Facebook Messenger gets a major update

Facebook Messenger получает крупное обновление

Facebook has released an update for its messenger app with new design. The first time it is told during the conference F8 in may of 2018.

Of the features of the redesign, you can highlight a grouping of nine three tabs: «Messages», «People» and «Explore». Also to standard colors added gradients for chat settings.

Messenger still has additional functions: games, bots and reminders. However, most of them now hidden in the menus to simplify the interface.

The update will gradually be available to all users of Messenger app for iOS and Android.

At the beginning of year it became known that the social network began testing the dark version for mobile messenger.


ActionDash will replace Digital Wellbeing on any smartphone

ActionDash заменит Digital Wellbeing на любом смартфоне

The team of the popular app Action Launcher released ActionDash intended to replace the services of «Digital prosperity» in Google, which only works on some smartphones running Android 9 Pie.

The app allows you to control the smartphone usage statistics: how often the user unlocks the device, how much time is spent on each app per day, how many notifications it receives.

ActionDash заменит Digital Wellbeing на любом смартфоне1

ActionDash заменит Digital Wellbeing на любом смартфоне2

ActionDash works on most smartphones: it requires only access the usage history. There are export statistics and the paid version will remove the seven-day limit on the duration of storage of information.

ActionDash available in Google Play for free.


iOS 12 was the most stable version of the system over the last 10 years

iOS 12 оказалась самой стабильной версией системы за последние 10 лет

In recent years complaints from users iPhone and iPad on the stability of iOS is significantly more than the number of bugs and errors in a separate Assembly system sometimes exceeded all reasonable limits.

At WWDC 2018 Apple has promised to finally tackle this problem in iOS 12 they finally made it realize the promise.

A Good Digital Agency Brothers shared some statistics based on data from Google Trends. According to her, the number of search queries «iPhone slow» after the release of iOS 12 drastically reduced, especially noticeable on the background of the iOS 4 and iOS 11.

iOS 12 оказалась самой стабильной версией системы за последние 10 лет1

Moreover, such requests were much less than in the days of iOS 6, which many still consider the benchmark of stability, the number of owners of iOS devices since then have increased manifold, therefore, in practice, errors began to meet more frequently.

12 iOS became available in September 2018 to owners of all devices updated to iOS 11, including the iPhone 5S.

Good Brothers Digital


App Store brings in more money than Google Play, but lags behind in downloads

App Store приносит больше денег, чем Google Play, но отстаёт по загрузкам

Analytical service Sensor Tower has published an annual activity report on users of mobile applications.

In 2018, App Store earned record of 46.6 billion dollars, which is almost twice ahead of the nearest competitor in the face of Google Play, earned 24.8 billion, the growth Rate remained at the store from Google.

Regarding the downloaded apps, then Google Play is a traditional leader for more devices in the year 2018, the number of downloads jumped to 75.7 per billion, 29.6 billion from the App Store.

App Store приносит больше денег, чем Google Play, но отстаёт по загрузкам1
The revenue figures for each store
App Store приносит больше денег, чем Google Play, но отстаёт по загрузкам2
The number of application downloads
App Store приносит больше денег, чем Google Play, но отстаёт по загрузкам3
Revenues from mobile games
App Store приносит больше денег, чем Google Play, но отстаёт по загрузкам4
Data on the number of downloaded games

In addition, the service has shared individual data on downloads of mobile games, revenue from which has increased to 54.8 billion, and the number of downloaded games to 38.3 billion.

The ratio of revenue from games and downloads in both stores is approximately the same as data apps: the App Store is leading in profits, and Google Play number of downloads.

Sensor Tower


Another leak confirms three models in the line of Galaxy S10

Очередная утечка подтверждает три модели в линейке Galaxy S10

Famous insider Evan Blass, known as Evleaks, published in his blog on Twitter new images of the upcoming line of Samsung flagships in silicone covers.

Overall, nothing new renderings do not show, only confirming triple main camera the older models (Galaxy S10 and S10+) and its absence in the younger versions — presumably, it will have the name of the Galaxy S10E, and to be a simplified version of the new flagships and at the same time a competitor to the iPhone XR.

This is not the first leak about the new «galaxies»: previously, became available to image devices with a cut in the screen under the front camera and podkladnymi a fingerprint scanner, which, according to rumors, will not work correctly with protective films and glass.

The official announcement of the jubilee generation of the Galaxy series will be held on February 20 in London and San Francisco.



How to turn your Android smartphone into OnePlus?

Как превратить свой Android-смартфон в OnePlus?

Developer under the name MarcAnt01 released Oxy-ify module for administrator privileges, Magisk. He will bring the smartphone to the sheath of Oxygen OS that is installed on OnePlus devices.

Oxy-ify includes boot animation, audio effects and ringtones, and branded applications (Camera, Gallery, Weather and launcher) from smartphones OnePlus. Throughout the system font will change to OnePlus Slate, also used in Oxygen OS.

To install the module, you will need Magisk, which in turn doesn’t work without unlocked bootloader. Installation manual can be found here and download the Oxy-ify here.

Install the module at your own risk!


Facebook is testing an application for viewing memes

Facebook тестирует приложение для просмотра мемов

TechCrunch, citing its own sources reported about the new app for users of the social network Facebook, which is called LOL. It is possible to view the funny videos and memes.

Sources, LOL will be a stand-alone application or, alternatively, would extend to one of the existing applications Facebook. It is known that LOL will be split into three categories: «For you», «Animals» and «School».

Content taken from the best pages meme on Facebook, and the app itself test about 100 high school students who signed the confidentiality agreements. However, according to the newspaper, some memes are old fashioned.

At the moment view a sample LOL content on the site Facebook in Watch section. The press-Secretary of Facebook told The Verge that the concept of the app is now at an early stage and it is unknown when it will be released.


Day in history: the first BlackBerry device released 20 years ago

День в истории: первое устройство BlackBerry выпущено 20 лет назад

20 years ago, January 19, 1999, the company BlackBerry, then called Research In Motion brand, has released their first device — a two-way pager, the RIM 850.

For its time, the device was revolutionary: equipped with a new 32-bit Intel 386 processor with 4 MB of internal memory, a portable gadget is able to send and receive emails.

Other functions — calendar, address book, task list, calculator and alarm clock. All the options appraised corporate users, display at shestistrunnoi monochrome display, and controlled with the QWERTY keyboard.

День в истории: первое устройство BlackBerry выпущено 20 лет назад1

However, RIM 850, never became a popular work in networks DataTAC, who began to give way to more advanced CDMA and GSM. But in 2005, PC World put the device on the 14th place in the list of the best devices in history.

BlackBerry still sells phones with a full keyboard, such as BlackBerry KEY2. They are focused on business customers, which in addition to the ease of entry important safety data.

But in 2016 the BlackBerry belongs to the company TCL, which also produces smartphones of the brand Alcatel.


Remember the design of boxes of VHS tapes with this video

The Internet is gaining popularity as a trend comparison with 2009 2019 year, but what if you look next? In December 2018 a 4096 channel has published a video in which animated colorful cover VHS.

The video is called — blank vhs covers were kinda beautiful (with English., the cover of the VHS was quite beautiful). In the play of geometric shapes the design of the covers, which gradually change. In the background plays the track HOME Before the night.

Вспомните дизайн коробок VHS-кассет с этим видео0
One of the covers of VHS

VHS (Video Home System) cassette analog format tilt-horizontal video recording, introduced in 1976 by the JVC company. Cassettes were used for recording and playback on the VCRs that were popular in the 2000s. On the assessment of the JVC for the year 2002 has sold over 900 million video devices that support VHS.


Rumors about the iPhone XI: the battery is 4000 mAh and the display 120 Hz

Слухи об iPhone XI: батарея на 4000 мАч и дисплей 120 Гц

According to the insider, published in Weibo, the next generation iPhone with a presumptive title XI, or 11, will receive a number of notable technological innovations.

The source points is increased to 4000 mAh battery capacity model Max. For comparison, the iPhone XS Max battery is used for the 3174 mAh. Also appear fast wireless charging with power of 15 watts, although current smartphones support only 7.5 watts.

It is reported that the frequency of the updates display in the 90-120 Hz. Probably the iPhone will be able to adjust this indicator for the best offline experience. Also once again confirmed the presence of a triple main camera. According to the insider, it will consist of wide angle, super wide and telephoto lens with triple zoom.

Leakage should be treated with skepticism: there is no evidence the hearing.

Update: concertmaster Benjamin Gaskin stated that this information — in fact, his «wish list» for the next iPhone, which is published as a leak.

«This is NOT a real leak. Someone took my wish list to iPhone 2019 and posted on Weibo as the leak.»