Infographics the size and payload of the rockets of the NASA’s program «Artemis»

Инфографика габаритов и полезной нагрузки ракет-носителей программы NASA «Артемида»

Industrial designer Ken Kirtland has published in his Twitter infographic, which shows the dimensions and the payload for different launch vehicles — some of them will become participants of the program of NASA «Artemis» return to the moon.

In the picture you can see four of the launch vehicle NASA — two of them are leaders in the dimensions and payload. There’s also a Starship and the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX, Elon musk, New Glenn from Blue Origin Jeff Bezos and the Vulcan from United Launch Alliance.

Инфографика габаритов и полезной нагрузки ракет-носителей программы NASA «Артемида»1

Инфографика габаритов и полезной нагрузки ракет-носителей программы NASA «Артемида»2

In addition to NASA and private companies, in the program «Artemis» attended the European space Agency ESA, Japan, Canada and Australia. The main goal of the program is to send men to the moon, including the first women.

In addition, Artemis should be the first step towards the establishment of a permanently inhabited settlement on the moon. First flight with a crew is scheduled for 2022-2023 years — it will be a flyby of the moon on the trajectory of the return, the crew of four astronauts.

In 2024, to be held flight with landing on Earth’s satellite. The fourth phase of the mission is scheduled for 2025-2028 years, then the moon must receive a fixed base, designed for 15 years of operation.

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