MacWorld: iPhone 12 can be compared in performance with the MacBook Pro

MacWorld: iPhone 12 может сравняться по производительности с MacBook Pro

Editor, MacWorld’s Jason Cross has shared his thoughts on the expected performance of the smartphone Apple iPhone 12. According to Jason, the main novelty of the phone will be in the new 5-nm chipset A14, which will allow the device to demonstrate the performance of the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

At first glance, the transition from 7-nanometer technology to 5 nm special weather will not make, the author notes. But the new chip is enough to hold 15 billion transistors. Most modern processors, including desktop, will be much to give Apple the A14 on this indicator. This means not only increasing the overall system performance, but also improved the processor with AI technology, says Cross.

In addition to the CPU with lots of transistors 12 iPhone can get a more powerful graphics system. It is also expected to 6 GB of memory with increased bandwidth.

According to rumors, the release of the iPhone line 12 will take place in the second half of this year. It is expected that three model: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. In addition to the new processor and increased RAM, the smartphone will boast a 3D camera-enabled mobile networks the 5G standard.

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LG has introduced a range of TVs in 2020

LG представила модельный ряд телевизоров 2020 года

At CES, LG introduced a line of OLED TVs and NanoCell 2020. Flagship OLED models have become the 88-and 77-inch models GX Gallery. LCD models NanoCell this year’s got panel 8K and 4K, as well as improved performance.

New TVs work on the basis of intelligent CPU third generation of α (Alpha) 9. Thanks to the machine learning algorithm improves image quality and enables playback and storage of various content types, indicates LG. The TV works as before, under control of its own WebOS platform.

New line TV has a minimalist design. This will reduce not only the scope but also the thickness of the TVs: a 65 inch has a thickness of only 20 mm.

LG представила модельный ряд телевизоров 2020 года1

LG представила модельный ряд телевизоров 2020 года2

LG представила модельный ряд телевизоров 2020 года3

LG представила модельный ряд телевизоров 2020 года4

LG представила модельный ряд телевизоров 2020 года5

To improve the display quality on the new TV was possible thanks to the support of Dolby Vision IQ and the new regime Filmmaker Mode. About this mode, say many eminent Directors, because it allows you to see movies the way they were intended by the Creator, without additional postprocessing. Not bypassed and the sound of the TVs, so there is support for Dolby Atmos.

The company has prepared and solutions for gamers. New LG TVs become the first in the market with the support of technology Nvidia G-SYNC. Because of this, the company itself calls them «the most advanced gaming monitors on the market.» Yet this contributes to a refresh rate of 120 Hz OLED models.

About the cost and date of start of sales of new models are not reported.

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THR: Chris Bremner wrote the script for «Bad boys 4» and «Treasure of the nation 3»

THR: Крис Бремнер пишет сценарий для «Плохих парней 4» и «Сокровищ нации 3»

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sony has begun preparing the script for the fourth part of the «Bad guys». The script for the film writes Chris Bremner, who was responsible for leaving in hire on January 23, the film «Bad guys forever.»

Other details about the project are currently not available. It is expected that their roles will be back will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Who will be the Director of the film is unknown.

In addition to the new «Bad guys», Chris Bremner busy creating script to continue the adventure franchise «national Treasure». Producer trikvela was Jerry Bruckheimer, and helps him in this Studio Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment. Back Nicolas cage and Diane Kruger to their roles — a source said.

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Elon Musk complained Jack Dorsey on bots in Twitter

Илон Маск пожаловался Джеку Дорси на ботов в Twitter

Bloomberg reports that the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey held a video conference where you asked Elon musk what he would change in the social network. According to Ilona, one of the major problems of Twitter is bots, which is difficult to collect adequate and accurate feedback from consumers.

«It would be useful to distinguish them from real users. Is this a real person? Or is it a bot? Or something like «army of trolls»? The opposite of what users do act, it is manipulation of the system by different stakeholder groups,» said Musk.

Under the «army of trolls» and «interested group» means Twitter community TSLAQ, I think in Bloomberg. Members of this group are the most active critics of the activities of both the Mask and his companies.

In addition to complaints of fake users on Twitter, the head of SpaceX, said that in five to nine years, people will be able to send tweets directly from Mars. Previously Musk announced Tesla function of communicating with people through external speakers.

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Android Police: Google is working on support in Chrome OS

Android Police: Google работает над поддержкой Steam в Chrome OS

During CES 2019 Android Police editor David Ruddock talked with the Director of product Chrome OS Kan Liu. He said that the Chrome OS team is working on the implementation of the official Steam support.

Liu did not disclose terms of implementation, but confirmed that Steam will work inside a Linux environment that runs inside Chrome OS. App store games can be installed on Linux, but Chrome OS official support, and quality of performance optimization, no.

According to Ruddock, Kang Liu, claimed that the Chrome OS team is working to integrate Steam with Valve, but hinted at it.

The bulk of Chromebooks — inexpensive laptops with basic functionality that will not be able to run the majority of available Steam games. Liu said that this may change, with particular growth segment is waiting for the Chromebook AMD.

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Android Police


Released the second trailer for the action Comedy «Mad miles»

There was a second trailer sci-Fi Comedy «Mad miles», in which the main character performed by Daniel Radcliffe will be forced to fight for his life on a makeshift gaming arena.

The new trailer loser miles wakes up fastened to the hands of guns. He is forced into Slippers and a robe to escape from the girl’s killer, until she realizes the only way for him to fight.

Director and screenwriter of the film stands Jason lei Gouden. The main roles in the film performed by Daniel Radcliffe, Samara weaving, Natasha Liu Burdizzo, Ned Dennehy and mark Rowley. The premiere of the film in Russia will take place on 27 February.

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Warner Bros. and ed boon create animated movie of Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros. и Эд Бун создают анимационный фильм по Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros. Animation and game designer ed boon has begun work on the animated film series of fighting games Mortal Kombat, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The tape was called Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, and its premiere will be held in the first half of this year.

Director’s chair got Ethan Spaulding, who is known on the film «Batman: Assault on Arkham». The script for the animated MK writes Jeremy Adams. He previously worked on the series «Supernatural». The showrunners of the project were Rick Morales and James Krieg, known for the films «Batman vs. two-face» and «Batman: Gotham Gaslight».

The characters and Legends Mortal Kombat: Scorpion’s Revenge will take part: Joel McHale, Jennifer carpenter, Jordan Rodriguez, Patrick seiz on and many others.

Recall that work on a full-fledged film based on Mortal Kombat was completed at the end of 2019. If nothing changes — the film will be released in Russian cinemas on March 4, 2021.

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The Hollywood Reporter


Oppo Find X2 can get the QHD+ with a refresh rate of 120 Hz

Oppo Find X2 может получить экран QHD+ с частотой обновления 120 Гц

In social network Weibo has information about the specifications of the flagship smartphone Oppo Find X2.

According to the source, the device can be curved 6.5-inch screen with a resolution of QHD+ (3168×1440), a refresh rate from 60 to 120 Hz, and built-in selfie camera. Also Oppo will allow you to switch between FHD+ and QHD+.

In a phone-based Snapdragon 865 modem X55 to work in 5G networks. Other characteristics remain a mystery. Prezentacja Oppo Find X2 will be held this quarter — said the source.

Oppo Find X2 может получить экран QHD+ с частотой обновления 120 Гц1

Previously insider Mukul Sharma posted in his Twitter renders of the Oppo Find X2, which you can see the unusual design of the rear camera.

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Foxconn will develop electric cars for China

Foxconn займётся разработкой электромобилей для Китая

The company Foxconn, which is known to most as a collector iPhone, signed an agreement to establish a joint venture with Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler. The company plans to produce elektromobili.

According to available information, the partners will have equal share in the new joint venture. Two units of the Foxconn (Hon Teng FIT and FIH Mobile) will develop software for future vehicles and their systems. Their responsibilities will include creating technologies for the «Internet of vehicles» (Internet of Vehicles; IoV). Production of future electric vehicles will be deployed at the facilities of Fiat Chrysler.

First, the new car will appear on the Chinese market. Export is possible in the longer term, said a company representative.

Chinese electric-vehicle market is the largest in the world. In 2018, the country had sold more than 2 million such cars. By 2025 this figure could rise to 7 million

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Nikkei Asian


Prestigio ReVolt A1 — wireless station for simultaneous charging of three devices

Prestigio ReVolt A1 — беспроводная станция для одновременной зарядки трёх устройств

Prestigio has released a wireless charging station for simultaneous charging of three devices, and targeting Apple products. The station received the name of ReVolt and A1 became the first product in this niche.

ReVolt A1 has a metal housing: the representatives of the brand claim that the gadget will fit in any interior and not take up much space on the work surface.

Prestigio ReVolt A1 — беспроводная станция для одновременной зарядки трёх устройств1

Prestigio ReVolt A1 — беспроводная станция для одновременной зарядки трёх устройств2

Prestigio ReVolt A1 — беспроводная станция для одновременной зарядки трёх устройств3

Prestigio ReVolt A1 — беспроводная станция для одновременной зарядки трёх устройств4

The main features of the ReVolt A1:

  • the possibility of simultaneous charging up to three devices;
  • support for fast wireless charging up to 10 W;
  • metallic design;
  • compliance with the Qi standard and CE and RoHS certifications;
  • the ability to charge your smartphone right in the case, in vertical or horizontal position.

Wireless station designed to simultaneously charge AirPods, Apple Watch and any smartphone with support for wireless charging. The indicator on the front will inform you that it is charging. Have the ability to charge your smartphone in cases with thickness up to 4 mm, the speed of charging the case has no effect.

Charging station ReVolt of the A1 are already available for purchase in stores M. Video, Svyaznoy, DNS, and «Citylink» at the price of 4990 rubles.

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