Meizu 15, 15 and 15 Plus Lite

Характеристики Meizu 15, 15 Plus и 15 Lite

On March 21, the company Meizu will present a new srednebyudzhetnykh E3, and in April we expect the new flagship to the 15th anniversary of the company with a symbolic name Meizu 15. This week, the device has passed certification in China, revealing modifications and features.

Certificate received three models — M891, M881, and M712. The first two received support fast charging 24W and new charger UP1220S. Presumably, M891 and M881 is the Meizu 15 and 15 Plus and M712, with support for charging 18W, Meizu 15 Lite.

Характеристики Meizu 15, 15 Plus и 15 Lite1

The company will refuse processors MediaTek, Meizu 15 will get Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, 15 Plus — Exynos 8895 installed in Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+, and 15 Lite — Snapdragon 636. RAM 4 to 6 GB built-in 32 to 128 GB, Android OS 7.1.1 with sheath Flyme 6. The fingerprint scanner will be placed on the side faces, as in the Meizu M6s.

All devices will be equipped with AMOLED-screens with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Meizu have 15 and 15 Lite is a 5.5-inch display, Plus 15 — 6-inch.

According to rumors, the device will finally get NFC for contactless payment.

The announcement of the devices is scheduled for April.

Характеристики Meizu 15, 15 Plus и 15 Lite2

UPD: NFC, if you believe the screenshot Android.com canceled.


Bose invests $ 50 million in support of its AR-platform

Bose инвеcтирует 50 миллионов долларов в поддержку своей AR-платформы

Audio equipment manufacturer Bose has announced its own platform augmented reality AR Bose, which will focus on the perception of sounds.

For its platform, the company has developed a set of components that can be integrated into headphones, goggles, helmet and other items without compromising ease of use.

Bose AR does not require to be integrated into a wearable device sensors and the camera. All the necessary data takes the platform from mobile devices, which will be released a special application. As entry methods are used head gestures, voice commands and touch-wearable devices.

Bose инвеcтирует 50 миллионов долларов в поддержку своей AR-платформы1

Bose инвеcтирует 50 миллионов долларов в поддержку своей AR-платформы2

Device Bose AR provide useful information explore by touch. For example, a weather forecast while lifting head up.

The first device with Bose AR became the prototype of the smart glasses, an updated version of which, together Bose AR SDK will arrive in the hands of developers and producers of this summer. The company has prepared a Fund of $ 50 million for investment in startups, technologies and services developed for Bose AR.



MIX Mi 2s will be the first Xiaomi smartphone with wireless charging

Mi MIX 2s станет первым смартфоном Xiaomi с беспроводной зарядкой

Less than a month remains before the announcement of the new smartphone Xiaomi. We are waiting for the updated Mi MIX 2. Gradually, the rumors reveal details about the new product, and the company tigerit some of the features.

Another poster hints at wireless charging. «Wait!», — say fans of the Chinese brand, which until now has not released any devices that support wireless charging technology (like Meizu).

Mi MIX 2s станет первым смартфоном Xiaomi с беспроводной зарядкой1

Among the shortcomings of MIX 2 was an average camera, updated model should have a dual main camera with optical stabilization and a two-time approximation. This is also the company said in the teaser.

Mi MIX 2s станет первым смартфоном Xiaomi с беспроводной зарядкой2

The display will remain at the same level of 5.99 inch, processor upgraded from Snapdragon 835 to 845, RAM promise up to 8GB, continuous up to 256 GB, the battery is 3400 mAh.

The question remains to the location of the front camera. Mi in MIX 2 it is located at the bottom, because of what the smartphone should be turned upside down — not easy. According to the latest leaks, the camera can move up, but will be located off-center, as in the Essential Phone and X iPhone, and in the upper right corner.

We’ll all March 27, on the date of the scheduled formal presentation. Perhaps up to this point Xiaomi will release more than one teaser and reveal more details.


Apple patents protecting the keyboard from crumbs

Apple запатентовала защиту клавиатуры от крошек

In the network appeared the patent filed by Apple in the patent and trademark office. It describes the mechanisms for the protection of the keyboard against ingress of contaminants.

Apple запатентовала защиту клавиатуры от крошек1

Apple запатентовала защиту клавиатуры от крошек2

Apple запатентовала защиту клавиатуры от крошек3

The company demonstrates many variations of protection that implement the two concepts:

  • Sealing the gaps around the keys;
  • Put the key under the membrane, which will blow out the dirt after each press.

The patent was filed on 8 September 2016, and the problems with debris in the keyboard, started the company in 2015, when they presented the 12-inch MacBook with a new mechanism of the keyboard «butterfly». Due to the small stroke of the keys, any baby can bring the keyboard down.


OxygenOS Open Beta 6 brought Android 8.1 on OnePlus 5

OxygenOS Open Beta 6 принесла Android 8.1 на OnePlus 5

Company OnePlus has seeded the sixth build of the open beta OxygenOS for OnePlus 5. A key innovation was the update of the Android version up to 8.1.

Other changes:

  • Added a new gesture that allows you to answer incoming calls when you raise the smartphone.
  • Added several styles of watches for the function of Ambient Display.
  • Optimized gaming mode, which includes energy conservation and suspension of the operation of adaptive brightness.
  • Proprietary tool to migrate data between devices OnePlus Switch learned to copy application data.
  • The updated security patch.
  • Errors fixed.

Users participating in testing, get the update «over the air». Others will need to do a manual installation of test Assembly, stable performance which is no guarantee.



Assistant Google will have specific functions for different devices

Ассистент Google получит специфические функции для различных устройств

Google announced the expansion of capabilities of Actions on Google for your digital assistant. Now developers will be able to create teams specific to their products. For example, a special mode of operation of the smart washing machine.

The technology is called Custom Device Actions already available to developers. However, Actions on Google got access to your notifications and media playback. This means two things:

  • The user can subscribe to daily e-mails regarding any product or service, working with the Assistant Google;
  • The user can listen to news, podcasts, relaxing sounds and the like via the Assistant to Google, while you control playback through voice commands.

While the digital assistant does not speak Russian language, but soon learned.



Panasonic will introduce in restaurants, the augmented reality system Kronosys

During the festival SXSW 2018 Panasonic has introduced the system Kronosys to optimize staff and training new staff in restaurants.

Kronosys works in conjunction with smart with the augmented reality glasses that display the field of view of the employee tips on cooking and commit a variety of actions. For example, the opening or closing of the institution.

Panasonic внедрит в рестораны систему дополненной реальности Kronosys0

Smart glasses support multiple languages, and voice control. With their help, the restaurant staff can communicate with each other.

In addition, Panasonic promises to introduce into the device a facial recognition and integrating points in the POS system, performing cash functions.

Release date Kronosys and the price points were not disclosed.



Six functions that we are waiting for the Galaxy Note 9

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 9

In February, the release of one of the most anticipated flagships, Samsung — Galaxy S9. And if last year it made a splash frameless design, this time was a minor update and correction of mistakes.

What’s next? Traditionally, we’re even more expensive Galaxy Note 9, but will it be amazing or just S9 with a stylus? Here are six features that would help the next Note to be better.

1. The fingerprint scanner in the screen

Rumors about this technology went even before the announcement of the Note 8, but still working sample we have received.

Chinese Vivo ahead of everyone, presenting the first smartphone with the scanner in the display, but it is almost impossible to buy. And then APEX is the edge-to-edge smartphone in the world at the moment. Apple generally refused from this idea, replacing the fingerprint system, facial recognition Face ID.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 91

If Samsung will manage to implement the reading finger across the display — this will free up space near the camera, and will start mass production of this technology.

2. The reference face scanner

But we must not forget about the face scanner. Now this technology is better and more reliable all implemented in the iPhone X. the First time we saw a similar Samsung, had many bugs and flaws, one of which is cheating with a photograph. In S9 promise a perfect job, even at night.

However, the unlocking is implemented solely using the front-facing camera and software. Agree, when I use a similar system of protection, I want to be sure of its reliability at 100%.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 92

System iPhone X projects to 30 thousand points on the face, memorizing a 3D model. It is worth saying that technology from Apple is also far from ideal. Face ID confuses the twins and does not recognize the face, if wearing sunglasses, and the speed has room to grow.

Technology Snapdragon 845 allows to memorize up to 50 thousand points. It remains only to add sensors and technology to implement the signature chips.

3. Variable aperture for the front camera

Samsung first in the world showed a variable aperture in the main chamber Galaxy S9. Great, but only the first step.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 93

If Samsung is already a step ahead in technology when the camera was triggered, it was a good idea to transfer this success and on the front selfie camera to make great pictures in the dark.

4. The second front facing camera for portrait shots

Let Google and proved that a single camera for portraits with blur, but so far this no one has, and the tools for processing portrait shots better than anyone on the iOS platform.

So either you have to copy the competitors, or to go on a nakatanny way to add a front camera. This is not new, there are, for example, Huawei. To hell with the flash front, it’s like no one uses it, but to make your own beautiful portrait — really pleasant and helpful.

5. Reassign the call button Bixby

Fashion to your own voice (or not) assistants often brings more inconvenience than benefits. It happened with private key for signature of the assistant Bixby, of which we saw with the announcement of the Galaxy S8.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 94

If you have an extra button on the smartphone, then why not give the option to reassign it to what you want. I would have gladly replaced it for quick access to camera — this button was back in the Nokia 920 — the convenience can’t tell you.

Rumors about reassigning keys go from the beginning of the development of the Samsung Experience 9.0, but no action yet we have not seen.

6. Bring to mind selfimage

New feature Galaxy S9 with the creation of your avatar and stickers based on it little motivation to purchase the flagship for 70 thousand rubles. Even less motivating is the fact that this mechanism works, to put it mildly, not very. Often guesses with the tone of the skin and the outline of the face. Facial expressions are absolutely crooked and slanting, working bad.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 95

iPhone X let and does not know this, but it is Animagi read every contour of the face, many thanks to the sensors.

It’s just six ideas, and what you are missing in the Galaxy S9? Share in the comments.


Apple TV 4K in the near future — the perfect family

Apple TV 4К в недалеком будущем — идеальное семейное устройство

For several months I can’t persuade yourself and decide to be a 4K Apple TV in my life or not to be. I’m sure even Shakespeare would not easily have given this answer. And it’s not just about money, the more spread you will have a very huge amount (10-11 thousand rubles), but will he be able to meet the expectations and become an indispensable gadget household.

World on a string

Since the presentation and release of the fifth-generation Apple TV —technically improved fourth working with 4K it’s only been some 4 months, but the network has already managed to infiltrate the latest gossip about the fate of the device in the future.

It just so happened that a lot of guesses and assumptions about the development of Apple gadgets are derived from information on registered patents, published on the website Patently Apple.

This time happened the same story. Namely, it was the extension number 87801324, which increases the functionality of the console.

Of the details became known that Apple TV is in the grades class 028, which includes categories: «game console», «consoles controllers», «gaming device with video output to TV screen». And let it is unknown why Apple has made this patent addition, we can assume that the set-top box will be partly a console for games.

This thought has prompted the recent shift in the company Norman Wang and James Quick. Wang once worked out of the headquarters of Sony PSP and PS3. Moreover, he was also seen in LucasArts and EA during the development of the sports gaming products. Quick, in turn, has worked at Electronic Arts for over 5 years.

Perhaps Apple has decided to start active development of gaming applications for their own consoles to settle for not only available to third party toys from other publishers. Exclusive content in the field of video games one of the main engines — buy PS4 consoles, not because they are cool (although it is), but because of the huge amount of unique games. Microsoft and Nintendo, of course, there is.

You are quite right to be indignant, saying Apple TV is a games console, and games a plenty, especially because you can perfectly control the ergonomic remote like a Wii U Remote Controller. I do not argue. But let’s not forget — all the currently available games were not developed specifically for this console, and under the entire mobile ecosystem in principle, and exclusive content for Apple TV, respectively, are not. Make the team cook their own, yet, of a secret venture, and the buyers will have a strong incentive to purchase the console. Again, exclusives are always held in high esteem.

Apple TV 4К в недалеком будущем — идеальное семейное устройство1

So why the Apple TV will become the perfect family gadget?

To begin with. Buying a console, you reward yourself by viewing the content of the box to taste you, without the hype from a prostatitis and denture cream, in the highest quality. I think not me alone all this Pershina, politics and idiotic soap operas sitting in the throat. After tense working days I want to head just to plunge into the ocean of positive emotions from watching a good film. And with a decent 4K TV will make it a piece of cake — top box supports Dolby Vision, though the movies do not go! Promise and soon Dolby Atmos that it would be just a masterpiece — with the surround sound in the presence of charged sound system guaranteed total immersion.

On the other hand, many very useful already proven and loved the system output content on the screen of your TV using AirPlay. It is definitely one of the indispensable on all occasions. Wanted on a family holiday, for example, a little nostalgia and cry with the family for a viewing of old photos or a family video archives. Or, say, going out with friends — everyone will be able to bring the tracks of your favorite face or Krovostok on TV. Each gamer will also be able to boast in front of everyone, in a way, its a useless skill and boosted levels in the mobile toys, which he, of course, very proud of.

Especially important will be the purchase of an Apple TV if you have children. First, you can put your rug rats those movies and cartoons, to which they have grown since the last time the idiot just poured a ton uncontrolled uncensorable stuff. And yet the child is not in control of all this powerful information flow — the task will remain in your hands. In the end, if you do not want to buy or download those or other products, you can always run «Masha and the Bear» in the native YouTube app or any other Apple device on the same AirPlay.

But the console does not yet support YouTube in 4K, as the latter switched to a new standard VP9, which cupertinos rejected. Though, the problem is not called — 4K content on Youtube is not so much.

Apple TV 4К в недалеком будущем — идеальное семейное устройство2

Second, attilas to the above news, Apple TV will become the child’s first experience of acquaintance with the universe of games and consoles. Not on your tablet, smartphone and computer in close proximity to harmful blue light, and at a decent distance from the TV without hurting my eyes at the same time offering interesting unique content for the right age.

To ride, clear the stump, not only children but also their parents. It would be good games more. Someone of course might resent, they say, the power of the consoles is not enough, but experience Switch and Wii U confirms that high-quality day comes God forbid both. If only it was fresh, unique and quality made.


At a price of 10 thousand rubles for «Yandex.Market» or 13.5 thousand on the official website of the prefix gives a wide range of options. After carefully considering all pros and cons, I, for myself, I came to the conclusion that without it I can not do. But if you can’t decide to buy because of the lack of 4K TV, don’t worry — the excellent picture, sound and features you get on the HD and Full HD TVs.

The only thing I would strongly recommend to do is to buy Apple TV of past generations — not far off the era when 4K will go into the category of mass consumption and will stand almost in every home. And therefore, will be content. Will have to change the prefix. Because, as you know — the avaricious pays twice.


Mu One — powerful international charging

Mu One — мощная международная зарядка

On kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter is a fundraiser for portable charger Mu One with a removable «plug». Until the end of the campaign only two weeks, and the project has already collected over 152 thousand dollars in demand 28 thousand.

Mu One — мощная международная зарядка1

The startup offers small charger with a thickness of 14 mm and a maximum output of 45 watts, which is enough to charge laptops. The voltage varies from 5 to 20 V, and maximum current is 3 A. the output parameters are selected automatically for each connected device.

Supplied with One Mu includes three interchangeable heads: UK, EU and us. The latter can be rotated 90 degrees.

For charging external devices Mu uses One Type-C. About the required cables with a Type-C microUSB or with Type-C to Lightning users need to worry yourself.

Mu One — мощная международная зарядка2

Mu One will cost buyers $ 62 (~3 500 rubles), and for an additional fee of $ 20 (~1 100) in a kit with charger will put the cable in a fabric braid with a Type-C on both ends.