Premium Lenovo Yoga laptop S740 announced for Russia

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России

Lenovo Yoga laptop S740, first presented at the conference IFA 2019, will go on official sale in Russia in October of this year.

Specifications Lenovo Yoga S740:

Lenovo Yoga S740 14″
Lenovo Yoga S740 15,6″
Dimensions: 322,35×212×14.9 mm, 1.4 kg 357,12×233,54×17.7 mm from 1.9 kg
Display: 14″, 1920×1080/3840×2160, IPS 15,6″, 1920×1080, IPS
Processor: Intel Core i5/i7 10th generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 10th generation
Video: Nvidia GeForce MX250 Nvidia GeForce GTX16502 Max-Q.
Memory: 8/16 GB RAM, 256/512 GB or 1 TB PCIe SSD constant 8/16 GB RAM, 256/512 GB or 1 TB PCIe SSD constant
Battery: 62 W/h 69 W/h
Ports: 1×USB Type-C Thunderbolt, 2×USB Type-A 3.1, audio Jack 2×USB Type-C Thunderbolt, 1×USB Type-A 3.1, audio Jack, microSD card reader
Link: Wi-Fi 6 (2×2 802.11 ax), Wi-Fi, 5 (2×2 802.11 ac), Bluetoth Wi-Fi 6 (2×2 802.11 ax), Wi-Fi, 5 (2×2 802.11 ac), Bluetoth

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России1

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России2

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России3

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России4

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России5

Премиум-ноутбук Lenovo Yoga S740 анонсирован для России6

The model features edge-to-edge display VESA400 HDR with brightness up to 500 CD/m2, support fast charging Rapid Charge, wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 ax Wi-Fi (6) as well as the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. There is software settings of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

In addition to entering the password, the authorization system can be performed using the IR camera and fingerprint scanner. The laptop is able to recognize whether the next owner: if he moved, the system will automatically place the content playback pause.

In Russia Lenovo Yoga S740 will cost from 75 000 rubles for a model with a screen of 14 inches and from 110 000 rubles — for 15.6-inch modification.

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Passed away Robert Forster: the star of «Mulholland Drive» and «breaking bad»

Ушёл из жизни Роберт Форстер: звезда «Малхолланд Драйв» и «Во все тяжкие»

October 11 after a battle with brain cancer passed away Robert Forster. He was 78 years old. On the same day he released a new film with his participation — «the Path. Breaking bad».

The actor also starred in the original series breaking bad. He played Eraser, for the same role back in the full-length sequel.

Over the years the actor starred in 200 films, his career began in 1967. Among the most notable films: «Lucky number Slevin», «Mulholland Drive» Director David Lynch, «Jackie brown» by Quentin Tarantino for a role in the movie, he was nominated for «Oscar».

Ушёл из жизни Роберт Форстер: звезда «Малхолланд Драйв» и «Во все тяжкие»1
A scene from the movie «Jackie brown»

In addition to the films, Robert has also starred in the popular TV series «Knight rider,» «Heroes» and «twin Peaks».

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Column LG XBOOM AI ThinQ for 6995 roubles for «Take»

Колонка LG XBOOM AI ThinQ за 6995 рублей на «Беру»

On the marketplace «Take» wireless speaker LG XBOOM AI ThinQ can be purchased for 6995 roubles. The retail value of the device — from 9990 rubles.

To get the promotional price, you need to use a «Take Bonus» which is available at the link and at checkout enter the promo code VSE5. If you execute the first order through the mobile app, the service provides an additional discount of 500 rubles — the total column will cost 6995 roubles.

You should pay attention that the promotion ends on 13 October 2019. Additional benefits can be obtained by using a cashback service.

Колонка LG XBOOM AI ThinQ за 6995 рублей на «Беру»1

Column LG XBOOM AI ThinQ is equipped with a voice assistant «Alice» which allows you to control the music by voice. The assistant learns your preferences and suggests what to listen to.

The device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, the total power — 30 watts. According to the manufacturer, the speaker can reproduce stereo audio without loss with sampling rates up to 96 kHz and 24 bits. There are modes Clear Vocal that plays the voice of the singer without distortion at maximum volume and Enhanced Bass to enhance the bass.

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«MegaFon» has launched a new tariff with cashback for the experience

«МегаФон» запустил новый тариф с кэшбэком за стаж

Mobile operator MegaFon has upgraded a range of tariffs «register». For the experience promises to return up to 30% of the funds in the account.

The maximum cashback available for those whose experience of using the operator’s services reached 24 months or more. He is charged with a subscription fee and the cost of international roaming.

Size cashback depending on experience:

  • Up to 3 months – 10%
  • 3-6 months – 15%
  • 6-12 months – 20%
  • 12-24 months – 25%
  • More than 24 months – 30%

Use the money on additional services, including unlimited Internet access, movies on the «Megaphone» TV, SMS and other additional services.

Learn more about the tariffs on the website of the operator.

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Premieres and trailers of the week. 7-11 October

Премьеры и трейлеры недели. 7–11 октября

The first full week of October behind us, we again have prepared for you a selection of the top trailers of the week and diluted with a drop of Prime and kinopovesti. Next week the column will not, but on October 25 we meet here!

Premiere week

  • «Gemini». The film is said to be very boring, the rating on IMDB is clearly hints at this. But there is interesting plot, and technology — Deep Fake leaves in a big movie! Many were surprised by realistic young will Smith. In the story, the killer begins to hunt the operative, who anticipates all his actions. Turns out it’s his clone.
  • «A rainy day in new York.» But this is interesting, although the rating also «not a fountain». Romance from woody Allen with the participation of: El fanning, Timothy Salama, Selena Gomez, Jude law, Diego the moon, Liva Schreiber. The story of a guy from a rich family and girls from a small town, whose a weekend in new York city destroys their relationship.
  • «Path breaking». On 11 October on Netflix long-awaited premiere of a feature film, which is a continuation of the series «breaking bad». We finally learn the fate of Jesse Pinkman.
  • «Fracture». Another premiere Netflix — Thriller featuring star of the film «Avatar» Sam Worthington. When the daughter of Reya breaks his arm, he immediately goes with his wife to the hospital, where they take on the MRI. Dad falls asleep in the chair, and when he wakes up, his wife and daughter is not there, as of record in registry of their arrival.

News of the film industry

«The Joker» with Joaquin Phoenix collected during the first week of 234 million dollars. It is a success, and critics are now arguing — awarded the film a nomination for «Oscar», because the Phoenix obviously deserved.

On this wave, Warner is thinking about creating movies about other enemies of Batman. At the moment there is a discussion of the characters two-face, Riddler, and Mr. freeze. This is just a rumor.

But this is exactly started shooting the spin-off of «John Wick» about a female killer from Belarus. The picture is called «Ballerina». In the title role, unity Phelan. The plot has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg while they are shooting the film «Major Thunder: the Plague Doctor». Studio Bubble Comics published figurado from the shoot:

And guy Ritchie has not yet released the film «Gentlemen», we’re all waiting, and already engages in the following picture. The film «Caution» will be based on the picture «the Collector» in 2004. But events will take place in two days. Starring Jason Statham.

Apple surpassed Netflix and Warner Bros and Paramount in the struggle for the adaptation of the novel «a Christmas Carol». They made the best offer. Starring will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Waiting for the next new year.

New information about the sequel of «the Matrix»! One of the main roles of Lana Wachowski took Yahya Abdul-Matin II. You might know him for his roles in the films «the Greatest showman» and «Aquaman», and will soon be seen in the series «the Keepers». The script of «the Matrix 4» is still kept secret.

Trailers of the week

«Rick and Morty» season four

The main announcement of the week for fans of the animated series. The debut series will be released on 10 November, show will be on channel 2×2 in online cinema «Fire HD» in the voice of Sanduka already 11.

«Charlie’s Angels»

A remake of the eponymous film of the 2000s. starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella of Malinska. The premiere will take place almost a month later on 14 November.

«Zombilend: Control shot»

10 years have passed since the release of the first film, but because the extension is very interesting and welcome. This time four brave would have to not only fend off zombies, but to fight for a place under the sun with other survivors. Premiere at the movie’s October 24.

«A harbinger of the earthquake»

Lucy (Alicia Vikander) runs away from family problems in Japan, where he works as a translator. All goes well until then, until it is accused of the murder of a friend. The reason — jealousy of the photographer. Premiere on 15 November.


Remember the movie «Alive»? Horror on the conquerors of space. The new film is something reminiscent of it. Soviet cosmonaut sent to the moon, where he settles some thing. A young girl will have to save the guy and not let the monster out. Starring Oksana Akinshina, Pyotr Fyodorov and Fyodor Bondarchuk. Premiere on 16 April 2020.

«The Vikings», a sixth season

The final season of Vikings which will especially appeal to the Russian part of the globe, as prophetic Oleg will play Danila Kozlovsky. The premiere will take place on 4 December.

«The walking dead. Spin-off» of the first season

The official name of the series, but with the original it is in common history. The events take place ten years after «the Living dead». Protected from zombie world and children who grew up during the zombie but not see them, as I live behind secure borders. But one day they will come to know what is behind the wall. Premiere in the spring of 2020.


The events of horror to happen in the mysterious manor in the countryside of Maine where the newly appointed nanny Kate takes care of two orphans flora and miles. Soon she discovers that the children and the house is kept dark secrets, and things may not be what they seem. One of the roles performed by the star of the series «strange cases» Finn Wolfhard. Premiere on 24 January 2020.


A young postman send to the snow-covered village, with inhospitable inhabitants. There he meets the Creator of the toys and friendships between them. Netflix premiere on November 8.

«Camouflage and espionage»

If you like everything to look original, this cartoon is assessed in English, because the main roles are voiced by Tom Holland and will Smith. A young scientist transforms a high level agent in the pigeon, that he became invisible spy. In Russia the premiere is scheduled for January 6, 2020.


New cartoon from Disney and Pixar will interest both children and adults. We are waiting for the adventures of the brothers of the elves, who go in search of magic have left their city. In the movie, since March 4, 2020.

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Study: 96% DeepFake video used in porn

Исследование: 96% видео с DeepFake используется в порно

Nearly all videos created with technology DeepFake, refers to pornographic content. This conclusion was made by researchers of the Dutch company on cyber security Deeptrace.

In the report, experts said that porn with technology replacing face was viewed over 134 million times, and subjected to DeepFake mostly women.

Danielle Citron, Professor of law, Boston University, believes that «forgery» is used as a weapon against women: «It’s embarrassing, humiliating and silences. Porn video of such a plan takes women a sense of security».

The report States that from December 2018, were found more than 14 678 video DeepFake on the Internet is more than 7964 videos last year. Deeptrace also notes that 96% of all video porn.

The development of the «fake» video was stimulated by the open exchange algorithms of persons, hosted at GitHub, as well as fast growth Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology of machine learning. Due to this, the network appeared the application generating Nude photos, which quickly gained popularity.

Currently there are several applications and services that will help you to create a fake video in a matter of minutes, experts add. Even if someone does not own equipment, it can pay a few dollars and get ready material with DeepFake.

Deeptrace concludes that the technology itself is a big threat and provides cybercriminals with new opportunities for fraud.

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Detailed pictures and specifications of the laptop Google Pixelbook Go

The publication 9to5Google published a full review of not yet released laptop Google Pixelbook Go: he was in the hands of the source of journalists.

The lower surface Pixelbook Go is made in a ribbed design — the source says «a great tactile feel». The upper panel matte and smooth. The submitted sample is painted in a coral color, apparently, in a couple of colors Oh, So Orange Google Pixel 4. On the surface will accommodate the Google logo, but on the prototype the symbol is a placeholder.

Pixelbook Go is equipped with two USB Type-C, one on each side, and on the left side is also 3.5 mm audio Jack.

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go0

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go1

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go2

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go3

Mounted display has a resolution of 1920×1080 at a diagonal 13.3 inches. Above the screen is a webcam with a resolution of 2 MP and two microphones to track the phrase «OK, Google». Below keyboard from Pixelbook, front-facing stereo speakers that sound «great» and «fairly responsive» trackpad.

At the disposal of the source turned out to be the youngest model Pixelbook Go with Intel Core M3, 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage. The sale will be configurations with FullHD and 4K displays, Intel Core m3, i5 and i7, 8, and 16 GB of RAM and 64, 128 or 256 GB of storage. Expected two colors — Not Just Pink and Black.

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go4

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go5

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go6

Подробные фото и спецификации ноутбука Google Pixelbook Go7

The laptop is also equipped with modules wifi and Bluetooth and the security chip Titan M. fingerprint Scanner and support Pixelbook Pen is not provided.

It is expected that Pixelbook Go will be officially presented at the event Made by Google, which will be held on October 15 in new York. There the company will announce the smartphone series Pixel 4 and a number of other gadgets.

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DxOMark now measures and audiovisional smartphones

Laboratory DxOMark, known for the analysis and evaluation including mobile cameras, presented the assessment Protocol audio smartphones.

We have developed a set of protocols to reflect all modes of recording and audio content consumption on smartphones, as well as the methodology of testing and benchmarking that measures the results of reliable and reproducible way.

DxOMark Audio into five options in the playback, and six — in the audio recording, each of which consists of sub-items. According to company representatives, the team of testing professionals in electronic engineering, software development and industrial acoustic design. Tests are conducted in the specialized audiolibrary.

DxOMark теперь оценивает и аудиовозможности смартфонов0

DxOMark теперь оценивает и аудиовозможности смартфонов1

DxOMark теперь оценивает и аудиовозможности смартфонов2

At the time of the announcement in the ranking of DxOMark Audio attended seven smartphones:

  • Huawei Mate 20 X — 75 points
  • iPhone Max XS — 74 points
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max — 71 points
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ — 66 points
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 65 points
  • Honor 20 Pro — 53 points
  • Sony Xperia 1 — 45 points

DxOMark promises to continue to test new devices and to expand the rating.

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Apple released the public iOS 13.2 beta 2: what’s new?

Apple выпустила публичную сборку iOS 13.2 beta 2: что нового?

Apple began sending iOS update 13.2 beta 2. In addition to the traditional bug fixes, the update brings a number of new features.

  • 364 new Emoji from the Unicode standard 12.0, including falafel, yawning face, a man in a wheelchair, otter, etc.
  • New interface for selecting skin tones Emoji
  • Button «to Change the order of applications» that appears when pressing app icons, renamed «Edit Home screen»
  • The function of deleting the history of Siri and voice prompts in the «Settings»
  • Splash screen when first booting with the ability to opt-out of snippets of audio recordings in the Apple, recorded using Siri.

Apple выпустила публичную сборку iOS 13.2 beta 2: что нового?1

Apple выпустила публичную сборку iOS 13.2 beta 2: что нового?2

Apple выпустила публичную сборку iOS 13.2 beta 2: что нового?3

Apple выпустила публичную сборку iOS 13.2 beta 2: что нового?4

  • The ability to disable the tab «Privacy» transfer audio to Apple in order to improve Siri
  • Changing the resolution and FPS of the recorded video directly in the Camera app
  • The animation is for training use the noise reduction feature in the new AirPods

The update weighing about 500 MB is available for installation by «air». Along with iOS 13.2 beta 2 also presents iPadOS 13.2 beta 2, watchOS 6.1 beta 3 and tvOS 13.2 beta 2.

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Sennheiser has introduced many new products for the Russian audiolink

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка

In the framework of the traditional annual events Sennheiser Day in Russia, the German manufacturer of audio equipment Sennheiser Audio introduced for Russian consumer and business markets, several novelties.

AMBEO Soundbar

Soundbar can immerse spectators in three-dimensional space of the sound with deep high-frequency response. The device is able to obtain information about the dimensions of the room in which viewing takes place, as well as reflecting surfaces for the playback settings. To manage the device via smartphone or tablet through brand application Sennheiser Smart Control for iOS and Android. In addition, AMBEO integrated Soundbar Google Chromecast and Bluetooth. The apparatus is capable of reproducing Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H and DTS:X.

The cost is 179 900 rubles.

MOMENTUM True Wireless

Wireless headset designed specifically for the avid audiophile and got a 7-mm dynamic transducers. The headphones themselves are disabled when the user removes them in the case. They have good sound insulation and can work in the mode of music playback 4 hours. The case provides an additional charge of 8 hours. The touch controls. There is support for Bluetooth aptX 5.0 and Qualcomm.

The cost — 22 990 rubles.


Another wireless premium headphones company, however, already full. The new generation has a more natural and balanced sound. The device has a three-button control unit.

Start date sales and cost are still unknown.

PXC 550-II Wireless

New sharpened for people who are often on the road and want to limit yourself from extraneous noise. For this headset equipped with adaptive noise cancellation ANC. In addition, there is a button Voice Assistant, which you use to call voice assistants Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. To adjust the headset, deactivate the active noise cancellation through Sennheiser’s proprietary application Smart Control for iOS and Android.

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка1

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка2

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка3

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка4

Start date sales and cost are still unknown.

IE 80’S BT

Another in-ear wireless earbuds, but not in the format of True Wireless. Support codecs LHDC, HD aptX, AAC and AKM DAC. Control is via the physical buttons. Novelty is equipped with high quality microphones with function of noise cancellation. The device comes with a case and a set of interchangeable ear cushions of different sizes.

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка5

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка6

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка7

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка8

Start date sales and cost are still unknown.

Gaming headset GSP and GSP 670 370

Sennheiser has also decided to please the gamers, presenting the gaming headset 670 GSP and GSP 370. They can work with both PC and Xbox and PS4. An important feature is the minimum audio delay, which is very important in games. GSP 670 can work on a single charge of 20 hours, while GSP 370 provides a record 100 hours of battery life. Audio utility is configured via Sennheiser Gaming Suite. There is activated 7.1-channel sound.

The cost of GSP 670 is 25 990 rubles, and GSP 370 will cost 14 000 rubles.

Professional soup

Forgot to show the device for professional work with sound.

Dual channel Digital 6000 is designed specifically to work on major events — tours, shows, theatres. At the same time another new Evolution Wireless G4 is versatile and is suitable for use not only in large halls, but also on small activities and events under the open sky. For those who are self shoots video with sound recording or blogs, created wireless microphone system series AVX. The main feature is the willingness of the «box». The device quickly is consistent with the audio input of the camera without any complicated settings.

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка9
Digital 6000
Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка10
Evolution Wireless G4
Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка11

Neumann NDH

Special guest of the event — manufacturer of Studio microphones, Georg Neumann GmbH, which is also included in the group of companies Sennheiser. This year they released their first wireless headphones Neumann NDH with covering ear pads. The main differences — quality sound and a balanced and detailed sound.

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка12

Sennheiser представила множество новинок для российского аудиорынка13

The cost is 38 900 rubles.

The business device

For the business segment showed a ceiling microphone Ceiling TeamConnect 2. It easily integrates with conference systems and forms a sound beam through a system with 28 microphone capsules, which detects the room the speaker and keeps track of it. The service is carried over an IP network.

To order the firm must contact Sennheiser and discuss all the details.

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