Canadian network revealed the characteristics of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Канадская сеть раскрыла характеристики Google Pixel 4 и Pixel 4 XL

The official website of the canadian branch of the network of online stores Best Buy has published 12 Oct information about the new smartphone Google, and then immediately removed it. Enthusiasts from 9to5Google managed to get acquainted with the contents of the page, which reveals the basic characteristics of the line Pixel 4.

In a promotional Google pays the most attention to the device’s camera, advertising software, Pixel 4, which will allow you to do «Studio photography anywhere and in a user-friendly form.» The image shows the updated application «Google Camera» with the new interface.

The company also reminds us that with the purchase of a smartphone you can get unlimited space on the service «Google Photos» and upload the original photos and shot in 4K video.

Канадская сеть раскрыла характеристики Google Pixel 4 и Pixel 4 XL1

The last item reported by Google, became the new gestures. For example, you can perform tasks without touching the device, and now the voice assistant is called swipe from a corner of the smartphone. The manufacturer has not announced about the new features on the page, but identified several important functions of the assistant, sending messages, getting the location and planning of the day — «all hands.»

Канадская сеть раскрыла характеристики Google Pixel 4 и Pixel 4 XL2

Characteristics are listed direct comparison with the Pixel 3 XL. The main double room is equipped with a sensor with 12 MP and another 16-megapixel sensor. There is support for 4K video recording, and front-facing 8-megapixel camera capable of recording in Full HD.

Smooth Display of 5.7 inches has a resolution Full HD+ (or 6.3-inch OLED display with a resolution Quad HD+ Pixel 4 in the XL). Between battery capacity 2800 mAh in a Pixel 4 and a 3700 mAh 4 XL the difference is 900 mAh. Also confirmed the Snapdragon 855 with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory.

Канадская сеть раскрыла характеристики Google Pixel 4 и Pixel 4 XL3

Канадская сеть раскрыла характеристики Google Pixel 4 и Pixel 4 XL4

The retailer is offering the device in the colors Just Black and White Clearly, but not the Oh, So Orange, which became known earlier in September. In Canada prices for smartphones start from 1049 canadian dollars (~51 000).

About other features of Google new flagship will be known on 15 October during the presentation Made by Google. In addition to smartphones, the event will showcase the laptop PixelBook Go, column Nest Mini and Buds 2 headphones Pixel.

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The history of the most popular mobile platforms in one video

История самых популярных мобильных платформ в одном видео

The author of the Data channel is Beautiful on YouTube publishes animated infographic, which compares the popularity of different: from games to superheroes. One of the last videos on the channel enthusiast gives an idea about how 1992 changed the market of mobile operating systems and which platforms are the most popular right now.

In the sample were some of the little-known Russian system. So, in the race for the leadership among mobile systems participated PalmOS, Bada and Firefox OS. Belongs to the latest Mozilla and lasted only two years — from 2013 to 2015.

Interesting to see how KaiOS is gaining a serious amount in comparison with other platforms for «push-button» smartphones. Device KaiOS allow you to install third-party applications to use GPS and Internet. One of the latest gadgets on this system was the Energizer E241 budget.

The video also stands out for the absolute dominance of Android and iOS in the last few years. Although the rate of market share used in the video, is not the ultimate metric of popularity, the emergence of new competitors leading operating systems looks unlikely.

The data source in the video are the quarterly reports by Gartner on the shipments of smartphones, so they can’t be an accurate representation of market share of the mobile OS.

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Updates apps of the week. 7-13 Oct

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября

For almost the past week is no different notable app updates. But, as has become customary, several applications has got the support of dark themes, yet a number have learned to follow the system settings.

Google Tasks 1.7 for Android

Task Manager, Google Tasks continues to evolve: now the version for Android supports the dark theme, and also got two widgets.

To fit the switch theme, the developers had to hide the option «Sort by…» from the pop-up menu: previously they were located in a vertical list.

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября1

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября2

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября3

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября4

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября5

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября6

The main widget displays a list of tasks in a specific list, and also allows the right from the home screen to mark a task as completed or to go to the screen for creating a new one. The design of the widget can be light or dark, and the size is changed manually. The second widget is a shortcut to add a task size of 1×1.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

Using the Google Camera 7.1 for Android

Some time later, after the release of «Google Camera» version 7.0, the company has officially released a stable version with an index of 7.1.

The interface of the viewfinder has become easier: timer, flash, and other switches are now hidden and appear when needed in the pop-up window, slider and tabbed modes moved under the shutter button.

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября7

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября8

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября9

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября10

Now the Camera gives hints on how best to place the smartphone to shoot a good selfie and will allow you to quickly share photos to social networks: you need to swapnote up preview of the last picture to the right of the shutter button. Supports lots of services including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others.

Camera 7.1 also features a number of minor changes, including the front-end.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

Microsoft Launcher 5.9.0 for Android

Microsoft moved the parental control settings of the Xbox one and Windows 10 mobile Microsoft Launcher for Android.

A parent can limit the usage time of each of the installed applications, and set auto increase of this parameter, for example, at the weekend. In addition, these settings are now synchronized between Xbox one and Windows 10, so that the child could not change the device and continue to use the game or application.

Microsoft has corrected the error in performance and the individual elements of the launcher.

Download: Google Play

Bonus: dark theme

This week three applications got a dark theme, including the popular Instagram. More than any innovation the following programmes is not seen.

  • Overcast 2019.10: App Store
  • Instagram: Google Play / APKMirror / App Store
  • Shazam 10.1.1: Google Play
  • Evernote 8.24.1: App Store

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября11
Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября12

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября13
Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября14

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 октября15

In addition, a YouTube app, Nova Launcher and Pocket Casts on Android, already have the alternative design, learned how to monitor the status of system preferences and change the interface automatically.

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Telegram may postpone the start of the blockchain because of the decision of the American court

Telegram может отложить запуск блокчейна из-за решения американского суда

Command Telegram commented on the situation with a temporary ban on the sale of cryptocurrencies Gram, which put the U.S. government. It is reported by The Bell, having read the letter to investors: it was sent out a day after the news about the court decision.

In the letter, the Telegram tried to establish contact with representatives of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the United States, which initiated the proceedings in court. Now the company is looking for ways out of the situation. One of the possible solutions — transfer of the start date of the blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network.

We are working diligently to quickly resolve this issue and hope to provide new information within the next week.

TON must be started no later than 31 October 2019, as follows from the agreement with the investors. Otherwise, the company will have to return attracted $ 1.7 billion. However, in the contract, which was leaked, said that the actions of the government agencies considered force majeure.

In early September, a messenger announced that open beta testing of the blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON).

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Patch AliExpress will help to turn an old smartphone into iPhone 11 Pro for $ 3

Накладка с AliExpress поможет превратить старый смартфон в iPhone 11 Pro за 3 доллара

On AliExpress there are lots of massively offering overlays on camera iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. They imitate the design of a triple camera iPhone 11 Pro.

Most sellers two options: average overlay cost about 200 rubles, and also a variant with a matte cover case made of silicone, which hides the glossy cover of the previous iPhone. This set will cost about 300 rubles.

Twitter user Angel Jiménez showed in the video how it looks:

One of the lots there are almost 500 orders, reviews yet.

In addition to triple camera in an unusual design, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have chipset Apple A13 Bionic, improved sensor, True Depth, Apple chip U1 to improve wireless connectivity and extended battery.

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Project Pegasus can bring 10X the capabilities of Windows for traditional PCs

Project Pegasus может привнести возможности Windows 10X на традиционные ПК

Windows Central reports that Microsoft is working on a project with the code name Pegasus, which extends the scope of 10X Windows on traditional computers.

Windows 10X presented in early October on Surface Event as an operating system for devices with a folding screen. The first winner of the platform was the Neo Surface.

Windows 10X is more than just a redesign for computers with two screens; this is a new, modern version of Windows, which was rebuilt from the ground up to meet modern performance requirements

Windows 10X deprived of a legacy front-end solutions and programs (for example, «control Panel»), features a new update service, Windows Update, and does not lose in speed with time.

Project Pegasus может привнести возможности Windows 10X на традиционные ПК1
Concept. The Author — Zac Bowden

Windows Central Microsoft just announced the Windows 10X as soon as the new generation operating system, because the company is first required to upgrade all users of the outdated Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Windows 10X it does not replace the Windows 10 even after the launch of Project Pegasus: the last will be saved for the professionals, designers and gamers, and more easy and simple Windows 10X for others. She will be able to compete with Chrome OS.

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Windows Central


Nomad Base Station Pro: the working alternative to AirPower

The Nomad company specializing in accessories for Android, introduced the device, which may be analogous cancelled AirPower. Charging station Base Station Pro is capable of charging three devices — two iPhone and headphones AirPods on your body.

«Mat» supports wireless technology Qi, and the maximum charging power of each device is 5 watts — it means to fast-charge Apple, even if it is supported by gadgets that will not work. Power comes from a 27-watt power adapter USB Type-C.

Nomad has partnered with the brand Aira, who is engaged in wireless charging technology FreePower. It allows you to locate devices that need to charge. The technology works across the surface of the tablet and regardless of the position of the smartphone or case for the headphones.

Nomad Base Station Pro: работающая альтернатива AirPower0

Nomad Base Station Pro: работающая альтернатива AirPower1

Nomad Base Station Pro: работающая альтернатива AirPower2

Design Base Station Pro is made in the same spirit as all wireless chargers company — aluminum body with special leather trim. The weight of «Mat» — 544 grams. Package includes charger and cable length of two meters.

Base Station Pro does not support the Apple Watch, as Apple still uses its own charging standard for their wearable devices.

According to the manufacturer, charging station should be available «soon», however price information is not yet available. Examples of devices can be viewed on the official website Nomad.

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DxOMark praised the camera Redmi K20 Pro level with Google Pixel 3

DxOMark оценила камеру Redmi K20 Pro на одном уровне с Google Pixel 3

Resource DxOMark made a rating of the rear camera of the smartphone Redmi K20 Pro. The flagship of the Chinese manufacturer located in ranking between Google Pixel iPhone 3 and XR with an overall score of 102 points.

Photo smartphone got 108 points: the experts called DxOMark camera high performance in all tests with no apparent flaws. The color reproduction is good in all conditions, although there are occasional poor saturation and a light shade of pink. Autofocus while sometimes occurring failures and instability in most scenarios works exactly.

DxOMark оценила камеру Redmi K20 Pro на одном уровне с Google Pixel 31

DxOMark оценила камеру Redmi K20 Pro на одном уровне с Google Pixel 32

DxOMark оценила камеру Redmi K20 Pro на одном уровне с Google Pixel 33

DxOMark оценила камеру Redmi K20 Pro на одном уровне с Google Pixel 34

When shooting in low-light conditions K20 Pro «excellent» control of noise and white balance, but when using the optical zoom noticeable strong noise and loss of detail. Mode bokeh does its job.

When shooting video, which Redmi K20 Pro was awarded 89 points, the color reproduction is good only when recording outdoors: indoors met instability. Detailing is one of the weaknesses of the video on the K20 Pro, but operates effectively noise reduction.

Stability is not too good resists movement when walking or trembling of the hands, and the autofocus system works quickly and adapts to new conditions.

Redmi K20 Pro features triple rear camera with main sensor 48 MP (f/1,75), a telephoto lens 8 MP (f/2.4) and ultrawide sensor of 13 MP (f/2.4). The smartphone is able to record videos in 4K at 60fps, has a laser autofocus and dual flash.

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The US government has suspended the sale of cryptocurrency Telegram

Власти США приостановили продажу криптовалюты Telegram

District court in Manhattan imposed a temporary ban on the sale of cryptocurrencies Gram in relation to the Telegram Group Inc and TON Issuer Inc. The plaintiff, a Commission at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

The lawsuit States that the defendants sold approximately 2.9 billion tokens Gram 171 investor, including 39 U.S. buyers. This allowed to gain $ 1.7 billion. However, the sale was not registered as a securities transaction as required by the securities Act of the United States from 1933.

Our emergency measures intended to prevent Telegram to flood the US markets with digital tokens, which, we believe, is sold illegally, Stephanie Avakian, co-chair of the SEC enforcement division

Telegram intends to launch a cryptocurrency until 31 October 2019. Otherwise, the company will have to return collected $ 1.7 billion. In early September, a messenger announced that open beta testing of the blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON).

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Rozetked Weekly: release date PS5, unusual smartphone Essential and boorish Robocop

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский

This week is full of «iron» announcements: PlayStation 5, fancy smartphone Essential, the new flagship OnePlus. However, we start with the sad news.

Died Alexei Leonov

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский1

On the 85th year of his life in the Moscow hospital named after Burdenko died Alexei Leonov — the first man in history to enter the open space.

October 15 will be a farewell to the astronaut at the Federal military memorial cemetery.

Revealed the appearance and specifications of Google Pixelbook Go

At the disposal of journalists from 9to5Google have gotten a new chromebook Pixelbook Go, the official announcement which is expected at the presentation Made by Google on October 15.

The device is a 13-inch laptop (Full HD) with a ribbed bottom surface and a matte finish on the top panel. The laptop is equipped with Intel Core M3, 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. In addition, the expected version with a 4K screen, core i5,i7, 16 GB RAM and 128,256 GB ROM.

Other features: two port, Type-C, 3.5 mm audio Jack, stereo speakers on the sides keyboard.

Presented OnePlus 7T Pro: is that all?

OnePlus introduced an updated version of the flagship 7 Pro OnePlus — OnePlus 7T Pro. The update turned out mildly modest: the new Snapdragon 855+, the battery capacity increased by 85 mAh and charging speed increased by 23%. And withdrawn from sale Junior configuration is 128 GB.

The rest is all the same to 6.67-inch flagship with a display refresh rate 90 Hz and triple the main camera on 48+8+16 MP.

In Europe, sales of the OnePlus 7T Pro will start October 17 at the price of OnePlus 7T Pro 8+256 GB — 699 pounds (~55 800 rubles).

Announced the release of the global version of MIUI 11

The official Indian account of the shell MIUI Twitter announced the release date of the 11th version of the shell — 16 Oct.

A list of devices that will receive the update the day of release MIUI 11, still not disclosed. Among the many innovations of the 11th version of MIUI lies in the system ads.

When to wait for the PlayStation 5?

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский2

Vice-President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan shared with the edition of Wired release date for the PlayStation 5. The new console will be released at the end of 2020 in Japan, USA and Europe.

The fifth generation of the PlayStation will be updated in the controller, similar in design to the DualShock 4. He will get «adaptive triggers,» and the port Type-C.

However, it is expected backwards compatibility with games from the PlayStation 4, but Sony can’t guarantee that 100% of the games from the fourth generation will be launched on the PlayStation 5. Japanese companies make every effort to establish compatibility and please expect details.

The release of macOS Catalina

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский3

Apple has released a stable version of the new OS for Mac computers. Major changes in release Catalina: iTunes is divided into the Apple Music app and the service management data iPhone in Finder mode Sidecare that turns iPad into a second monitor.

Twitter is back on Mac

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский4

About a year ago the social network Twitter has removed the official client for Mac from the App Store, citing the low popularity of the app. Now Twitter is back thanks Project Catalyst technology for porting apps from iOS and the iPad OS to macOS.

Instead of helping the robot-the policeman ordered the woman to «get off the road»

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский5

In the County of Los Angeles local resident Who Gabara turned to Robocop RoboCop HP about the fight. Repeated pressing of the emergency button did not succeed. The robot ordered the woman «to get off the road» and continued patrolling the streets.

Eventually police were called in the traditional way by phone, but by the time they arrive the fight is over.

This is a unique smartphone from Essential?

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский6

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский7

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский8

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский9

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский10

Former CEO Essential Andy Rubin posted on Twitter with pictures of an unknown device with an unusual elongated form factor.

According to the photos, the device will get a front camera with a cutout in the display, a single core module in a large round block, a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel with the gradient.

The questions of Twitter users Andy Rubin said: «We worked on a new device, which is currently in the early stages of testing. We look forward to the opportunity to share details about it in the near future.»

For sale in Russia

Rozetked Weekly: дата выхода PS5, необычный смартфон Essential и хамоватый робот-полицейский11

This week sales distinguished, together with the Samsung Galaxy A20s — mainstream smartphone with triple main camera.

Camera on the back panel of the device includes a main sensor of 13 MP, the depth sensor of 5 MP and ultrasonically the lens at 8 MP.

Display smartphone has a diagonal of 6.5 inches, a resolution of 1560×720 pixels and «cut drop» for the front camera. Other specs: Snapdragon 450, 3/32 GB battery 4000 mAh, port Type-C.

The recommended retail price Galaxy A20s is 13 990 rubles.

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