Google may stop updating older smartphones Huawei. The vendor had expired

Google может перестать обновлять старые смартфоны Huawei. У вендора закончилась лицензия

Thursday, August 13, expired temporary license by the U.S. government on the interaction of American companies with Huawei and its subsidiaries. Now Google will not be able to send updates for their services on the smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer.

We will remind, in may 2019, the U.S. government has made Huawei in the «black list»: the government decided that the company violates the national security of the country. For the transition American companies and municipalities with equipment Huawei equivalents authorities have issued the last license, making a temporary exception for trade with Chinese manufacturers.

These exceptions were used by Google to update their services on the Huawei smartphones that were released through may of 2019. More modern devices come without Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Most likely, the end of the term of the license will not remove Google services from the current Huawei devices and smartphone owners can freely use, writes XDA Developers. But every update from Huawei should be certified by Google to work with GMS: in this case, no license can prevent this process.

Also delayed the release of patches Android security: despite the fact that Google sends them to the manufacturers in advance, and later «patches» post in the open access, where Huawei can borrow without cooperation with the American Corporation.

A Huawei representative told The Washington Post that the company «monitors the situation and assesses the potential consequences,» the press service of Google, declined to comment.

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