Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with a curved on all four sides of the screen

Xiaomi запатентовала смартфон с загнутым с четырёх сторон экраном

In the database of the WIPO (World intellectual property office) published a new patent Xiaomi. It depicts a smartphone without limits. This is achieved by rounding out the display from all sides: he comes not only on the side face (as the series of Samsung Galaxy S), but top to bottom.

On the rear panel is the module dual camera with flash. No buttons, no fingerprint scanner on the patent not shown, from which it follows that the smartphone will have a fingerprint scanner under the screen. On the bottom there is a port USB Type-C.

Xiaomi запатентовала смартфон с загнутым с четырёх сторон экраном1

Unclear the time with the front camera: Xiaomi maybe it does not. It is possible that the self-module is hidden under the screen, as in another recent patent of a Chinese company.



Stock Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S10 before the announcement

Стоковые обои Samsung Galaxy S10 до анонса

Insider Ishan Agarwal has published in his Twitter-account Wallpapers that will be pre-installed on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10.

There are four image resolution from 596×284 to 1342×608 pixels. It’s not the maximum quality in the final firmware flagships will be sewn Wallpaper with resolution corresponding to the screen.

Стоковые обои Samsung Galaxy S10 до анонса1

Стоковые обои Samsung Galaxy S10 до анонса2

Стоковые обои Samsung Galaxy S10 до анонса3

Стоковые обои Samsung Galaxy S10 до анонса4

To download all the available Wallpaper available on «Google Drive».

Series Galaxy S10 will be officially presented on February 20. Expected three smartphones: S10e, S10 and S10+. The Junior model will get a 5.8-inch display, a fingerprint scanner at the sides and a double main camera. S10 and S10+ will be equipped with enhanced screens, triple the core modules and built-in led display fingerprint sensors.



Google Pixel the fastest growing smartphone brand in the United States

Google Pixel — самый быстрорастущий бренд смартфонов в США

The report, released by the analytical company Strategy Analytics, reports that the smartphone Google Pixel is the most growing brand in the territory of the United States.

According to Counterpoint, the U.S. market for smartphones continues to lead Apple with a share of 39% and Samsung, which occupies a quarter of the market.

«Like Apple, Google is targeting wealthy Americans using high-tech devices eSIM and a variety of applications. Pixel — the new iPhone?», — Neil Mawston, the author of the report

The main reasons why our own line of smartphones Google is considered to be able to compete with the iPhone, called one of the best cameras that work with «Google Assistant» and timely Android updates.

Strategy Analytics


The trailer for «Big Shark» — new movie Tommy Viso

The author of «the worst movie in history,» Tommy Viso has officially released the first trailer for his new film «Big Shark». Now the Director collects the necessary funds to finish the film this year.

One of the main roles in the film will play himself Tommy Viso. Also in the cast are Greg Sestero («Room») and Isaiah Laborde («City bomb»).

The film tells the story of shark attack on New Orleans, which will face three firefighters. The output of the «Big sharks» is scheduled for the fall of 2019, but so far only in the UK.

Tommy Viso became famous thanks to his painting «Room», where he played the title role and directed. Critics and audiences called the film «the worst in the history of cinema».

In addition, users of the Internet «Room» will remember the dialogue between the characters and some phrases that have become memes. For example, «hi, mark!» or «You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!».


Marvel unusually advertised the upcoming film «Captain marvel»

Marvel необычно прорекламировала грядущий фильм «Капитан Марвел»

Marvel has launched a new web site of the franchise «Captain marvel». This will be the first Studio film with the main superhero is a woman. The events of the film will occur in 1995.

The website created in the style of the web 90-x years: the abundance of. GIF images, the font Comic Sans and primitive design.

As it turned out, the website not only allows you to plunge into the Internet as it was 20 years ago, but has a hidden «Easter eggs»: When you open any picture of the site in a new window, user is redirected to the domain i.annihil.us. Given the large number of rumors about the appearance of supervillain Annihilus in kynoselen, it can be considered an official confirmation.

The main character is Carol Danvers, an employee of the U.S. air force, who received superpowers due to the fusion gene with the alien race the Kree. In the film, she will participate in the conflict between two alien races, the Earth was at its epicenter.

«Captain marvel» leaves in the Russian hire on March 7.


Microsoft convinces to stop using Internet Explorer

Microsoft убеждает перестать использовать Internet Explorer

Specialist in cybersecurity, Microsoft’s Chris Jackson in a company blog published an article, «the dangers of using Internet Explorer as your default browser». In it he described the problems encountered by remaining users of the product.

We do not support new web standards for him, and although many sites are working properly, the developers now don’t test in Internet Explorer. They are tested in modern browsers

In Jackson’s words, users of IE can use a smaller amount of modern web services and sites that need fresh standards. The use of Internet Explorer is justified when some corporate decisions, but for everyday use, the browser is no good.

Research firm StatCounter reports that in January 2019, Internet Explorer was used 2.7% of users.

Support for Internet Explorer discontinued in 2015. Since Microsoft is touting Edge browser, included in Windows 10. Now the company is working on a version of the product based on Chromium.



Appeared release date limited edition version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Появилась дата выхода лимитированной версии Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung official website Philippines posted a release date for the limited edition version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+. According to the resource, to buy a smartphone will have March 15, 2019.

According to leaks, this model has a ceramic case, built-in 1 TB and 12 GB of RAM. The South Korean manufacturer recently announced the release of the memory chips with a capacity of 1 TB for smartphones. It is possible that the Limited Edition model will be built this chip.

Появилась дата выхода лимитированной версии Samsung Galaxy S10+1

It is unknown what else will be different limited edition version of the regular Galaxy S10+. In the «plus» version is expected front-facing camera with two modules 10 and 8 MP, as well as a 6.4-inch display SuperAMOLED.

All devices of Galaxy S10 will be equipped with the 855 chipset Snapdragon or Exynos 9820, back enabled wireless charging IOS and Android Pie shell 9.0 with One UI. Samsung is going to introduce new products during the conference Galaxy Unpacked 2019, which will be held on February 20.

In addition, on 9 February, was published stock Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S10. Try them right now.


The video showed the production process of glass Gorilla Glass

American company Corning was a pioneer in producing safety glasses, protection for releasing the first iPhone under the brand name Gorilla Glass.

iPhone was the first phone with a capacitive screen, while all manufacturers have used resistive screens with a plastic protection. Since resistive screens is completely abandoned, and the protective glass was much thinner and stronger.

На видео показали процесс производства стекла Gorilla Glass0
How to change the thickness of the glass depending on the generation.

Journalists CBNC decided to tell the way of producing safety glass, which visited one of the factories of Corning. As it turned out, the process is very complicated and time-consuming, the materials for glass are brought from all over the world.

In the first stage, all the ingredients are mixed in a large tank. All the proportions are kept in strict secrecy, they are known only by engineers. They also ensure that the resulting mixture had flaws.

During production, employees are not allowed to touch not yet the finished product, so the production line is fully automated. At the final stage of glass production laminated and Packed for shipping.

To maximize the strength of the glass immediately prior to installation of the smartphone, they undergo another process of strengthening. The glass is lowered into a hot bath with salt, where he entered microparticles of potassium, this process is called ion exchange.


Apple distributes three-month subscription to the Music. Even those who were already signed earlier

Apple раздаёт три месяца подписки на Music. Даже тем, кто уже был подписан ранее

Apple sends out notifications to users who have canceled the subscription streaming service Apple Music. Customers are offered three free months of use — even if they already used a trial period earlier.

Users receive two types of notifications: with the header «We have changed» and «Never too late». Notification get not all former subscribers of the service, but Apple is apparently ramping up efforts to broaden the base of listeners.

«»We have changed» Apple Music talks to me like my ex»

For Russian users the action is also relevant: on the proposal again to the test period in the Apple Music report in Twitter.


Apple AirPods 2 will be even more expensive, and AirPower will present this spring

Apple AirPods 2 станут ещё дороже, а AirPower представят этой весной

Resource MySmartPrice, citing its reliable source, told about the second generation Apple AirPods wireless headphones, and the wireless charging station AirPower.

AirPods 2 outwardly look almost identical to the first generation. Apple has made changes to more «impressive» bass, and also used a new coating to improve the fit of the headphones.

It is expected the use of new sensors, including heart rate monitoring. Battery life will remain at the same level or even reduced, as the battery capacity will not change.

Apple AirPods 2 present in the course of this year for around $ 200 (~13 100), the source said. The first version was being sold for 159 USD (~10 400 rubles). There will be new color headphones — black.

A platform for wireless charging of AirPower, which cupertinos the company introduced in 2017, will be released this spring along with a case for wireless charging AirPods first generation.

AirPower will be a little thicker than expected and has additional functions, some of which will be inactive until the release of iOS 13. Price — about $ 150 (~9900 rubles).