Spotify have supported Epic Games, in a dispute with Apple

Spotify поддержал Epic Games в споре с Apple

Music streaming service Spotify has supported Epic Games in a legal dispute with Apple. This happened after the company filed a lawsuit in California state court against the Corporation from Cupertino due to the removal of the game Fortnite in the App Store.

Have Spotify also has a number of claims against Apple. Earlier, the Swedish company filed its own lawsuit against Apple for monopolizing the market of iOS apps.

We welcome the decision of Epic Games to speak out against Apple and shed more light on Apple’s abuse of its dominant position, is the representative of Spotify.

In Spotify added that unfair practice Apple too long put at a disadvantage of competitors and consumers. We are talking about a Commission and the price of apps in the App Store.

13 Aug Epic Games has announced plans to bypass the App Store Commission of 30% through the introduction of a system of direct payments. Then Apple removed Fortnite from their store citing violation of App Store policy.

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Photoshop will be able to recognize the authenticity of the images

Photoshop сможет распознавать подлинность изображений

Adobe announced that at the end of the year will release a preliminary version of Photoshop, which will include technology that determines the authenticity of the images and other content.

The company noted that Photoshop will add tags to images created by users. Special labels will be able to tell about the origin of the image — for example, who planned it initially, and also when and where the photo was taken. These data will be signed using cryptography to ensure their authenticity.

It is expected that this initiative will help social networks more effectively to identify fake pictures. In addition to Photoshop, the technology will appear in social networks for creative professionals Behance.

In 2019 Adobe and researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have created an algorithm based on machine learning for image recognition made by means of function Face Away Liquify — it allows you to change the facial features of the person in the photo.

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Total sale in the Microsoft store discounts up to 75%

Тотальная распродажа игр в магазине Microsoft Store со скидками до 75%

Microsoft has launched its store sale — discounts on games for the PC and Xbox reach 75%. Many well-known hits can be bought at a fairly attractive price.

Some interesting suggestions from the Microsoft Store:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — Digital standard edition —2845 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — 2400 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey — DELUXE EDITION — 1750 rubles (instead of 5800 rubles)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved — 730 rubles (instead of $ 3600)
  • DARK SOULS III, 1100 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • DARK SOULS: REMASTERED — 1750 rubles (instead of 2900 rubles)
  • STAR WARS Jedi: the Fallen Order — 2185 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • RESIDENT EVIL 3 — 2600 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • Mortal Kombat 11— 1820 rubles (instead of $ 3600)
  • Far Cry 5 — 870 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • The Witcher 3: wild Hunt — 1170 rubles (instead of 2900 rubles)
  • Borderlands 3 — 2190 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition — 1170 rubles (instead of 2900 rubles)
  • Hunt: Showdown — 1750 rubles (instead of 2900 rubles)
  • Watch Dogs 2 — Gold Edition — 1460 rubles (instead of 7300 rubles)
  • Call of Cthulhu — 1020 rubles (instead of 2900 rubles)
  • Arkane Anniversary Collection — 2190 rubles (instead of 7300 rubles)
  • BioShock: The Collection — 1280 rubles (instead of $ 3600)
  • The Outer Worlds — 2600 rubles (instead of 4400 rubles)
  • HITMAN 2 — 1300 roubles (instead of 4400 rubles)

Even more interesting can be found on the clearance page in the store. The campaign will end on August 24. For those who play on the PlayStation, there are many interesting as part of the sale in the PS Store — for example, Final Fantasy VII remake give 2639 rubles.

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realme C12: 6000 mAh and «gaming» chipset

realme C12: 6000 мАч и «геймерский» чипсет

Brand realme presented for Indonesia market cheap smartphone C12. This is another representative of the available C-series, this time with a battery capacity of 6000 mAh.

Specifications realme C12:

  • Dimensions: 164,5×75,9×9.8 mm, 209 g
  • Display: 6,5″, 1600×720, LCD, Gorilla Glass
  • Processor: 8-core MediaTek Helio G35, 2.3 GHz, PowerVR GE8320
  • Memory: 3 GB of RAM LPDDR4, 32 GB constant, microSD slot
  • Camera: 13 MP, f/2,2 (rear) + 2 MP, f/2.4 (monochrome) + 2 MP, f/2.4 (macro) + 5 MP, f/2.0 (front)
  • Battery: 6000 mAh
  • OS: Android 10, realme UI
  • Connection: MicroUSB, wifi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, LTE, Dual SIM, headphone Jack
  • Colors: Coral Red, Marine Blue

realme C12: 6000 мАч и «геймерский» чипсет1

realme C12: 6000 мАч и «геймерский» чипсет2

realme C12: 6000 мАч и «геймерский» чипсет3

The manufacturer selects the battery as the main chip of the device. A smartphone can function as powerbank due to the presence of reversible charging and Super Power Saving mode will provide «up to 2.9 days» in standby mode on a 5% charge.

The main camera has a Super NightScape mode and can record video in FullHD. Microsensor allows you to take pictures at a distance of 4 cm from the object. Installed chipset MediaTek Helio G35 manufacturer calls «gaming».

realme checked out the C12 for reliability: the power button has withstood 200 000 clicks, and the smartphone is dropped from a height of 10 cm 56 000 times.

In Indonesia realme C12 is estimated at 1 749 000 rupees (~8600 rubles). Sales will begin on August 18.

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Became known the first results of the tests Starlink satellite Internet from SpaceX

Стали известны первые результаты тестов спутникового интернета Starlink от SpaceX

At the forum Reddit posted the first test results Starlink satellite Internet from the company SpaceX Elon musk. At the moment the system is at the stage of beta testing, and a full launch is scheduled for late 2020.

According to the published data, the download speed ranged from 35.5 to 60.2 Mbps, upload speed data from 4.6 to 17.7 Mbps. Average latency according to test results was of the order of 30-40 MS, in some cases reaching 90 MS.

Стали известны первые результаты тестов спутникового интернета Starlink от SpaceX1

SpaceX said that after the full launch of the system, it will provide a download speed data up to 1 GB/s with latency less than 35 MS. The cost of access to satellite Internet is not yet named, but according to experts, it should be around $ 100 per month for U.S. residents and Canada.

The Starlink system now has 600 devices — gradually this number will increase.

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Telegram — 7 years! In the festive update came video

Telegram — 7 лет! В праздничном обновлении появились видеозвонки

Telegram released an update apps for iOS, Android and macOS version 7.0. It is dedicated to the celebration of seven years of messenger: 14 August 2013 published the first version on iOS.

The main innovation in Telegram 7.0 video calls. Icon to call the source is located next to the button to initiate audioregular, in user profiles. The interface allows switching between cameras smartphone, mute, or images.

The user can switch between voice call and video call during the conversation and to write in the chat without ending a call — the call can be rolled into a floating window.

Telegram — 7 лет! В праздничном обновлении появились видеозвонки1

Download Telegram 7.0 on different platforms at the following links: App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store. New version is now available only on Android — on iOS the app is still in moderation. However, users can enable video call in the Telegram on iOS — how to do it, we said in our material.

Telegram — 7 лет! В праздничном обновлении появились видеозвонки2

On the occasion of birthday, in a Telegram also came a set of animated emojis.

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Saga Total War: Troy is free to take during the day in the Epic Games Store

Total War Saga: Troy можно бесплатно забрать в течение суток в Epic Games Store

The release strategy of Total War Saga: Troy and during the day the game can be picked up free in the store Epic Games Store. Giveaway will end August 14 at 16:00 GMT.

The inspiration for the game was the Iliad of Homer — romantic and bloody poem. The basis of A Total War Saga: TROY lay down the key events of the Trojan war, which show the conflict from a new angle, and the developers of the Total War Saga: Troy.

In addition to the Total War Saga: Troy, players can get action role-playing third-person Remnant: From the Ashes, and the adventure of The Alto Collection — download games in for the week.

A week gamers will be able to put a fighter God’s Trigger and Enter the Gungeon is an adventure in dungeon of the genre of «bullet hell».

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First look at the OnePlus OxygenOS 11: was worse?

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?

August 11, OnePlus has released the first build of the original shell OxygenOS 11 for developers. Now the add-on based on Android 11, but it is not the only innovation: the company has significantly worked on the exterior of the system.

OnePlus a respect for to the software: developers invested in the extension of the functionality of Android, with almost no touching of her style. So we wound up even with the OnePlus One, where shell was selected by popular third-party firmware CyanogenMod, now known as LineageOS.

But OxygenOS 11 everything else: in the list of changes OnePlus honestly indicates «new visual design» to mention a redesigned layout elements for convenient control with one hand. Well, compare test 11 OxygenOS on the OnePlus 8 Pro with 10, OxygenOS on the OnePlus 7.

To desktop contact makes no sense, everything is unchanged. Same icons, same captions, the same list of all the apps sorted alphabetically and vertically scrollable. Look at the curtain quick settings: in a collapsed state displays the slider to adjust the brightness, although earlier it was only expanding the panel. Another of the visible display in large print the current date and day of the week.

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?1
Left — 10, OxygenOS, on the right — OxygenOS 11
Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?2

By the way, this new font is Sans OnePlus, successor to the OnePlus Slate. Headset is noticeably thinner than the predecessor and is being introduced throughout the system, mostly in the headlines. Read this format is subjectively worse.

Significantly redesigned the app «Weather». Current location and temperature are displayed in large font, and a chart with temperatures for the next few days gave way to just a list. In the background is displayed as: sun, clouds or rain.

System settings, as well as most built-in applications («Calculator», «Contacts», «Messages», «Watch») received huge headlines. This allowed to shift the content down for easier control with one hand. In OxygenOS 10 same headers are placed in a modest «cap», painted in the colours of a particular application. Functional innovation is not seen.

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?3
Left — 10, OxygenOS, on the right — OxygenOS 11
Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?4

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?5

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?6

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?7

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?8

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?9

But I changed «Gallery». The tabs in the bottom menu, replaced by indistinct stripes at the top: you can immediately guess that they show the locations of the screens, the movement which is now only a swipe to the side. With headers — the same story as in other programs.

Section «customization» in the system settings lost presets, which often confuse users. You can now configure everything manually: Wallpaper, clock style, animation, scanning a fingerprint, the shape and design of icons and background color.

Show and screen responsible for configuring the popup in the system Always On Display: the continuous work mode display format display the current time and certain events. It can be activated on a schedule or 24/7. No more settings, for the selection of watches need to go to the above-mentioned «Individual adjustment».

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?10
Left — 10, OxygenOS, on the right — OxygenOS 11
Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?11

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?12

In the end it can be noted that OnePlus peeped some visual solutions from One UI Samsung and Huawei EMUI. You can’t call it definitely a bad move: even someone like. But the geeks who prefer products OnePlus for almost untouched Android, will certainly to doubt the correctness of decisions of the company.

Recall other changes in OxygenOS 11:

  • New live Wallpaper changing depending on the time of day
  • Optimized dark mode with auto on and off, and a shortcut in quick settings panel
  • Three new themes in Zen Mode, more options in terms of duration and a new feature for group vacation from the digital world
  • Weekly story in the «Gallery» on the basis of last week photos and videos

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?13
Left — 10, OxygenOS, on the right — OxygenOS 11
Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?14

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?15

Первый взгляд на OnePlus OxygenOS 11: стало хуже?16

Also OxygenOS 11 reflected the innovations Android 11: new food menu, a separate item «Messages» in the blind incoming notifications, chats in the form of pop-UPS and so on.

How to install OxygenOS 11 Developer Preview?

It’s simple. First you need to sure the smartphone is charged at least 30% and has at least 3 GB of free space. It is important to understand that this is not Open Beta and pre-release version of the system that may be unstable or cause damage to the smartphone. In addition, the installation will delete all memory content: it is better to first make a backup.

Then you need to download the firmware file: this link is for the 8 OnePlus, the OnePlus 8 Pro. Other devices will get the update later.

The following steps:

  • Copy the downloaded firmware file into the root of internal storage of the smartphone
  • Go to «Settings» > «System» > «system Updates», click on the icon at the top right of the screen and choose local update
  • The screen will display a list of available installation packages, select your
  • Wait for installation to complete and reboot your smartphone

Roll back to Android 10 (OxygenOS 10) has a separate mechanism described in the forum of the company.


Studio J. Ruiter made a bike in the transformer box graffiti

Студия J.Ruiter сделала электробайк в виде трансформаторной будки с граффити

American Studio J. RUITER showed a working prototype of the electric bike NOMOTO, which is made in the form of a transformer box with graffiti.

The author of the project was made by Joey Ruiter — in his words, he wanted to create something really unusual and suitable for the city, but at the same time, absolutely impossible.

Immediately after starting the engine of the design put forward of the wheel, the wheel and seat is a complete working bike where you can easily navigate. Off the bike turns into a transformer box gray — as such, he fits perfectly into the urban environment.

Студия J.Ruiter сделала электробайк в виде трансформаторной будки с граффити1

Студия J.Ruiter сделала электробайк в виде трансформаторной будки с граффити2

Студия J.Ruiter сделала электробайк в виде трансформаторной будки с граффити3

Студия J.Ruiter сделала электробайк в виде трансформаторной будки с граффити4

The cost of unusual vehicles, and release date are not known. The creators promise to bring NOMOTO on an exhibition of custom motorcycles Moto MMXX in San Francisco at the end of August, there it will tell you all the details.

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Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor 2020

Дуэйн Джонсон — самый высокооплачиваемый актёр 2020 года

Forbes has published an annual ranking of the highest paid actors. In 2020, the first line was again occupied by the star of the franchise «Forsazh» Dwayne Johnson — his income amounted to 87.5 million dollars.

Top 10 highest paid actors:

  • Dwayne Johnson to 87.5 million dollars
  • Ryan Reynolds — 71,5 million dollars
  • Mark Wahlberg — $ 58 million
  • Ben Affleck — 55 million dollars
  • VIN Diesel — 54 million dollars
  • Akshay Kumar — 48.5 million dollars
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda 45.5 million dollars
  • Will Smith — 44,5 million dollars
  • Adam Sandler — 41 million dollars
  • Jackie Chan — $ 40 million

In Forbes noted that the incomes of many actors in 2020 is significantly influenced by the platform Netflix, where out a lot of new movies and TV series with their participation. For example, this applies to Adam Sandler — he received from Netflix of $ 31 million — 75% of what he earned for the entire year.

In total in 2020, Netflix paid $ 85 million Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck an and VIN Diesel. This is only the beginning, noted in Forbes — Netflix plans to invest in the content additional 17 billion dollars. Not far behind market leader Apple and Amazon, who also do not skimp on the fees for the stars.

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