Update Google Fast Pair: support TWS-headphones and find a lost device

Google announced several innovations in the technology Fast Pair that is designed for quick pairing connected to the smartphone on Android devices. Later this year there will be enhanced support for completely wireless headphones (TWS). Headset can transmit to your smartphone information on the state of charge of each of the headphones and case. With […]

International product Director at Xiaomi in Google

Director of product management, Xiaomi is Donovan sung will be leaving the company. About it the Manager said in his Twitter account. Sung worked for the Corporation for more than five years, during which Xiaomi has released 80 new international markets. He will start work in the Singapore office of Google to help in the […]

Converse has released the shoes that change the sun color

American Shoe company Converse together with brand Chinatown Market, announces the release of the Shoe that change the sun color. Sneakers and hitop included in the collection UNT1TL3D and will go on sale July 21 in the United States at a price of $ 110 (~7000 rubles). Shoes becomes colored when interacting with UV light. […]

Vice President of Meizu will be leaving the company

On his resignation on the social network Weibo said Vice-President and co-founder of Meizu, Li Nan. He led the line Meilan, but ceased to participate in the activities of the company after the announcement of the Meizu 16th. I have to leave the company. After the presentation of the Meizu 16th, I gradually came out […]

The first teaser of the fourth season of «Rick and Morty»

Adult Swim has unveiled the first teaser for the fourth season of «Rick and Morty». Familiar characters will be back on screens this autumn. The authors of the animated series assured that more long gaps between seasons is not expected. They have sat down at the draft of the script for the fifth season. Obviously, […]

The face of Keanu Reeves in «the Matrix» was replaced by Bruce Lee

On the YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face publishing excerpts of films in which faces of famous actors replace others with technology DeepFake published a new video! In a four-minute video shows the fight scene with Neo and Morpheus from the movie «the Matrix». Face Keanu Reeves is replaced by the face of the famous masters […]

The first trailer of the series «the Keepers» from HBO

After a few teasers, HBO finally unveiled the first full trailer for the series «the Guardians,» based on the eponymous comic books from DC. According to the creators, «this drama series will give the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel». The action takes place in an alternate universe where the heroes are considered as […]

INOI 243 — button phone case made of aircraft aluminum

INOI presented a slim smartphone case made of aircraft aluminum — INOI 243. The thickness of the device is 11 mm, so the phone fits comfortably in the hand. The battery capacity of 1000 mAh, which is paired with a display of 2.4 inches provides two days of battery life. Phone has rear VGA camera, […]

Premieres and trailers of the week. 15-19 July

Not much, but it was this week facing the premiere, which we did not even have time to write. Chase all before, our profile first technology, and then the movie. But we’re making up for all the lost in this collection of once a week. I hope not in vain. Start! Premiere week «The Lion […]

The final trailer for «It 2»: «I dreamed about you, I craved you, I missed you.»

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the final trailer of the horror, «It 2». The film tells about the events of 27 years after the first part. At the end of the original «It» members of the «club of losers» sworn to return and destroy the clown Pennywise, if he’s not dead. Now a grown heroes […]