Okko launched a joint Party hits Okko

Okko запустил сервис совместных просмотров Okko Party

Online cinema Okko launched joint hits Okko Party. Now users can watch movies and TV shows with friends at any time. All you need to do is select the movie in Okko, create virtual cinema and invite friends to a session.

Movies and TV shows more interesting to watch in the company, but the rhythm of life not always allows us to gather with friends. Okko Party opens up new possibilities for leisure with friends – cinema has never been this much fun!, — Jan Bardintzeff, CEO of Okko.

Users Okko Party can communicate while viewing through the camera. There is also the opportunity to share comments in chat rooms and send virtual animated emotions.

Okko запустил сервис совместных просмотров Okko Party1

Joint screenings Okko Party is available to all registered users of Okko, but only in Chrome. To create a joint screening, you need to install the extension and follow the instructions on party.okko.tv.

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