Review OnePlus 8 Pro: now it has everything

This year for the OnePlus can be called unusual: the company is preparing the debut of a fully wireless headphones and the first time a mainstream smartphone. But, most importantly, the company finally moved away from the strategy of «maximum performance at minimum price.» OnePlus series 8 remember the slogan «flagship killer», which was advertised OnePlus One in 2014, it just will not work.

However, a significant increase in the cost allowed the manufacturer to implement in smartphones, those chips that used to specify the list of benefits does not work because of their high cost. Find out if OnePlus ultimate is the flagship?


  • Dimensions: was 165.3×74,4×8.5 mm, 199 g
  • Display: of 6.78″, 3168×1440 AMOLED, 120 Hz, Gorilla Glass, HDR10+
  • CPU: 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, of 2.84 GHz, Adreno 650
  • Memory: 8/12 LPDDR5 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB UFS 3.0
  • Camera: 48 MP, f/1,78 + 48 MP, f/2,2 + 8 MP, f/2.4 + 5 MP, f/2.4 (primary), 16 MP, f/2.4 (front)
  • Battery: 4510 mAh, Charge 30T Warp, Warp Charge 30 Wireless
  • OS: Android 10, OxygenOS
  • Connection: USB 3.1 Type-C, Wi-Fi 802.11 ax, 5.1 Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, 5G, Dual SIM, NFC
  • Available colors: black, green, blue
  • Cost: from 65 000 rubles

Design and display

Somehow, OnePlus decided not to pursue the idea of a round block of main camera, which is implemented in the OnePlus 7T. Fresh flagship externally can be distinguished from OnePlus 7 Pro only by the number of photosensors in the back and the hole in the display for selfie camera (from last year’s smartphone that is hidden in drawer unit). Although the most careful to pay attention to the new logo.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё0

Judging by the comments on the network, most users prefer retractable front module as 7 Pro / 7T Pro. It is clear from the aesthetic side, but that has enough drawbacks: construction takes the body a lot of space and deprives the smartphone quality protection. In OnePlus 8 Pro, including through the transition to a «hole» in the screen was able to increase the capacity of the battery and maintain protection IP68 — but more on that later.

The flagship is available in three colors: glossy Black and matte Onyx Glacial Green or Ultramarine Blue. The first quite boring, the latter is perhaps too blue (the shade 7 Pro was better, I think), Glacial remains Green. On most photos on the net it’s just green, although in living color shimmers c pale turquoise to dark green — it looks cool. And a single plus sign for frosted glass Gorilla Glass.

The buttons and connectors, everything is standard: power key and the lever to change sound modes on the right, volume rocker on the left, on the bottom face symmetrically placed USB 3.1 Type-C, the main speaker, a microphone and two nanoSIM tray.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё1

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё2

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё3

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё4

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё5

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё6

Immediately I must say that the smartphone giant, and even more than last year’s 7 Pro due to the increased diagonal display. Yes, you get used to it after a couple of days, but fans iPhone SE new from OnePlus is contraindicated. However, the buttons located at a comfortable height, and with the idea that upper elements on the screen to stretch accounts for the second hand cost of dealing even with the advent of the popularity of smartphones 6 inch+ — all the same advantages of the big screen too.

Now for the display. OnePlus it touted almost half of the presentation, he and 10-bit, and HDR10+, and with a peak brightness 1300 nits, and various color palette covers the maximum, and 4096 levels of automatic brightness adjustment is, and even received the highest evaluation labs DisplayMate.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё7

But the harsh reality is: users are faced with several challenges of the matrix. Some have it zelenit at a low brightness, others have some kind of bar at the top, the third — slip artifacts. Some errors have been corrected in software, but judging by the fact that support for OnePlus decided to offer a number of owners of the smartphone an exchange or repair, there are hardware faults.

It is not clear, can count on such help buyers 8 Pro from Russia (most likely not), so that the first instalment is missed, waiting for the debug output. Interestingly, almost every smartphone OnePlus faces a particular problem with the matrix, and Oh, dear, «the eight» is especially sad to see.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё8

But the main feature of screen is the maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz. Especially cool effect after switching from a smartphone with a display of 60 Hz. No wonder OnePlus refers to the Fluid AMOLED screen — the picture on it is really like «flows». And running a high frequency at any prescribed resolution, be it FullHD+ or QuadHD+, unlike the flagship one South Korean company.

It is worth mentioning about the noticeable curvature of the screen, leading to glare, potentially costly repairs and the saddest thing of all about the taps. And if the non-retractable camera OnePlus sacrificed beauty for functionality, with the introduction of a curved matrix — on the contrary.

Performance, software and chips

Of course, OnePlus 8 Pro — the «beast»: advanced Snapdragon chipset, fast memory and LPDDR5 UFS drive 3.0 with «uluchshiteli» Turbo Write and Host Performance Booster doing its job. That applies to the operation of the system, and games — all super fast and superpawn. Don’t know what else to add, in this aspect, the smartphone will not disappoint.

In AnTuTu Benchmark our version of 12+256GB gaining 598 166 points in GeekBench 5 — 903 points in single-core and 3344 points in multi-core tests. This is not a record, but for any performance goals will be enough.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё9

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё10

Perhaps the greatest advantage not only OnePlus 8 Pro, but all smartphones of the company is a shell OxygenOS. She embodies exactly what you want a «clean» Android with a splash of useful chips. For the eighth series producer rewrote all of the animations and worked on the dark theme and embedded option Live Caption from Google (here it’s called «Auto subtitles»). And recently, OnePlus announced plans for the next innovations.

By the way, bonus: all buyers of «eights» and the younger, and older will get 100 GB space in Google One (aka Google Drive) free for three months. A trifle, but nice.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё11

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё12

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё13

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё14

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё15

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё16

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё17

One of the main complaints about the smartphone OnePlus any longer: 8 Pro has finally received support for wireless charging. Yes, some by as much as 30 watts. It’s not the best on the market indicator, but for half an hour 50% of capacity without wires is cool. But this is implemented only using the proprietary charger. With a built-in fan!

Wired Warp Charge 30T allows you to fill the battery half even faster, in 23 minutes.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё18

The stated standard of protection of IP68 allows you to immerse your smartphone under water to a depth of not more than a meter not more than half an hour. However, if OnePlus like any other manufacturer, will not repair or change the smartphone is under warranty, so abuse this opportunity is not worth it. However, the compatibility degree of protection IP another long awaited for fans of OnePlus innovation 8 Pro.


In OnePlus 8 Pro has four image sensor at the back and one in front. Briefly about the front-facing camera: 16-megapixel Sony IMX471 with an aperture of f/2,45, shoots well, but in low light it is noticeable that the details on the face are lubricated — is a minus.

In the back of the camera varied. There are clear wide-angle Sony IMX689 48 MP (output resolution to 12 MP) aperture f/1,78, «swearshirt» is also a 48-megapixel, but with an aperture of f/2.2, and a telephoto lens at 8 MP (f/2,44) can triple zoom «without loss» (that is, not purely optical), and a 30-fold digital zoom. Optical stabilization is tallensi and the main sensor. And there is another mysterious Color Filter 5 MP — he was the most interesting.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё19
Examples photo
Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё20

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё21

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё22

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё23

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё24

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё25

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё26

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё27

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё28
The camera interface
Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё29

This sensor when you turn on the filter «Photochrom» captures some part of the infrared spectrum, allowing to Shine through some objects: for example, plastic, glass or liquid. Some even managed to enlighten loose clothes. The latter fact has forced OnePlus to apologize — the company explained that the General laid this functionality. For Chinese firmware version «Photochrom» generally cut out, promising to return the filter after completion.

The flagship is not exactly top of the photo on the market, losing and Google Pixel, and iPhone, and Huawei, but colors and detail in good light behind slightly. I would like to note the option Nightscape 3.0 — night mode at OnePlus are really good and sometimes it results I like more than what is obtained at the output Pixel.

The real work

The battery life varies greatly depending on the active display mode. You can enable 120 Hz at peak resolution QuadHD+, while squeeze all available 1300 neath and put the smartphone in a few hours of active work. And you can be more wise to choose, for example, [email protected] Hz or less pleasant to use from it will not, but in this mode, the phone will make it through the day with small. And no need to look at an impressive 4510 mAh in the specifications, such capacity is only needed in order to provide all bells and whistles, but not for stretching fun for two or three days.

Обзор OnePlus 8 Pro: теперь в нём есть всё30

Remembering the beauty of OxygenOS: the lack of graphical bells and whistles significantly helps in speed. OnePlus 8 Pro is not the only one with this set of iron, but certainly one of the quickest. I think the comments about smooth, any mobile games too redundant.

The fingerprint scanner hidden under the screen, works pretty fast but not so accurate as we would like: sometimes you have to hold the finger again, changing his location. And as practice shows, it is not particularly trained with time.


I must admit that I’m a fan of OnePlus — I had One, OnePlus 3T and 7. And OnePlus 8 Pro finally have everything what I could wish for — high display rate, moisture proof, wireless charging, high-quality shell, a decent (if not better) camera.

No cons, not really too cost — flanged edges of the screen, very very huge size no alternative (8 OnePlus loses on a number of parameters Pro version), the potential problems with the matrix. Someone can scare and a cutout for the selfie camera, but now he does not mind: it is clear that this is only a stage on the way to podanym sensors.

But most importantly, the smartphone has become much more expensive and is already close to this parameter to the flagships of Samsung, Huawei and Google minimal version costs $ 899 (~64 400 rubles) — «Yandex.Market» from 65 000 rubles. But the lack of it? Without increasing the cost the company would be unable to implement all of these chips. In my opinion, OnePlus 8 Pro justifies its price tag with a vengeance.


Hublot introduced the smart watch without a GPS for 5800 dollars

The company Hublot has introduced its new smart watch on Google Wear OS — Big Bang e. Date of start of sales are not reported, but known price — $ 5,200 (~357 800 rubles).

The first model (Big Bang) was a limited edition — it was used by the judges at the world Cup 2019. The new version should be available for purchase.

Watch Big Bang e available in two versions in ceramic (5800 dollars) or titanium ($5,200). The dial is protected a sapphire crystal glass, AMOLED screen with a resolution of 390×390 pixels. The watch is protected from water — can be submerged up to 30 meters. For management, there are physical rotating crown on the right.

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов0

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов1

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов2

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов3

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов4

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов5

Hublot представила умные часы без GPS за 5800 долларов6

Inside the Snapdragon Wear 3100, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB permanent memory. The battery is only 300 mAh should be enough for a day use. No GPS, but there is NFC. 4.2 Bluetooth Wi-Fi 4 (2.4 GHz). Provides exclusive dials.

Buy Hublot Big Bang e will be the first online in the USA, China, Europe and the UK.

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Leak: the timing of the release EMUI UI 10.1 and Magic 3.1 for Europe

Утечка: сроки релиза EMUI 10.1 и Magic UI 3.1 для Европы

Site Huawei Central with reference to own source published the release dates of updates of smartphones and the Huawei Honor to EMUI version 10.1 skins and UI Magic 3.1. Date relevant for Europe.

  • Huawei Mate Pro 30 — beginning of June
  • Huawei P30 — mid-June
  • Huawei P30 Pro — the beginning-end of June
  • Huawei Mate 20 — end of July
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro — end of July
  • Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Edition is the end of July
  • Huawei Mate 20 X (4G/5G) — mid July
  • Huawei Nova 5T — end of July
  • Honor V20 / View 20 to mid — July
  • Honor of 20 — the middle of July
  • Honor 20 Pro — mid July

Clarifies that the deadlines may change for various reasons. A list of devices that will receive the upgrade, Huawei could expand in the future.

The new firmware give you the opportunity to try a branded app for video calls Huawei Huawei MeeTime, photo syncing between devices and improved mode of «multi-screen» and the voice assistant Celia. There are other changes.

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9to5Mac: Safari in iOS 14 will get built-in translator and full support for Pencil

9to5Mac: Safari в iOS 14 получит встроенный переводчик и полную поддержку Pencil

9to5Mac have studied early build of iOS 14, and found that Apple is working on the integration of an interpreter of the sites in Safari, as well as full support for Apple Pencil stylus on web pages.

Built-in translator allows you to translate any text and navigation elements on websites without third-party applications. This function will be available for automatic translation, and when you activate on each page manually. Safari will determine the current language of the site, and will allow you to switch between the translation and the original version without reloading the page.

All transfers will be processed locally using Neural Engine, that is, does not require network access, writes 9to5Mac. In the future the function will apply to the entire system can be translated, for example, the description and the reviews on the app in the App Store.

9to5Mac also found that the iPadOS update 14 will bring the full support of the introduction of the Apple Pencil on websites, which makes it compatible not only for scrolling and touch, but also for drawing and markup with all its possibilities in Safari and other browsers.

Presentation iOS iPadOS 14 and 14 will be held at the WWDC 2020, which will start online on June 22.

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Canalys predicts a decline in PC shipments by 7% in 2020

Canalys прогнозирует спад поставок ПК на 7% в 2020 году

Research firm Canalys expects that the market for personal computers in 2020 will decline by 7% in terms of volume. The reason is the impact of the pandemic coronavirus.

The maximum drop in PC shipments happened in the first quarter of the year when the index fell 9%. In the second and third quarter the market will begin to recover due to the start of production capacities in China and the presence of unmet demand in the segments of remote work and education.

Canalys прогнозирует спад поставок ПК на 7% в 2020 году1

The surge in demand recorded in the category of laptops, as many companies found the experience of remote work successful. The same applies to education, where schools have invested in the development of digital curriculum, said Ishan Dutt, an analyst at Canalys.

Most of the affected segment of the desktop PC, as procuring their companies faced with the uncertainty of the situation in the near future. The decline in the volume of shipments will take and tablets.

Canalys expects global PC market will return to growth of 2% in 2022.

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Google fixes a bug that led to crash Android when you install the image on the Wallpaper

Google исправляет баг, который приводил к сбою Android при установке снимка на обои

Developers have found that it leads to the failure of the interface of Android system after installing a specific image as your desktop Wallpaper. In late may, the network began to spread a similar picture.

This image coded in a color palette Google/Skia/E3CADAB7BD3DE5E3436874D2A9DEE126, which is available in graphic library Skia from Google. In Android 10 and older all graphic elements are automatically converted to palette sRGB.

Error occurs when calculating the brightness of each pixel to convert the formula .2126f * r + .7152f * g + .0722f * b where r, g and b values of red, green and blue colors, represented in 8-bit values from 0 to 255. The final value is rounded.

In this particular image the RGB values of one pixel equal to 255, 255, 243. Substituting them into the formula, after rounding results in a value of 256 — which is more than the maximum possible (255). This leads to crash of System UI and sometimes the entire system.

Crashing System UI Google Pixel 4

A similar bug, reproducible only with a combination of rounding errors and conversion errors the color space does not affect the Android 11: the palette Skia is not converted to sRGB by default.

In Google have confirmed that already have a solution to fix this bug. When it will be implemented is unclear. Your bugfix has prepared and developers free firmware LineageOS.

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«Yandex» has launched a service for booking of medicines in pharmacies

«Яндекс» запустил сервис по бронированию лекарств в аптеках

«Yandex» has launched a service for booking of medicines, followed by self pharmacies. It works on the basis of «Yandex.Health», but is available in the «Maps».

A «Health» need to find the necessary medicines, add them to the shopping cart and the following to choose from which pharmacy to pick up the order. Immediately displays the total amount to choose the most profitable option. On readiness and retention periods of the order will be sent via SMS. Payment occurs only in the pharmacy.

«Яндекс» запустил сервис по бронированию лекарств в аптеках1

Drugs can be searched through the search of «Yandex» or «Cards». Services will redirect the user to «Health».

«Yandex» every week it handles 25 million requests about medicines. And now we have combined all the services with a script search of drugs. Thanks to this our users find it easier to understand where and at what price you can buy the right drugs, — Vyacheslav Gorlizki, project Manager

Is connected to the service 2,300 pharmacies across Russia. In the near future due to the connection of new networks «Yandex» will increase the number of points to 17 000. The company also plans to launch a delivery service of medicines via drivers «Yandex.Taxi».

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Began a large-scale sale of «Time to play»

Началась масштабная распродажа «Время играть»

In PS store started a large-scale sale «Time to play», in which give significant discounts on new games and titles, time-tested.

The best deals in the PS Store:

  • God of War — digital enhanced edition — 899 rubles (instead of 1999 rubles)
  • Far Cry 5 — Gold Edition — 1199 rubles (instead 5099 rubles)
  • UFC 3 — Deluxe edition — 909 rubles (instead of 3499 rubles)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — 1799 rubles (instead of 3999 rubles)
  • Assassin’s Creed: the Origins — DELUXE EDITION — 2759 rubles (instead of 4599 rubles)
  • Resident Evil 3 — 2299 rubles (instead of 3499 rubles)
  • Resident Evil 2 — 1199 rubles (instead of 2299 rubles)
  • DOOM Eternal — 3249 rubles (instead of 3999 rubles)
  • Rainbow Six Siege — 608 rubles (instead of 2029 rubles)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege — Gold Edition — 1924 ruble (rubles instead 3849)
  • The Outer Worlds — 1799 rubles (instead of 3499 rubles)
  • Death Stranding — 1799 rubles (instead of 4499 rubles)
  • Death Stranding digital extended edition — 2299 rubles (instead 5099 rubles)
  • Borderlands 3 — 1799 rubles (instead of 3999 rubles)
  • Days Gone — 1199 rubles (4499 rubles)
  • The Division 2 — 599 rubles (instead of 2029 rubles)
  • HITMAN 2 — 1299 roubles (rubles instead 4399)
  • Metro: Exodus — 919 roubles (instead of 2299 rubles)

In addition to games, the campaign will have the opportunity to save 30% on the purchase of PS Plus subscription. Also at a reduced price will be available for the PS4 console and accessories. For example, PlayStation 4, Pro 1 TB can be bought for 999 rubles 28, and Pro with PlayStation 4 games God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn for 29 999 rubles.

DualShock 4 controller in different colors will drop to 2 999 rubles, and DualShock 4 in the limited edition «Green camo» — up to 3 299 rubles. The sale will last for two weeks, until June 17.

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The range Honor Play 4 with support for 5G

Представлена линейка Honor Play 4 с поддержкой 5G

The Honor was presented in China smartphone Honor Play 4 and Honor 4 Play Pro — advantage devices became available and 5G.

Honor Play 4 comes with a chipset MediaTek Dimensity 800, screen 6.71 inches with Full HD resolution and a front camera, which is housed in the hole on the front of the phone.

Located behind quadricamere, consisting of a main sensor 64 MP, wide-angle lens at 8 MP, 2 MP macro lens and depth sensor 2 MP.

Of the other technology is liquid cooling, VC and the battery capacity of 4300 mAh with quick charging is 22.5 watts.

Honor Play 4 Pro different from the younger version of more productive stuffing. The basis — Kirin 990 5G SoC with 8 GB of RAM and 128 ROM. Screen size — 6.81 inch. The main camera includes a 40-megapixel sensor Sony IMX600 along with an 8-megapixel lens with a 3x optical zoom.

Battery — 4300 mAh battery with fast charging 40W. Another trick Play Pro 4 — infrared temperature sensor that can measure temperatures from minus 20 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius.

Представлена линейка Honor Play 4 с поддержкой 5G1
Honor Play 4
Представлена линейка Honor Play 4 с поддержкой 5G2
Honor Play 4 Pro
Представлена линейка Honor Play 4 с поддержкой 5G3

Представлена линейка Honor Play 4 с поддержкой 5G4

Представлена линейка Honor Play 4 с поддержкой 5G5

The Honor Honor Play 4 and Play 4 Pro:

  • Honor Play 4 (6+128GB) — 1799 yuan (~17 300 rubles)
  • Honor Play 4 (8+128 GB) — 1999 yuan (~19 200 rubles)
  • Honor Play 4 Pro (8+128 GB) — 2899 yuan (~27 800 rubles)
  • Honor Play 4 Pro with IR-sensor (8+128 GB) — 2999 yuan (~28 800 rubles)

The smartphone is already available for pre-order in China.

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Sega announced the Game Gear Micro — a remake of the Game Gear portable console

Sega анонсировала Game Gear Micro — ремейк портативной консоли Game Gear

Company Sega in honor of its 60th anniversary, will release a Game Gear Micro — a smaller version of the handheld console Game Gear — it came out in 1990.

Diagonal screen, the new console will be 1.15 inches, and dimensions — 80 mm, 43 mm and 20 mm. Together with the console, customers will receive a set of pre-installed classic games such as Puyo Puyo 2, Out Run, Sonic the Hedgehog, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, etc.

The novelty will be on sale on the Japanese market October 6, 2020. Price Game Gear Micro will be 4980 yen (~3100 rubles).

Sega анонсировала Game Gear Micro — ремейк портативной консоли Game Gear1

Sega анонсировала Game Gear Micro — ремейк портативной консоли Game Gear2

Sega анонсировала Game Gear Micro — ремейк портативной консоли Game Gear3

Sega анонсировала Game Gear Micro — ремейк портативной консоли Game Gear4

Sega анонсировала Game Gear Micro — ремейк портативной консоли Game Gear5

The choice will be available in four colors — for each option has its own set of games. A set of four consoles will cost at 29 980 yen (~18 900 rubles) — bundled with it will give accessory Big Window, which increases the size of the screen using a special lens.

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