The audience of Telegram in Russia grew by 27 percent year over year

Аудитория Telegram в России выросла на 27 процентов за год

Mediascope research company released a report about the popularity of mobile instant messengers in Russia. The sample was taken into account users at the age of 12-64 years old in cities with population exceeding 10 thousand people in October 2018.

The daily audience of Telegram for October was 3.4 million, and the monthly approached 9.3 million the Year before last the figure was 7.2 million people, or 27 percent less.

Аудитория Telegram в России выросла на 27 процентов за год1

Аудитория Telegram в России выросла на 27 процентов за год2

The messenger of Pavel Durov is blocked in Russia since mid-April by the decision of Tagansky district court of Moscow. Company Telegram Messenger LLC has not provided the FSB the keys to decrypt user messages.

Lock messenger caused disruption to many resources, including Google, Yandex and government sites.

As for the other messengers, the Oct most popular WhatsApp with record monthly audience at 28.1 million people, it is followed by Viber (20.2 million), Telegram, Skype (5.2 million) and Facebook Messenger (4 million).


VSCO will end support for desktop filters

VSCO прекратит поддержку десктопных фильтров

Service VSCO has announced the termination of the distribution of the VSCO Film filters for third-party applications on your PC. The project will be closed on 1 March of the following year.

In order not to lose purchased the filters, users have to download them on the official website until February 28, 2019. Just go to your account and in the tab «My products» to download the available presets.

The service also recommends that you write down your license key that was purchased when purchasing filters. Beginning in March 2019, and technical support for the product stops.

Now VSCO Film running on the operating systems macOS, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra and Windows 10. Export filters in the photo editor Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera RAW CC.

According to the company, this step was necessary for further development of the mobile application.


Nintendo NES and SNES Classic was removed from production

Nintendo NES и SNES Classic сняли с производства

Nintendo has suspended production of two miniature consoles Classic Mini: Classic Mini and NES: SNES. This told the Hollywood Reporter according to the President of the American division of the company, Reggie Fils-aimé.

The manufacturer will no longer supply to the stores of consoles after the outcome of the current edition. According to Fils-aimé, the decision was made in connection with the successful sales of both consoles worldwide and at this stage the project is completed.

But to play the classics can still: sign up for Nintendo Switch opens a large library of games of the NES era. So, on a portable console The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. Ninja Gaiden and other famous titles.

Now at the official online store «World of Nintendo» you can buy Classic Mini: NES for Christmas discount for 2999 rubles, and the Classic Mini: SNES — 3999 rubles. The campaign will end on January 11.


Huawei P30 Pro will not get a hole in the display

Huawei P30 Pro не получит отверстие в дисплее

In the network leaked pictures of protective glass for the flagships Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. If the data is true, the flagships will not get a hole in the screen for selfie camera.

Instead, we are waiting for the usual keyhole, where is hidden the front facing camera. Concertmaster Benjamin Haskin, based on the covers and glasses produced a quality render of Huawei P30 Pro.

According to rumors, the smartphone will be equipped with four basic chambers, and the announcement of new products scheduled for the end of February.

Previously it was assumed that the flagship Huawei and Samsung will get holes in the screen. However, leaked pictures of glass casts doubt on this theory.

Huawei P30 Pro не получит отверстие в дисплее1
Glass Samsung S10/S10+ and Huawei P30/P30 Pro

The first smartphone with a hole in the screen was Samsung Galaxy A8s. The second will present Huawei 17 December — Nova 4.


The Creator of the unofficial app store for iOS Cydia plans to close the project

Создатель неофициального магазина приложений для iOS Cydia планирует закрыть проект

App store Cydia Store that allows you to acquire the unofficial software for iOS, can be closed in the near future. This was stated by the project’s Creator Jay Freeman (Saurik).

It was planned that the Cydia Store is fully closed before the end of this year, but due to vulnerabilities found in the system of in-app purchases Freeman had to revise the plans. Now for the safety of users to purchase apps disabled, but to download already purchased software is still possible.

Freeman said that he had lost interest in the project that everything else brings significant financial costs of maintaining infrastructure.

Read more about the future of Cydia, Freeman has promised to tell soon.

Cydia is possible for Apple smartphones, which obtained access to the file system by installing jailbreak. The first version of Cydia was released in 2008, and the opportunity to buy an unofficial app appeared in 2009.



AR stickers from Google became available for smartphones with support for ARCore

AR-стикеры от Google стали доступны для смартфонов с поддержкой ARCore

The app with AR stickers Google Playground was previously available only for smartphones line Pixel. The user of the XDA forum under the name Arnova8G2 created a modification for the remaining devices that support ARCore.

Google Playground has a few sets of stickers:

  • Studio Marvel: «The Avengers»
  • Pets
  • Signs
  • Athletes
  • «Very strange things»
  • «Star wars: the Last Jedi»
  • Travel
  • Weather

These stickers work with camera and make photos or shoot video with the augmented reality object.

AR-стикеры от Google стали доступны для смартфонов с поддержкой ARCore1

AR-стикеры от Google стали доступны для смартфонов с поддержкой ARCore2

AR-стикеры от Google стали доступны для смартфонов с поддержкой ARCore3

To access the AR stickers, you will need to download a program ARCore, which is available in Google Play. Next, download and install the modified APK file apps Playground with «Google Drive». Root in this case is not required.

Full list of devices that support the technology ARCore, can be found here.


Lens Google have got a more compact interface

Google Lens получил более компактный интерфейс

Google Lens, which defines the surrounding objects through the camera of the smartphone received the update of user interface design.

The Google logo Lens moved from the card results in the upper part of the viewfinder between the buttons flash and export photos from the smartphone gallery.

Block with information about the found objects became more compact. Card institutions and places with links to social networks and maps are now designed according to the design philosophy of Material Theme.

Google Lens получил более компактный интерфейс1

Google Lens получил более компактный интерфейс2

Google Lens получил более компактный интерфейс3

Another change is the location of additional buttons when you select text. If Lens found in the picture, the text functions to interact with it (copy, switch to «Card», if specified address and so on) appear in the bottom, not the pop-up menu.

The update included server-side for all users gradually. Recently Google Lens appeared on the iOS inside the Google Search.


ASUS denied the rumors about the closure of the line ZenFone

ASUS опровергла слухи о закрытии линейки ZenFone

This week it became known that General Director of ASUS Jerry Shen, who headed the company for 11 years, resigned. Along with this statement the manufacturer has told about the future plans for the development of new gaming devices like ROG Phone.

This resulted in the emergence of rumors about the cancellation of the line ZenFone. 360 Gadgets portal published the official address of the company, which says that the ZenFone brand will continue its activities regardless of the plans on the gaming market.

We confirm that we will continue to develop the series ZenFone, while expanding the range of gaming smartphones.

In addition, ASUS will deal with the development of artificial intelligence in business and the Internet of things.

ZenFone — the main line of smartphones, ASUS. One of the latest innovations, ZenFone Max Pro M2, is equipped with a battery of 5000 mAh and Snapdragon processor 660.


«Spider-man: universes» — a fun, exciting, successful

13 December in the cinemas has launched a new animated movie about «spider-Man». Tell the backstory of the painting and share the first impressions.

Back in 2013, Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced three projects in the universe of «spider»: «spider-Man 3» (canceled), «venom» (throwed in the movie) and «the Sinister six» (in the background). Two years ago in collaboration with Marvel, the film company began production of the cartoon «spider-Man: universes».

Among the writers are Brian Bendis («Jessica Jones,» «the Defenders») and Phil Lord («the LEGO Movie,» «Macho and nerdy»). Budget — $ 90 million.

The story focuses on miles Morales, the character Brian Michael Bendis created in 2011 during the presidency of Barack Obama. According to the plot of the comic, the son of African American and Puerto Rican women took the place of Peter Parker after his death.

«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный0
Miles Morales

New «spider-Man» is part of the Marvel universe, that is why the life of Peter Parker retold the familiar excerpts of three films with Toby Maguire in the title role is the famous upside-down kiss with Mary Jane and even dancing. In fact, we see what happened with Parker many years after the events of the film.

The story is a classic: miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider and now he has the usual abilities — even more than the original «Spider». But he is only 13 years old and a fallen superhero duties are hard.

Fortunately, he has five teachers from different universes: loser Peter Parker, a pig Peter Porker, spider-Man Noir of the 1930 gg, Gwen Stacy (spider-Woman) and anime robot-spider from the future running Interest Parker.

«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный1
Peter Parker
«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный2
Spider-man Noir
«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный3
Gwen Stacy
«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный4
Peter Porker
«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный5
Fines Parker

They all appeared in the world of miles Morales as the result of another experiment of Wilson Fisk (the king Pin). The heroes must not only return to their worlds, but to save this from destruction. Yeah, from the plot expected is not worth a lot, it’s simple.

But the cartoon can be recommended to both adults and children. First memories, second only to plunge into a new universe. The jokes in the hall everyone laughed, although the joke was not so much.

What is definitely not expect to see in these pictures is the dramatic scenes and raising the issue of family values and the importance of communication.

«Человек-паук: Через вселенные» — весёлый, захватывающий, удачный6

Do not forget about the man the Wall Lee cameo which mandatory you will see here. Well, gratitude in the end for peace presented to them.

We, like thousands of other viewers, I advise you to go ASAP on the new «spider-Man». Two hours will pass unnoticed and the scene after the credits will smile.

What they say is already peeking? Are some comments from Twitter.

«The only thing I can say is… miles Morales 2018 saved for me…»

«Spider-man: universes» is so successful that Sony have already started work on a sequel. In addition, please separate movie about Gwen Stacy and other female spiders.

And for those who do not have enough time to enjoy the moment, you should pay attention to the animated series «the Great spider-Man» in 2012. In the fourth and final season can be traced to a similar story and each character of the universe is given by the series.