Stunning concept to redesign Windows

Philippine designer Genral Caspe has published on his page on Behance, a detailed concept of the redesign of Windows.

The idea of the tiles found a new style as a designer. The sharp corners of steel krupenie, «start menu» was informative, and the bottom panel is divided into blocks. All your ideas of Genral also displayed in short animated videos.

Потрясающий концепт редизайна Windows0

Потрясающий концепт редизайна Windows1

Потрясающий концепт редизайна Windows2

Потрясающий концепт редизайна Windows3
Wallpaper of concept

For those who liked the Wallpaper on the desktop of the concept, the designer left a link to download the image in original resolution.

Previously, the concept of Windows 11 were Turkish designer Cameras Kaan Avdan. He later released the concept macOS 11. Unfortunately, Microsoft, like Apple, don’t often pay attention to these ideas.

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Sony has delayed the release of almost the entire line of films until next year

Sony отложила релиз почти всей линейки фильмов до следующего года

Sony announced significant changes in the «road map» of release of the films due to pandemic COVID-19.

Most of the planned 2020 paintings carried over to the following year, with the exception of the drama Kevin HART’s «Fatherhood», the output of which is tentatively will be held on 23 October 2020 instead of 15 January 2021.

The name of the movie The original premiere date Expected premiere date
«Peter Rabbit 2» 27 Mar 2020 15 Jan 2021
«Greyhound« June 12, 2020 Unknown
«Fatherhood« 15 Jan 2021 23 Oct 2020
«Ghostbusters: the Heirs« July 10, 2020 March 5, 2021
31 Jul 2020 19 Mar 2021
«Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune« March 5, 2021 8 Oct 2021
The unnamed painting Marvel 8 Oct 2021 Unknown

Action Sony emphasize that studios don’t expect to open cinemas at least until mid-summer, says Variety.

Previously migrated releases «Silent place 2», «fast and furious 9», «No time to die» and other films. The film company also took the decision to release digital versions of some of the paintings along with the premiere in cinemas.

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Insiders: OnePlus 8 Lite will be presented as OnePlus Z later this year

Инсайдеры: OnePlus 8 Lite будет представлен как OnePlus Z позднее в этом году

Insider and author of the website XDA Developers Max Weinbach said in his Twitter that the OnePlus Lite 8 included in the number of leaks, will be called the OnePlus Z by analogy with the mainstream OnePlus X 2015.

According to the source, the smartphone will get the same hardware that was demonstrated by rendering an insider OnLeaks. The words of Weinbach confirmed tipster Ishan Agarwal, adding that the presentation OnePlus Z will take place «later this year».

It is expected that OnePlus Z will get a display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz at a diagonal of 6.4-6.5 inch, flagship chipset MediaTek Dimensity 1000, fingerprint scanner under the screen and double main camera. Estimated cost — £ 400 (~39 300 rubles).

OnePlus has officially announced that the presentation OnePlus flagship series 8 will take place on April 14.

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Providers reported increase in the consumption of Internet traffic

Провайдеры отчитались о росте потребления интернет-трафика

For the week from 23 to 29 March, the volume of traffic consumption Internet increased by 10-30%, told RBC representatives of «Rostelecom», «TransTeleCom» and «Beeline».

The press service of «AKADO Telecom» explained that the increase is due to the forced presence of the subscribers and their transition from the mobile Internet on fixed. Daytime traffic 25 March rose by 23%, 30 March — a further 12%, was recorded by the provider.

In MTS the increment is even higher — 30%. The operator noticed that the four-fold increase in activity in instant messengers and social networks. In the «Beeline» recorded a growth in the number of voice calls on cellular, at 15%.

All providers reported that they have a margin for further growth of consumption of the traffic: the network was built with the assumption that the load on them can be above average.

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S7 and Tele2 will encourage your miles and gigabytes comply with self-isolation

S7 и Tele2 поощрят милями и гигабайтами соблюдающих самоизоляцию

Airline S7 and mobile operator Tele2 launched promotions that encourage limiting your movement of Russians in the conditions of a pandemic coronavirus. Users S7 in the award will get free miles, but Tele2 will give gigabytes.

Action «Fly home» provides 100 miles for each day, probity home. After registering on the site, every 24 hours is invited to click on the button «I’m home» — truthfulness will be tracked with geolocation devices.

The offer is available until April 30. Miles will not expire until the end of 2021.

When the service is «#dompedrogarajau» available to users of Tele2, the operator will automatically track the distance from the customer’s home. For every day that he never left the space with radius up to 500 meters, Tele2 will pay 1 GB. Accumulated gigabytes are valid for 30 days after accrual of the first GB.

Promotion is available for fares, «My Tele2», «Premium» and tariff «Social».

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GfK: in Russia increased the demand for laptops and home appliances

GfK: в России увеличился спрос на ноутбуки и бытовую технику

Research company GfK has reported a sharp increase in demand for electronics and appliances. Sales were influenced not only by quarantine in connection with the coronavirus, but the expected increase in prices due to changes in the dollar and the Euro.

On past experience we see that the sharp jump rate is a very strong incentive for Russian consumers to urgently implement the pending plans of buying electronics.

The first place on sales is laptops, the demand for them increased by 138%, which is almost two times higher than the same period of 2019. Interest in smartphones grew by 19%, higher than last year.

The full dynamics of the sales growth looks like (compared to the same period of 2019):

  • Laptops — 138%
  • Refrigerators — 85%
  • Washing machine — 58%
  • Televisions — 55%
  • Cookers — 37%
  • Smartphones — 19%

Laptops among the most popular models are more expensive than 40 thousand rubles — users update their outdated device. The demand for gaming computers has grown four times.

Special demand among smartphones used flagship model with a price higher than 50 thousand rubles. The premium segment grew by 23%. High dynamics of sales come from online.

GfK noted that while prices in the shops remain unchanged. This high growth will lead to a further decline in demand in 2020.

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«Yandex» and Google launched a free educational platform

«Яндекс» и Google запустили бесплатные образовательные платформы

The company «Yandex» has launched a free online school where the lessons are taught by analogy to a normal school.

The study takes place from 9 am to 14 PM. Between classes provided change. For learning children need only a computer or smartphone with Internet connection.

Students in grades 5-9 can watch the video tutorials in the «Yandex.Broadcast» broadcast live or record. There are classes in 15 subjects from physics to art. The lessons are the authors of textbooks and methodological AIDS, the experts of the exam and the organizers of the Olympiads.

«Яндекс» и Google запустили бесплатные образовательные платформы1

Graduates are provided training to use and OGE. There are intensive courses in algebra and geometry. You can also listen to popular science lectures. Teachers can use the video platform for lessons on the basis of «Yandex.Textbook».

In addition to «Yandex», its educational platform launched by Google. The project is called «Learn from home» — it was created jointly with the UNESCO Institute for information technologies in education.

The resource includes materials on how go to remote teaching ranging from organization of working space to conduct classes in the form of video calls, and without them.

«Яндекс» и Google запустили бесплатные образовательные платформы2

In addition, the «Learn from home» allows each teacher to create a microsite for your creation, where you get to add your class schedule, study materials, recommended reading list, and create online tests. There is integration with «Google docs» — it will help you check the job in real time.

Do not forget to Google about the sessions in the format of video calls. Added to the individual consultations, the opportunity to draw on the Board using graphs and formulas, together with the students and setting up newsletters to the curators of the class or the students ‘ parents.

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Set of Wallpapers with the new logo of OnePlus

Набор обоев с новым логотипом OnePlus

In mid-March, OnePlus introduced a new corporate identity, and also showed a colorful illustration of the updated logo. Now available full Wallpapers based on them.

There are four image resolution 2340×1080 pixels, suitable for most modern smartphones. In full resolution to download them, «Google Drive».

Набор обоев с новым логотипом OnePlus1

Набор обоев с новым логотипом OnePlus2

Набор обоев с новым логотипом OnePlus3

Набор обоев с новым логотипом OnePlus4

OnePlus will be presenting new products on April 14. Expected at least two smartphones: OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are almost identical in appearance. Mainstream 8 Lite OnePlus (OnePlus Z) reportedly will introduce later.

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Huawei P40 Pro took first place in the DxOMark rating

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark

The experts at DxOMark have tested the flagship Huawei P40 Pro. The company assessed the possibility of the smartphone’s camera, on 128 points, took first place in the ranking. Selfie camera is also has become a leader with 103 points.

Separately for fotosmoralo experts put 140 points, and for video 105 points. The closest competitor, the Oppo Find X2 Pro, is behind by four points.

The advantages of carried a very wide dynamic range, high detail zoom, fast and precise autofocus in any conditions, great detail in the side. Among the disadvantages of inaccurate color reproduction and white balance, a slight underexposure in bright light and lack of fine detail on the faces and strong chromatic noise on images in night mode.

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark1

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark2

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark3

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark4

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark5

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark6

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark7

Huawei P40 Pro занял первую строчку в рейтинге DxOMark8

Huawei P40 Pro is equipped with four main sensors: home 50 MP, f/1,9, 40 MP wide angle, f/1.8, periscope 12 MP, f/3.4 and ToF for depth measurements. Front camera is also dual: 32 MP, f/2.2 and IR TOF 3D to unlock in the darkness and depth measurements.

We will remind that it not the maximum version of the new flagship of the line Huawei. P40 Pro+ has five main sensors and in theory can collect even more points in DxOMark test.

Earlier it became known that the company allegedly paid DxOMark about 100 thousand euros for the «correct» testing chambers. Experts conduct the test and provide recommendations for configuring the software.

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The implementation of the law on the preset Russian moved to 2021

Реализацию закона о предустановке российского ПО сдвинули на 2021 год

The state Duma has shifted the date of entry into force requirements for pre-installation of domestic gadgets, imported into the territory of the Russian Federation. Amendments were adopted during the consideration of the bill granting the government the right to emergency mode. This writes TASS.

It was planned that the requirement will take effect from the first of July 2020. First, the manufacturer should have put the Russian software only for smartphones. Then it had to deal with computers, tablets and TVs with support for Smart TV.

Previously, the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronic and computer equipment (RATEK) proposed to postpone until January 1, 2021, the entry into force of the requirements of the preset Russian software gadgets.

In the list of mandatory PE programmes will include public services, search engine, antivirus, Navigator, messenger, social networks and personal payment system in the WORLD.

The software should be implemented on the territory of Russia belong to the Russian person, and the developer must not during the last five years to break the law in the area of personal data.

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