Sony is selling the premium edition of Death of Stranding, Heat NFS, Hitman 2 and Rage 2 for PS4

Sony распродаёт премиальные издания Death Stranding, NFS Heat, Hitman 2 и Rage 2 для PS4

Sony continues to expand the collection of games is big «Christmas sales» for PlayStation 4, which was launched on 2 December.

This time the participants were the newest AAA projects, the release of most of which took place only this year. One of them, for example, entered Death and Stranding.

Here are a few new promotional items:

  • Death Stranding: «Digital enhanced edition» — 3499 rubles instead of rubles 5099
  • Rage 2 Standard Edition — 1199 rubles instead of 3999 rubles
  • Rage 2 Deluxe Edition — 1499 rubles instead of 4999 rubles
  • Need for Speed Deluxe Edition Heat — 3249 rubles instead of 4999 rubles
  • MediEvil Digital Deluxe Edition — 1799 2599 rubles instead of rubles
  • Hitman 2: «gold Edition» — 2199 roubles instead of 6199 rubles

The full catalog of titles at a discount can be found here.

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