Novelties of the week in mobile gaming. 12-19 Aug

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа

Russian publisher Alawar Entertainment has published two interesting indie games for mobile devices, and Devolver Digital is your new old-school platformer. Also in Google Play and App Store appeared a port of one of the parts of the series Five Nights At Freddy’s and a few novelties.


Publisher Devolver Digital has presented a new project for smartphones. Witcheye is adventure old-school platformer, developed by Studio Mood Kid. The game stands out with its pixel graphics, retro music and the main hero — eye of the witch.

The design for the game was developed by the American Peter Malamud Smith who worked on the widely known mobile puzzler Satellina, and Satellina Zero.

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа1

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа2

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа3

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа4

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа5

Witcheye offers story mode with two difficulty levels and with over 100 enemies and bosses. In each level you must find the gems that are hidden on the map. As the passing will be available to new capacity and additional modes.

To purchase the game in the App Store for 229 rubles and in Google Play for 249 rubles. The developers suggest to pass Witcheye a few times and try to «speedrun»: for convenience, the gameplay is built-the Ghost of the player and even the timer.

Download: Google Play / App Store

FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator

It has been nearly three years since the last game of the series Five Nights At Freddy’s on smartphones. Now the developer Clickteam offers a new project, which you can download on both iOS and Android — Download 6: Simulator Pizzeria.

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа6

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа7

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа8

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа9

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа10

Players will face a simulation of a pizzeria, where you need to promote your own restaurant, choose the decor and equipment. However, being set in the same universe in FNaF 6 there are elements of horror — after a day of work come «animatronics».

In the App Store and Google Play FNaF value of 6 is 229 rubles. Studio Clickteam has already confirmed that in the future will release the Ultimate Custom Night and other ports of the previous parts for mobile devices.

Download: Google Play / App Store

Banana Kong Blast

The classic series of games for smartphones Banana Kong is back with a new part. Banana Kong Blast similar to the world-famous Donkey Kong Country, where the player’s goal — to pass the levels, filled with bananas, moving from one barrel to another using simple keystrokes.

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа11

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа12

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа13

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа14

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа15

If the classic Banana Kong user touched the screen to jump, the continuation of the pressing on the display is used to fire monkeys from one barrel to another, which allows it to move through the level. Some trunks are fixed, others rotate around and shoot automatically.

Banana Kong Blast available in the App Store and Google Play as free app. But it’s worth noting that when life ends, will have to either wait 10 minutes or watch a short promotional video to continue the level.

Download: Google Play / App Store

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Russian publisher Alawar Entertainment released on smartphones two interesting indie project — Do Not Feed The Monkeys and Beholder 2. The first is a simulation of voyeur, which will join the nonprofit organization «the Club of the study of Primates».

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа16

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа17

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа18

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа19

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа20

In the story, the player is engaged in observing certain species of monkeys, and studying the peculiarities of their behavior in their natural habitat. Have fun not for monkeys, and for different people. With the help of hidden cameras can reveal the secrets of «experimental».

At the conference, Independent Games Festival indie project won in the categories «Outstanding narrative» and «Outstanding design». Price Do Not Feed The Monkeys in Google Play — 449 rubles. In the App Store it’s a bit expensive — 459 rubles.

Download: Google Play / App Store

Beholder 2

The second game published by Alawar Entertainment, was the Beholder 2, which is a simulator «official in a totalitarian dystopia». In it users will rise to the top career with any at your discretion methods and techniques.

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа21

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа22

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа23

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа24

Новинки недели в мобильном гейминге. 12-19 августа25

It is noteworthy that unlike the first part, the sequel changed in appearance — the developers have translated it from 2D to 3D format and added various puzzles. The game has many endings, and each choice propels the plot forward. When they reached the top, the hero gets the opportunity to forever change the fate of the entire country.

At the moment Google Play on Beholder 2 discount — it can be purchased for 249 rubles (instead of 359 rubles). In the App Store, the game costs 599 rubles.

Download: Google Play / App Store

New games available for predregistrace:

  • Tropico port simulator construction management Tropico 3 for Android (Google Play)
  • Disney Princess Majestic Quest — puzzle with princesses Disney (Google Play)
  • LifeAfter: Night falls — multiplayer shooter with a zombie (Google Play / App Store)
  • Ride Out Heroes — colorful «battle Royal» with magic, (Google Play)


Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo will create a co-branded Alliance for the development of a new data transfer Protocol

Xiaomi, Oppo и Vivo создадут межбрендовый альянс для развития нового протокола передачи данных

Three major Chinese smartphone manufacturers — Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo — announced the creation of a co-branded Alliance to develop a new file transfer Protocol. According to reports published in social network Weibo, the smartphone from all three brands will get the technology of sending data at speeds up to 20 Mbps without any third party apps.

Protocol peer-to-peer will allow users to transfer files between smartphones without using cellular data — just connect via Bluetooth. Analog technology on the Android platform is Android Beam transfer function file on the basis of NFC, which Android Q will not be available.

Currently, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo is almost 50% of the market in China. Thus, the majority of smartphone users in China will benefit from this Alliance is explained in the document.

It is expected that cross-branded file transfer will be released in public beta by the end of August 2019. In turn, Xiaomi invites other manufacturers to join the Alliance.



The head of Xiaomi has confirmed the date of the announcement Redmi Note 8

Глава Xiaomi подтвердил дату анонса Redmi Note 8

CEO of Xiaomi lei Jun announced in his Weibo profile that on August 29 a sub-brand Redmi presents their first TV. In response to the user he also confirmed that on the same day announce the smartphone Redmi Note 8.

It is known that the Redmi TV will get display with a diagonal of 70 inches. Expected software platform Patchwall, also used in the Xiaomi Mi TV, the Dolby Audio and a screen resolution of 4K. In the Chinese certification center also was the model L40M5-FA with a 40-inch matrix.

Глава Xiaomi подтвердил дату анонса Redmi Note 81

Of the successor of the Redmi Note 7 little is known. Earlier, the head of Redmi Lou Weibing promised that the smartphone will have improved battery life and photo capabilities, as well as a higher ratio of the area of the display to the front panel. According to rumors, the new product will complement the 64-megapixel image sensor Samsung and MediaTek chipset Helio G90T.

In the network appeared the image and technical details about the smartphone Redmi 8.



Release version of the Huawei Mate X get Kirin 990 and triple camera from P30

Релизная версия Huawei Mate X получит Kirin 990 и тройную камеру от P30

According to a new report, Huawei will not only change the design of the foldable smartphone Mate X, but also the technical stuffing. Previously, the company for the second time postponed the start of sales, this time until November 2019.

At the announcement Mate X manufacturer promised to use the chipset Kirin 980, but the report says the application of the new Kirin 990, which is rumored to also build in the Huawei Mate 30. As expected, the new SOC will be much more energy-efficient.

A set of sensors images of Mate 20 will be replaced by a triple camera of Huawei P30: 40+16+8 MP. The new sensor uses a palette RYYB instead of RGB, which should provide improved performance in low light. Previously we tested the version with additional sensor Time-of-Flight.

In the TENAA appeared a new certificate on Mate X. heavier (300 g instead of 287 g), thus the size remained the same — 161,3×146,2×11 mm.


«Yandex» plans to increase the fleet of unmanned vehicles to 1,000 units

«Яндекс» планирует увеличить парк беспилотных автомобилей до 1000 единиц

The head of self-driving cars «Yandex» Dmitry Polishchuk said the publication Reuters about the company’s plans for the sector of unmanned vehicles. Until 2022 «Yandex» will be able to ride the first thousand cars.

Polishchuk said that the increase in fleet is required for acceleration testing algorithms. Now «Yandex» 90 cars (mostly Toyota Prius), of which 35 ride on the roads of Moscow in the presence of the engineer. The company is also testing development in SKOLKOVO and Innopolis, and at the end of 2018 received permission to test unmanned vehicles in Israel.

According to the head of Department, «Yandex» considers possibility of testing their self-driving cars in the US, where most progressive legislation in this area.

«Yandex» did not disclose the amount of investment in the project, but the equipment of each car with the appropriate hardware and software cost of 6,5 million roubles. The first prototype is built for 9.5 million rubles, while the present specimens are equipped with more advanced technologies.



The flagship processor Huawei Kirin 990 will show at IFA 2019

Флагманский процессор Huawei Kirin 990 покажут на IFA 2019

Huawei has officially confirmed their participation in the conference 2019 IFA in Berlin. The presentation will be held on 6 September under the slogan «Rethink evolution».

During the event, the company will present its flagship processor Kirin 990 and its variant with 5G modem. The first devices on the chip will be a Huawei Mate Mate 30 and Pro 30, the date of the announcement will also be announced at the presentation. Estimated date — September 19.

In addition, Huawei can tell you about the 5G technology, AR and VR, EMUI OS 10 and Harmony. Expect more details closer to the date of the presentation.


Global HMD will release a 4G-version of the «clamshell» Nokia 2720

HMD Global выпустит 4G-версию «раскладушки» Nokia 2720

Corporation Global HMD will release a special version of the legendary «clamshell» Nokia 2720 with built in 4G-modem.

Recently the gadget is called Nokia TA-1170, which presumably is the Nokia 2720 (2019), has been certified in Thailand by the Chinese agent communication. Was the claimed ability to connect to 4G networks. In addition, according to the description, the device remains a functional device but not a smartphone.

Nokia 2720 (2019) can be September 5 at the IFA conference in Berlin 2019. Release updated model would be symbolic, as the original version was published just 10 years ago, in 2009.

Predecessor, the Nokia 2720 was equipped with two displays. The first — colored with a diagonal of 1.8 inches and a resolution of 120×160. The second — monochrome with the 1.36-inch with a resolution of 128×160. It was located on the outer part of the upper panel and activated in closed «clamshell». Gadget had a simple 1.3 Megapixel camera, 2.5 mm headphone Jack, Bluetooth 2.0, built-in FM radio and battery with a volume of 860 mAh.


Game smartphone Nubia Red Magic 3S will be available in September

Игровой смартфон Nubia Red Magic 3S появится в сентябре

Nubia, the Chinese company this year will release a new model in the line of gaming smartphones Red Magic. The device is called Red Magic and 3S will appear on the market this September, writes portal Gizmochina, citing an unnamed source familiar with plans of the brand.

According to the journalists, the characteristics of Red Magic 3S are not much different from the standard model Red Magic 3. The CPU will probably become it’s biggest update — the novelty will receive the Snapdragon chipset 855 Plus, presented in July 2019.

This confirms the rumor published last month by the insider Sudhanshu Ambhore. Previous leaks have also pointed to the presence in the smartphone battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

Nubia Red Magic 3S will be focused not only in China, but also in the global market. The exact release date, and full specs will be announced in the nearest time.

In the series Red Magic software and accessories are intended to make gameplay in mobile games most productive. So Nubia Red Magic 3 is equipped with a cooler centrifugal type integrated into housing, and the shell RedMagic OS optimizes gameplay.



Nvidia showed a futuristic Watch Dogs: Legion and Minecraft with ratnasingam

On the eve of the annual conference of gamescom, which is scheduled to start on August 20, Nvidia presented fragments from different video games with ray tracing. One of them is Watch Dogs: Legion, received more than 60 awards and nominations within the framework of the E3 2019.

According to representatives of Nvidia, the ray tracing is perfect for Watch Dogs: Legion. As events occur in London of the future, the game is full of machines, mirrors, neon signs and covered glass skyscrapers that stands out with a RTX-tracing.

Function raytracing delivers both cinema-quality rendering to create realistic visual effects and the technology of smoothing of the DLSS, to avoid «ladders» and other unpleasant artifacts.

Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом0
Fragment without raytracing
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом1
Excerpt ratnasingam
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом2

Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом3

Head of marketing Department of GeForce in Nvidia Matt Wobbling admitted that buy GPUs without ray tracing in 2019 — «crazy idea.» In his opinion, GeForce RTX will be a more beneficial purchase than the AMD Radeon RX.

A year after Nvidia has made possible the tracking of the rays in games in real time, this revolutionary technology is widespread in the industry. Looking at the number of games at gamescom 2019, it is clear that the era of ray tracing has arrived and really is a step forward for game development.

In addition, Nvidia has provided examples of screenshots for each project that will receive the support of RTX, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Metro Exodus DLC, Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Control, and Minecraft.

Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом4
A frame from a Dying Light 2
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом5
A frame from the Metro Exodus
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом6
A frame from Minecraft
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом7
A frame from Minecraft
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом8
The frame of Control
Nvidia показала футуристический Watch Dogs: Legion и Minecraft с рейтрейсингом9
A shot from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


The user Qiwi will explore the possibility of selling Rocketbank

Руководство Qiwi изучит возможность продажи «Рокетбанка»

Qiwi reported financial results for the second quarter of 2019 for investors. The document says that the Board of Directors instructed the management of the company to consider a partial or full sale of Rocketbank.

The report says that the business plan Rocketbank is not consistent with the level of risk ready to go Qiwi. Also clarifies that the division Rocketbank is not enough connected with the main business of the company.

On the day of publication of the document «Rocketbank» announced the allocation of a separate FINTECH company. The service will continue to use the banking license Qiwi, but in the future to enter into the possession of will and other investors. Transfer of customers to other banks and re-issue of cards is not required.

As follows from the financial report, the net loss Rocketbank grew by 425% compared to the previous year, with 97 to 511 million rubles. Qiwi together with the costs incurred in the transition of the business under the control of Qiwi.

In August 2017 Qiwi bought brands and software, Rocketbank and financial service of the «Point» in the Bank «Opening», which has undergone a reorganization. In July 2018 Qiwi completed the purchase of the entire business, Rocketbank, and at the end of the same year transfer of customers and business processes.

After the release of the financial report and the announcement of the possible sale Rocketbank Qiwi share grew by 8.7%.