The application «Supertec» allows you to pay to bypass the box office

Приложение «Суперчек» позволяет оплачивать покупки в обход касс

In the update of the app «Supertec» added the ability to make purchases in offline stores to bypass the classical Cass. The service is called Scan2Go.

To add products to a virtual shopping cart, simply scan their bar codes using the app. Payment is made through credit / debit card or Apple Pay. The solution allows to increase the throughput of stores.

We offer our partners a complete solution, which includes the control system, and marketing tools to interact with the buyer — Anton Pakhomov, Director of development and interaction with networks of the group of companies «Yandex.Market»

Now Scan2Go works in networks of shops «Coswell» and «Smile of the Rainbow»: the addresses of the points available in the app. For every purchase charged cashback 5% in the «Coswell» and discounts of up to 10% in the «smile of the rainbow».

«Superchick» is available for free for iOS and Android.

«Supertec» launched by Yandex in July 2019. The app allows you to view the complete catalogs of major retailers, and will also get cashback on purchases. «Yandex» also runs «Edadil» directory of discounts and cashback system.

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