Rozetked Weekly: assistant «Tinkoff Bank» conceals customers ‘ language, and the Chinese government «dudoit» Telegram

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram

Leaving week was remembered curses from the digital assistant «Oleg» in the application «Tinkoff Bank», the official render Pixel 4 well before your presentation, and of course new stories involving Keanu Reeves. Where do without him?

E3 2019: Keanu Reeves and Geralt will appear where they were not expecting

This week in Los Angeles rocked the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, which is not without a number of high-profile announcements. One of them was the appearance of canadian actor Keanu Reeves in the upcoming action adventure Cyberpunk 2077 of Polish developer CD Project RED.

Reeves got the role of one of the key storyline characters in the game — johnny Silverhand. However, the actor had the honor to call the release date of the game during the press conference Microsoft. The audience, which is the address of Keanu shouted from the audience «You’re unbelievable!» will receive a collector’s edition of Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Project RED.

Another incredible announcement at the press conference of Nintendo. After several leaks, the Japanese company has officially announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — the Complete Edition for the portable console Nintendo Switch. The release will be this fall.

Here is Pixel 4

The official Google account on Twitter has published a render of the fourth generation of the flagships of the Pixel, the output of which is expected in October. The image reveals the design of the back panel of the device.

According to render, Google has gone from the visual separation of the back panel in glossy and matte part. Now the entire surface is homogeneous. In addition, the first in a series smartphones will get dual Pixel main camera. It is located in the massive square module.

Before the advent of official render of the network is already full of leaks regarding the Pixel 4. We have gathered them all in a separate video.

Digital assistant from the «Tinkoff Bank» learned to swear in a few hours

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram1

In a mobile application «Tinkoff Bank» was started open testing corporate digital assistant «Oleg», which is able to give advice from «Tinkoff-Journal», book movie tickets, book restaurant reservations and manage card customers.

From users of the social network Twitter received complaints that «Oleg» poorly expressed when dealing with clients. According to the response from the representatives of «Tinkoff Bank», the assistant is trained on open data, and therefore exposed to the evil influences of the world.

Presented Mi Band 4

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram2

Chinese company Xiaomi officially unveiled the fourth generation smart bracelet Mi Band. The main difference of the new device from its predecessors — color AMOLED-display with a diagonal of 0.95 inches, protected by tempered 2.5 D glass.

In addition, the stated water resistance (immersion up to 50 metres), 77 coloured dials and tracking 6 sports along with daily activity and sleep.

Sales of the Mi Band 4 will begin June 14. The device is offered in the regular version for $ 169 yuan (~1577 rubles) and with NFC — 229 CNY (~2140 rubles).

Huawei is testing its OS, but USA has postponed the sanctions for 2 years

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram3

According to the China Global Times, Huawei has launched testing of its own operating system HongMeng, which involved a number of companies like Tencent, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. In addition, it is reported that one of the partners said that the HongMeng «faster Android by up to 60%».

HongMeng is expected to launch in China in the coming months. It is expected that the OS will debut with 30 Huawei Mate or Huawei P40.

Meanwhile, the office of management and budget the White house at the request of Congress has established a period of two years for a ban on Federal contracts with companies involved in trade relations with Huawei.

The ban on the use by American companies of Huawei equipment and selling their technology to the Chinese company saved. It will come into force on 19 August after the expiration of the 90-day deferral.

The Chinese government staged a DDoS attack on Telegram

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov commented on Twitter malfunctions in the service, seen June 11. According to Durova, it was a DDoS attack from IP addresses located primarily in China. The attack coincided with protests in Hong Kong regarding the new draft law on extradition of prisoners.

For the attack on the Telegram used to be «infected» computers of unsuspecting users — a botnet-a network. It is assumed that the messenger was the main communication tool of the protesters, which was subject to a DDoS attack.

For sale in Russia

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram4

Sale this week’s open network players Aurender A30 and A100. A100 — a more affordable model from the HDD to 2 TB and SSD-cache capacity of 120 GB, a server function and a microchip AK 4490 supports audio up to 32 bit/768 kHz.

Aurender A30 — flagship model with HDD 10 TB and SSD-cache to 480 GB. In addition to the functions of the server and the player, the device acts as a CD Ripper and headphone amplifier.

New items are on sale at the following prices:

  • Aurender A100 — 300 000
  • Aurender A30 — 1 500 000 rubles

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram5

The Korean company Samsung launched in Russia sales of the flagship Galaxy S10 and S10+ in red design. From the point of view of technical specifications, these devices do not differ from their versions in other colors.

Suggested retail value:

  • Galaxy S10 — 68 990 rubles
  • Galaxy S10+ — 76 990 rubles

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram6

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram7

This week in Russia came brand realme with two new smartphones — C2 realme and realme 3 Pro.

realme S2 — a budget smartphone on Android 9.0 Pie (ColorOS 6 Lite) with a 6.1-inch IPS display (2340×1080 pixels) with cut-straw, processor Helio P22, raised body, dual main camera on the 13+2 MP ( f/2,2+f/2.4) and a battery of 4000 mAh.

realme 3 Pro — the medium-budget model again on Android 9.0 Pie (ColorOS 6.0) with a 6.3-inch HD IPS display (2340×1080 pixels) with cut-straw, Snapdragon processor 710, dual main camera on the 16+5 MP (f/1,7+f/2,4) and battery on 4045 mAh.

Both devices are already available for purchase in the online platform Tmall:

  • realme S2 2/16 GB — 6990 rubles
  • realme S2 3/32 GB — 8490 rubles
  • realme 3 Pro 4/64 GB — 15 990 rubles

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram8

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram9

Rozetked Weekly: ассистент «Тинькофф Банка» кроет клиентов матом, а правительство Китая «дудосит» Telegram10

Today on sale in territory of Russia made the «older» version of the smartphone Oppo Reno — Reno 10x Zoom. From the usual Oppo Reno it is distinguished flagship Snapdragon 855 and 10-fold hybrid triple zoom from the main camera.

The smartphone is equipped with a 6.6-inch AMOLED-display with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels, port, Type-C, 3.5 mm audio Jack, NFC and a battery of 4065 mAh. The front camera is hidden in pull-out module.

The official cost of the Oppo 10x Zoom Reno in Russia — 64 990 rubles for the version on 8/256 GB.

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Google Pixel 4 noticed in «the wild»

Google Pixel 4 заметили в «дикой природе»

The resource 9to5Google published a photo from an anonymous source, which depicted a smartphone with a similar design of the rear camera on the Google Pixel 4.

The placement of the rear camera in a square block with two main sensors on the sides flash and the «spectral» sensor is fully consistent with published in Twitter-account Google render.

Google Pixel 4 заметили в «дикой природе»1

Google Pixel 4 заметили в «дикой природе»2

Based on the size of the phone 9to5Google suggests that photographed the XL-version. It is enclosed in a fabric cover.

The photo was taken in London. According to the informant, the front part was not removed, but the top frame of the smartphone is indeed thicker than the lower, and there are two front of the camera.

OnLeaks previously published CAD renderings of the Google Pixel 4, and blogger Unbox Therapy fell into the hands of the metal «blanks» both versions of the device.



Foldable Huawei Mate X will be released in September

Складной Huawei Mate X будет выпущен в сентябре

A Huawei representative told CNBC that the sales start of the foldable smartphone Huawei Mate X will begin in September of this year. At the presentation devices in February it was announced that it will be in stores in mid-year.

Spokesman of the Chinese company said that Huawei is conducting additional testing with mobile operators worldwide, and mobile app developers who adapt their products for the flexible display.

The company has become «more cautious» because of the massive technical problems the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold. In April, bloggers and journalists who received the device to test the reported damage of the display. Its sale had to be postponed.

We don’t want to release a product that could destroy our reputation, is the representative of Huawei

Also, the press Secretary assured that the Huawei will be able to deliver Mate X consumers even after the introduction of the company in the «black list» of the US government. The smartphone will run on Android as it was submitted before the announcement of the sanctions.



Samsung official: the launch of the Galaxy Fold will be held in August at the earliest

Сотрудник Samsung: выпуск Galaxy Fold состоится не раньше августа

An anonymous employee of Samsung Electronics told The Korea Herald online that the date of the event dedicated to the launch foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold, is still not determined.

If this month [July] we will organize a media event, then we need to do something now. But nothing changed after the transfer of sales in April.

Initially, the start of sales of the smartphone Galaxy foldable Fold was appointed on April 24, but after massive problems with a flexible display, the company canceled the event. Informed a Samsung spokesperson told CNET that details about the launch of the Galaxy Fold will appear in the «coming weeks.»

Samsung told The Korea Herald that experts have finished inspection of the damaged specimens and are in the process of developing measures to address problems. The company wants to increase the longevity of the joint and to reduce the gap between the protective layer and the display panel.

Huawei will start selling its foldable smartphone called the Mate of X in September: the company does not want to release a product that could «destroy the reputation».

The Korea Herald


Boston Dynamics, the robot learned to fight back?

On the YouTube channel Corridor has a video with part of a robot company Boston Dynamics. It professionals beat the robot chair, a bottle, a hockey stick, a whip, and even shoot a gun.

At the end of the video a robot and beats up his attackers, and then at gunpoint makes them work.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is not a robot, and the actor in a green suit, who imposed schedule. 18 hours since the publication of the video had been viewed over 1.3 million times.

Meanwhile, the latest video from Boston Dynamics we saw a month ago. It robots SpotMini drag truck.


Algorithm Adobe has learned to identify the use of Photoshop on photos

Adobe specialists together with scientists from UC Berkeley have created an algorithm that helps to determine whether you have used Photoshop to edit photos. While this is only an experiment, and to make it a commercial product in Adobe do not plan to.

Although we are proud of the impact of Photoshop and other Adobe products on the world, we are also aware of the ethical impact of our technology. Fake content is a serious and increasingly urgent problem.

The algorithm was trained on the definition of Liquify tool, which is often used to edit the shape of the face. For that purpose the company to «show» the neural network with two photos, one of which was processed, and the second is the original.

Алгоритм Adobe научился определять использование Photoshop на фото0

Thus, the algorithm was able to identify up to 99% of the processed photo, while to the naked eye people determine, only 53%. In this case the algorithm can even tell you how to restore a photo to its original condition, but to click «cancel all changes» so far away.

The distortion of reality in the network has already become the norm and a new algorithm was only the first step in combating this. The company is already thinking about creating neural networks that could monitor the change in skin tone.


IPhone renders XR 2019 with transparent cover

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом

Famous Indian insider Sudhanshu Ambhore (@Sudhanshu1414) published on Twitter, one of the renderings of the new Apple smartphones with a transparent case for the upcoming iPhone XR 2019.

The design of the device confirms all the previous leaks. So, in the new dual camera will be positioned vertically in a square projecting unit along with flash and «Bang» will remain the same. The smartphone will also come in the color «blue», which exists in the standard version of the iPhone XR.

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом1

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом2

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом3

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом4

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом5

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом6

Рендеры iPhone XR 2019 с прозрачным чехлом7

Presumably, the device will receive a 6.1-inch screen with a resolution IPS-matrix 1792×828 pixels, the new A13 processor, Apple Bionic, two camera sensor at 12 MP and an adapter for quick charging. It is expected that Apple will introduce the iPhone XR 2019 along with the other models this fall.


Apple has closed access to the online store for older versions of macOS

Apple закрыла доступ к интернет-магазину для старых версий macOS

Apple has restricted access to its online store for older versions of macOS. This drew the attention of the publication Macotakara.

Now the minimum version of macOS to use the Apple online store — 10.10.5 Yosemite. Besides, it requires the Safari browser version 10.1.2 or newer. Changes are related to the security of the users: recent releases of the software support tools needed for protection.

Apple закрыла доступ к интернет-магазину для старых версий macOS1

To get around the restriction using third-party browsers will not work: — compatible with macOS Yosemite version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also support the Apple Store. To upgrade to the next version of macOS called El Captain will not be able computers and laptops, released to 2007-2009.



Xiaomi closed the program of beta testing of MIUI

Xiaomi закрыла программу бета-тестирования MIUI

On the website of the Mi Community, the official forum of the Chinese company Xiaomi, there was a message on the termination of the beta of the global version of MIUI firmware. The program will be closed from July 1 this year for Xiaomi and Redmi brand.

According to the company, at this step, the developer went to satisfy the requirements of most users and often produce stable updates. MIUI Beta is not a primary way of introducing new functions in the firmware, the letter said.

Xiaomi has promised to focus on improving MIUI that will allow developers to provide the best optimized stable version of the shell. All necessary security updates will still be delivered to each user in a timely manner.

The letter notes that the closure of beta testing will not affect the smartphones of the company, participating in programs Android One or Android Go — they have a stock firmware and do not need to update MIUI. Also the blog does not mention the Chinese beta program is MIUI, which, most likely, will continue as usual.



Xiaomi Mi 9T 21 880 rubles on AliExpress!

Xiaomi Mi 9T за 21 880 рублей на AliExpress!

On AliExpress offer a global version of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9T (aka Redmi K20) for a record 21 880 rubles. A seller with a good rating.

Available version with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. Colors: black or blue with overflow. Other sellers the price starts from 23 thousand rubles.

Additionally, you can return up to 6% of the value of the goods using the cash back service.

Xiaomi Mi 9T за 21 880 рублей на AliExpress!1

Xiaomi Mi 9T equipped 6,39-inch AMOLED screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner. Front camera extendable to 20 MP. Camera triple: 48 (main)+8 (telephoto)+13 (wide) MP.

Snapdragon Processor 730. Accumulator with the capacity of 4000 mAh, support fast charging 18 watts. There is NFC and connector mini-jack.

Previously, we wrote about the Pro version of the device, which they sell at promotional price 24 847 rubles (instead of 28 538 rubles).