The Movie «Coma». A review on the most anticipated Russian film unfinished

Фильм «Кома». Отзыв на самый ожидаемый долгострой русского кино

Many of you must have seen a very promising teaser of the film «Coma». He came out about three years ago. Incredible multi-level world, cool graphics and an intriguing plot about a man trapped in a coma.

I must admit, I, like probably many of you, the teaser caused a wow-effect, and I was looking forward to the release of the film in the cinema. The teaser, 2017 year of the pilot, it is a solid computer graphics and animation, many scenes in the final film was not included, but the atmosphere is transferred very accurately.

The release of «Coma» was postponed many times. First, the movie promised at the end of 2017, then 2018, then «already just in November 2019» — even the posters began to flicker with a release date of November 14. But again, did not happen. And «Coma» gets to the cinemas only to 30 January 2020. This time for sure.

Our editors was invited to a press screening, for which we Express our gratitude to the online cinema and we hasten to share their impressions about the film. Of course, without spoilers to the plot. Only emotions and some interesting facts about how we created this movie. And thereby hangs a tale.


But first, the official summary and final trailer (to be honest, in my opinion, the final trailer came out by far the most successful and not quite correctly displays the content of the film).

«After a mysterious and terrible accident, a young, talented architect finds himself in a very strange world, only partially similar to reality. A world that exists through the memory of the reality of people who are in deep coma. Human memory is fragmented, chaotic and unstable. So the space of a COMA — a strange set of memories in which rivers, glaciers, and cities can fit in one room, where all the laws of physics can be broken. Hero to find out what laws exist that space, to fight for life, find love, find finally out into the real world and realize it in a new way, realizing what a COMA really».

If you long to suffer, something happens. The film’s producer — Sarik Andreasyan, known for a huge number of outright thrash movies for a long time rested the Studio Enjoy Movies. But the Director and screenwriter is a young specialist in Russian cinema Nikita Argunov, known to the General public for such films as «mafia: the survival Game» and «Defenders».

And if after this introduction you have already reached out to close the page with the impressions of the film take place, «OSTANOVITES!» and read on. Because there is magic and something unbelievable. You know, say it like it is. The film «Coma» was very interesting and extremely worthwhile. Below I will try to explain why.

The idea

If you figure out what the movies are like «Coma», it will be the «Inception» by Christopher Nolan and «Teleport», where one of the main roles was played by Samuel L. Jackson. Similar, but not copied. Surprisingly, Nikita Argunov actually managed to come up with your own world. The world that gets people trapped in a coma. And, you see, on this subject, a lot of films did not take off, at least I immediately so no one remembered. But in a coma, people sometimes spend months, years, decades. Fantasy about what happens to them — is the core of the «Coma».

I really liked the excerpt from the text accompanying the movie, so I, with your permission, I will quote it completely. As this excerpt clearly shows how it was invented the world of «Coma» and how it turned out. Don’t worry, spoilers to the story there.

Фильм «Кома». Отзыв на самый ожидаемый долгострой русского кино1

He tells Nikita Argunov: «If we close our eyes and try to recollect the places where we used to be, the people we know that have arisen in our minds the images will be similar to reality, but they will be different. We can remember the part of man is good and detail, and the part not remember it at all. Some building we can well remember, for example, from the front, because we often see that side of him, and did not remember him from the back. Some things we have forgotten in our memory they will polusmerti, some things will be distorted, because we remember them wrong.» It was in this world, it was decided to put the heroes comas, cut off from the real world and immersed in a world of their own thoughts and memories.

The world opens up great opportunities for story-telling brand new stories that could not happen in any other world.

Фильм «Кома». Отзыв на самый ожидаемый долгострой русского кино2

Along the way, he thought, and over the visual embodiment of the dream world of his coma. Argunov painted in Notepad, something like a neural network of the human brain: this image came to him immediately, but then he understood why it should look so:

«We remember some thing, some object, some place, some man, then we are attracted by some separate part of this place, it reminds us of something else, some other event, place or person, and our consciousness is transferred to another memory, and thus freely drifting from one memory to another. So arranged and the world of the coma. There are Islands of memories, there are connecting paths, which can go from one memory to another. We saw in the movies almost everything we saw desert, mountains, sea, glaciers, jungles, but we have not seen until now, the world in which deserts, glaciers, the sea and the jungle could coexist and be mixed in a most peculiar way, as it often happens with our memories, as jumbled in our head. Attempt to show all this to the viewer on the screen — this is our movie».

Better idea of creating a world of coma I would not have described. What was the output?


First, devilishly handsome world. Multilevel. Layered. With carefully chosen locations and scenery. It is very beautiful scenery in the film is present almost throughout, they are diverse, and they are not tired, constantly marveling at the incredible combinations and images, invented in this world until the very end. And despite the fact that many of the effects and scenes are clearly drawn for a movie 3-4 years ago is not so conspicuous. Everything looks luxurious, space and very unusual.

Second, the world was complex and interesting. With its rules of the game. And then you can say that «Coma» would just suit the format of the series to better reveal all the details of your micro universe. Because sometimes the creators of the film clearly lacks the timing to show and to tell in more detail the rules of the world «Coma,» and they just told and explained in a short dialogue between the characters. But at least thanks for that. If you look carefully, all becomes clear, and by the end of the film the viewer will not see a huge amount of questions «what and why».

Фильм «Кома». Отзыв на самый ожидаемый долгострой русского кино3

The incredible world of «Coma» is complemented by a cheerful and dynamic plot. With its history and even a couple of attempts to twistout in the end. Not to say that it was some sort of revelation and we’ve never seen, but the attempt itself should be commended, all of this makes the overall story of the film more interesting.


It is also impossible not to notice a very good casting for the film. The squad is very interesting. The main role of the still very young of Rinal Mukhametov. And he starred in the film «Coma» before he became famous for his roles in «Gravity», «Invasion» and the splendid drama «Without Me.»

Also great in the film itself have already enough known at the time of filming Love Aksenov, for example, or actor miloš Bykowicz, who to super-success in the movie «Slave» was still three years ahead. By the way, did you know that the film «Serf» at the time of writing the review was the second in the history of Russian film at the box office, behind only «move up» and ahead of «the Avengers» «the Lion King» and many other movies?

Фильм «Кома». Отзыв на самый ожидаемый долгострой русского кино4

So the cast has been handpicked for its time, surprisingly is optimal. And especially fun to see significantly more young faces of actors now, in 2020, comparing them with the last of the recent movies where you saw the same actors, but at 3-4 years of age.


The movie «Coma» is an obvious long — term construction of the Russian cinema. Why were so many postponements of release, and the release was delayed for three years — we, alas, is not told, perhaps we’ll find out about it in the future.

But, I want to say that if this time the filmmakers took to finish — we waited not in vain. No, «Coma» — this is not a revelation and certainly not a masterpiece. The film has its drawbacks. But the pluses, in my opinion, much more.

This is a very unusual movie for the Russian cinema. With his world, his rules, his own idea that it’s hard to say where we plagiarized (although the guidelines, of course, can be traced). But «Coma» is definitely worthy for you to go to her movie and gave the movie a private impression.

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