Lenovo will release a smartphone Motorola RAZR with a folding display

Lenovo выпустит смартфон Motorola RAZR со складным дисплеем

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, reported that Lenovo owns the brand Motorola, in conjunction with the American telecommunications company Verizon Communications will release a new model line RAZR.

A smartphone with a folding display and a flap at the moment of testing. The manufacturer plans to produce only 200 thousand copies.

The price of the new RAZR will be $ 1,500 (~99 460 rubles). In the US, the device may appear already in February of this year, although the characteristics and the exact date of the launch yet to be named.

The RAZR line is one of the most successful projects of Motorola. During the plastic of mobile phones, the company stood out by presenting a metal cot, and in 2011 the brand has released a smartphone with a Kevlar coating.


Merged build Q Android: dark theme and desktop mode

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим

Resource XDA Developers managed to get on the Google Pixel 3 XL to upgrade to the next major version of Android with index Q. Thanks to this become aware of some features that will appear in the official release of the system.

Dark theme

Dark theme appeared in the Android Pie, but it affects only the volume control, launcher, and quick settings. Android Q is expected to change more advanced design. When you activate Dark Mode in the display settings in dark mode switches the system configuration, the launcher and its options, the app «Files». The quick settings panel, change the volume and notifications will be painted in a true black color.

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим1

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим2

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим3

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим4

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим5

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим6

According to information found in the system Chromium Gerrit, a third-party application like Google Chrome will also interact with the system theme, switching execution of the program.

Option override force-dark in developer options activate dark mode in other apps: XDA tested the function to «Messages», Email and «Phone».

Redesign of app permissions

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим7

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим8

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим9

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим10

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим11

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим12

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим13

There is a new interface for issuing permits for applications, option for granting access to a specific feature (camera, location etc) only while using the app, as well as statistics on the use of the program for each of the permissions.

Changed the design of application information, including the opportunity to run the program from the settings.

Desktop mode

XDA found in developer options force flag desktop mode with the following description: «use the experimental desktop mode with additional displays». Similar to the Samsung DeX or EMUI Easy Projection, but to test the function failed.

Special features

In the menu «Special features» two new features: Time to take action, which apparently adjusts the time display of informational messages with a choice and Time to read, responsible for how many seconds will hide the incoming heads-up notification.


Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим14

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим15

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим16

Слитая сборка Android Q: тёмная тема и десктопный режим17

  • New option sensors off in the quick settings. Now it turns off all radios and triggers the «flight mode», but in the future, probably added to the suspension of the accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors.
  • Built-in application «Files» learned to filter by file type: images, documents, audio, etc.
  • Two new settings for the lock screen: one of them allows a trusted device to keep the smartphone unlocked, and the other locks the device as soon as made to Smart Lock as a trusted device is deleted from the allowed list.

XDA Developers


In a network there was video review of the Google Pixel 3 Lite

В сети появился видеообзор Google Pixel 3 Lite

YouTube channel of Andro News published a review is presented of the Google Pixel 3 Lite.

The rear portion of the budget device is made of plastic, there is a headphone Jack on top, and also fake stereo speakers on the bottom: actually, the speaker is the only one there.

According to the author of the video, the quality of the photos on Pixel 3 Lite allows to compare them with the older Pixel 3 and 3 XL, and the small capacity of the battery gives an impressive autonomy.

The following specifications budget Pixel:

  • Display: 5,56″, 2160×1080, IPS
  • Processor: OCTA core Snapdragon 670, 2.0 GHz, Adreno 615
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of permanent
  • Camera: 12.2 MP, f/1,8 (primary), 8 MP (front)
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Battery: 2915 mAh

We have exclusive published photos and detailed specifications, Google Pixel 3 Lite, code-named Sargo.

In addition to the Pixel 3 Lite is expected and the older model «lightweight leader». She will receive a 6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9.


Corporate messaging app Slack has updated the logo

Корпоративный мессенджер Slack обновил логотип

Popular corporate messaging app Slack has updated its logo and has no plans to stop there. This is only the first step in updating the interface of the program.

Previously, the brand logo was like a hash (#), now it’s a more complex figure. The reasons for the change, the company said in a blog post.

…the reason for the change of logo is that it does not perform the work you want to do, because more simple, more distinctive evolution could do this job better.

Корпоративный мессенджер Slack обновил логотип1
Logo before and after

The original logo was created before the start of the messenger. According to the company, it was awkward to combine with other colors due to the large diversity of colors. Now everything must change.

Soon the company will update the logo in the web version, the is and do changes in the interface design.


Pavel Durov has summed up the results of 2018 and told about the plans for 2019

Павел Дуров подвёл итоги 2018 и рассказал о планах на 2019 год

The Creator of the messenger Telegram, Pavel Durov, the first time since October 2018 published a post in its channel. In it, he noted the work in the past year and hinted at plans in the current 2019-th.

2018 was a great year for Telegram, but 2019 will be the most important in the history of our company.
In 2018, more and more people have discovered the Telegram and switched to the IT services-monopolies, selling ads.
The result of the Telegram was one of the few applications to exchange messages that have received significant growth throughout the world.
Building on the success of last year, this year we are going to introduce many long-awaited product changes that you requested.
2019 will be a time when the wishes of our users will become a reality.

Earlier in the network appeared the information that Pavel Durov eliminate the company Telegram Messenger LLP registered in the UK. This does not mean that messenger is closed, and talks about the restructuring of the company.


The concept of the Apple iMac (2019) — a large iPad Pro keyboard with Touch Bar

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar

Author YouTube channel ZONEofTECH published a video concept desktop iMac 2019 release. According to the blogger, the company is inspired by the design of past devices, presenting something similar in appearance to the iPad Pro.

The footage of the iMac concept is depicted with thin frames around the display. According to the author, this will not only improve appearance, but will increase the screen diagonal: 21.5-inch version to 24 inch, 27 inch and 30 (figures are approximate).

On the rear surface will be located a connector to mini-jack, memory cards, Ethernet, and four USB-C.

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar1

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar2

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar3

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar4

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar5

Change can be branded keyboard — it will add a Touch Bar available only on MacBook Pro.

Концепт Apple iMac (2019) — большой iPad Pro и клавиатура с Touch Bar6

Inside is expected to 9-nanometer Intel CPU, integrated graphics Intel Gen11, submitted in December, and discrete AMD Radeon VII or Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080.

The last time a major update of the iMac occurred in 2017. There are two diagonals (21,5 and 27-inch) resolution from FullHD to 5K. As the processor uses Intel Core i5, RAM up to 8 GB ROM, up to 2 TB, graphics card from AMD and Intel. The maximum version in the Russian Apple Store will cost 193 210 rubles.


The attackers got the data of 22 million passwords

Злоумышленники получили данные 22 млн паролей

In the hands of the attackers were file volume 87 GB that contains 772 million e-mail addresses and 22 million unique passwords. This was told regional Director of Microsoft Australia’s Troy hunt.

First dump of the user data published in the cloud service MEGA. Of these, 140 million and 10 million Email passwords had not got into the leaks. Collection of information contains data from two thousand databases, which were collected in 2008.

Злоумышленники получили данные 22 млн паролей1

To check your Email on the site haveibeenpwned that will search the addresses in the merged databases and show the source of the leak. If email is compromised, you should change the password to something more complex.

Troy Hunt


I’d forget the passengers in «Yandex.Taxi» is on Christmas vacation

Что забывали пассажиры в «Яндекс.Такси» на новогодних каникулах

The Service «Yandex.Taxi» shared the statistics of the forgotten customers of things on Christmas vacation. Most often drivers have to return the phones, backpacks, umbrellas or winter accessories, but during the holidays the list is changing.

For example, in machines of «Yandex» from mid-December to the end of the January holiday forgotten:

  • 62 a new year gift
  • 28 sled
  • 18 Christmas trees
  • 11 pairs of skates
  • 10 bottles of wine
  • 4 fireworks
  • 1 plush pig
  • 1 Bank of red caviar

«Yandex.Taxi» reminds us that the lost thing can be returned by calling the driver (his number shows in the history of travel) or by contacting the customer support service.

Что забывали пассажиры в «Яндекс.Такси» на новогодних каникулах1

Что забывали пассажиры в «Яндекс.Такси» на новогодних каникулах2

Что забывали пассажиры в «Яндекс.Такси» на новогодних каникулах3

The taxi service has also launched a new centre for drivers in Moscow. There is a Parking for 40 cars, and inside the café, leisure area, rooms for lectures, as well as experts that will help drivers questions. Address — the Garden passage, 10с6.

This year «Yandex.Taxi» plans to open similar centers in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and other Russian cities.


Digitimes: in the spring Apple will release the new iPad including iPad mini 5

Digitimes: весной Apple выпустит новые iPad, включая iPad mini 5

According to a fresh report, the publication Digitimes, Apple is planning to refresh the iPad lineup, releasing a new generation model and also introduce a novelty in the family of iPad mini, which has not been updated in 2015.

No specific changes, the publication does not mention, but you can expect at least updated the processors A-series and support Apple Pencil the iPad mini.

In addition, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for accurate insider, predicted a decrease of the part of the base model, so the diagonal of the device will increase to 10-10. 5 inches.

This is not the first mention about the new generation iPad mini: earlier edition of China Times was sharing the rumors about the imminent resurrection of the line compact tablets, were also observed in the network and a prototype of the new tablet.

The announcement of the newest iPad is expected in the spring, probably along with the announcement of the long awaited wireless charging AirPower. At the moment the official price of iPad current generation is 25 414 rubles.



Scanner Samsung Galaxy S10 will not allow the use of the protective film

Сканер Samsung Galaxy S10 не позволит использовать защитные плёнки

Manufacturer of accessories for smartphones Armadillotek tested range of Samsung Galaxy S10 and shared is not very good news. It turned out that the fingerprint scanner of the future flagship is not working, if the display is glued to the film.

Hidden under the screen fingerprint sensor uses ultrasound technology. This decision was intended to expedite the unlocking of your smartphone.

However, the manufacturer claims that the technology does not work with protective films and glass.

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will happen on 20 February, during the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 in San Francisco and London. According to insider information, the standard version is equipped with a triple main camera, the display with the cutout for the front camera and cover One UI on the Android Pie out of the box.