Premieres and trailers of the week. 2-6 Dec

Премьеры и трейлеры недели. 2–6 декабря

Finally fit week! I primarily mean the trailers. Although in the movie there is something to go, and on the streaming services to watch. Start!

Premiere week

  • «Orphan Brooklyn». Edward Norton decided to try themselves in new roles. Here it acts not only as protagonist but also as a Director and screenwriter. Private detective (Edward Norton) with Tourette’s is taken for the investigation of the murder of his friend and mentor (Bruce Willis). His investigation leads to gangsters and the most dangerous man in new York.
  • «War of currents». Until Russia finally got the film of the brilliant inventor Thomas Edison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Events tell us about the war, DC and AC currents and the struggle for electrification of American cities.
  • «Christmas for two». Star of TV series «Game of thrones» Emilia Clarke in new year Comedy melodrama. The film is based on the song by British pop Duo Wham!. The story tells of a girl who scored on his life, but a chance meeting with a young boy changes everything.
  • «21 bridges». And here is starring star of the film ‘Black Panther’ Chadwick Bosman. After a daring attack and murder of eight police officers covers all bridges to find and detain criminals.

Премьеры и трейлеры недели. 2–6 декабря1
Frame from the film «Christmas for two»

  • «The balloonists». The film from Amazon, which rolled will appear exclusively on the streaming service. Starring Eddie Redmayne and felicity Jones. A meteorologist and a girl, carried away with balloons, on a journey in a balloon to make a scientific breakthrough.
  • «Rzhev». Russian military drama on the Rzhev battle of 1942. After fighting near the village of Ovsyannikovo from the company is only a third of soldiers and they can’t retreat. In parallel with these developments, the village remains Lieutenant, the purpose of which is to find traitors.
  • «The end of the season.» The story of three sisters living in a small Baltic town. They dream of returning to Moscow and looking for simple happiness. But their dreams will not come true, especially when in the city there is a dangerous killer.
  • «The amazing Mrs. Meisel», the third season. Rachel Brosnahan in the role as a standup comedian is back! She graduated to her first tour, but is still unable to sort out their relationship.

Trailers of the week

«Black widow»

Marvel has finally released the first teaser trailer for the prequel, dedicated to the «Black widow». His role will be back Scarlett Johansson. Events tell us about the past of Natasha Romanova. The film will be David harbour as «the red defender» and Rachel Weisz. Russian premiere is scheduled for April 22.

«No time to die»

Another great premiere week — the trailer for the 25th film in the James bond. In the story, 007 is sent on vacation, which is interrupted by his friend Felix Leiter. Bond will again have to save the world. Movie 9 APR.

«The boys», the second season

In the network leaked a teaser trailer for the second season of «the Boys». It then managed to delete, but the Internet remembers everything. We are waiting for more blood and fighting. One of the most memorable series of the year back in 2020.


Disney showed the full trailer for the film adaptation of the cartoon «Mulan». The film is about a fearless girl who pretended to be a guy to go to war instead of his sick father. She will be one of the greatest warriors. In film on March 26.


Disney+ gradually conquers the world streaming premiere of the new stamping. This film will tell the dog That, through which in 1928 was able to prevent a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska. One of the main roles Willem Dafoe. Premiere on the streaming service on December 20.

«Just to forgive»

It’s a great movie with a great cast: brie Larson, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx. The film will tell the real story of a gifted black lawyer Bryan Stevenson. He devoted his life to defending the poor who can’t afford a decent lawyer. Premiere in the US in December, and in Russia, worth the wait only February 27.

«Lost in space», the second season

Netflix has released the first trailer for the continuation of the series about the adventures of the Robinson family in space. The series is based on the eponymous film of 1998. All series will debut on Netflix on December 24.

«The stranger», first season

The series is based on the novel by Stephen king. After the murder of a child detained a man (Jason Bateman), whose fingerprints were found at the crime scene. However, he has an alibi — surveillance cameras, according to which he was in 90 km from the crime scene. Detective (Ben Mendelsohn), begins to investigate the mysterious murder. Premiere of the first series will take place on January 12 on HBO.

«Zero squad»

The events of the film take place in 1977. The story is about a girl-rebel of Christmas flint, who dreams about traveling into space. When she finds out about the talent contest NASA, then gathers his team and goes for the win. Premiere on Amazon Prime will be held on January 17.

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