Razer suggested to Elon musk together to release a gaming laptop CyberBlade

Razer предложил Илону Маску совместно выпустить геймерский ноутбук CyberBlade

Min-Liang tan, CEO of Razer, engaged in production of gaming devices, in his Twitter account suggested collaboration Elon musk with the goal to produce a gaming laptop, the design of which was inspired by the new Tesla electrophysiol Cybertruck.

As the title is considered CyberBlade, combining the name of an existing line of laptops Razer and electropica. The post also clarifies that the laptop needs to pull the launch of the future of AAA title Cyberpunk Studio CD Project RED who created the Witcher.

Immediately post presentation Cybertruck Min-Liang said on Twitter, if Musk is to produce only for an individual model in black and green colors typical of Razer products. In addition, he also attached a probable concept.

It is unclear whether there will be this offer a joke or be able to become a reality. So far none of the messages Tana official reviews the Mask was not followed.

Tesla Cybertruck submitted on November 22 of this year. The car has a spectacular design that spawned many memes and jokes on the Internet. In it is based on transport of the multiplayer shooter Halo.

The presentation was memorable for many the fact that armor-piercing double-glass cracked from the ingress of a small metal ball. Elon himself has already given an explanation of the incident. In just the first day the company received about 146 000 pre-orders for the novelty, the design of each of which cost wishing to $ 100.

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