Streaming service ivi will produce 18 original projects in 2020

Стриминговый сервис ivi выпустит 18 оригинальных проектов в 2020 году

Online cinema ivi held in Moscow event, in which has told about company’s progress and plans on 2020-2021 years.

The monthly audience of the service in CIS countries more than 10 million unique users in Kazakhstan, the awareness platform has risen from 43% in 2018 to 74% in 2019. During this time, was launched on 10 integration projects with leading broadcasters, including a strategic partnership with Kcell in Kazakhstan.

According to representatives of service, ivi offers «best content offering». In 2019, the company introduced more than 500 Premier Hollywood movie, the leading European and Russian studios. Subscribers have access to exclusive Warner package, and the New year on the ivi appears, the entire collection of films «Star wars.»

Стриминговый сервис ivi выпустит 18 оригинальных проектов в 2020 году1

Next year will see six films in production of which participated ivi Originals: «denied! 2», «Inadequate people», «Coma», «One breath», «Three» and «save nick». In addition, in the fall of 2020, the ivi will premiere 12 original TV series, but from January to may 2021 and 15 original projects.

The content varies by genre and format — in addition to TV series and feature films, for example, expected the documentary film, the show, and more «experimental projects».

Online cinema has signed an agreement with Tina Kandelaki about the promotion of the company’s Carbon Production, which will produce film and TV series, the incubation of ideas and attract new talent. Carbon Production is to produce from 10 to 20 projects, including award featuring the «stars» of television and film.

ivi launched in 2010 by Oleg Tumanov. In the coming year the company plans to spend on producing its own content 1 billion. In 2020, the platform will be 10 years.

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