YouTube promised that Rewind 2019 will not be as bad as last year

YouTube пообещал, что Rewind 2019 будет не настолько плох, как прошлогодний

The official Twitter account of YouTube there was a record, hinting at the imminent release of the video of YouTube Rewind 2019 — the traditional final video that talks about trends of the platform over the last year.

The attached meme is trying to convince that in 2019 YouTube Rewind will be «really something other than Rewind 2018». YouTube Rewind 2018 was the record of the obtained negative estimates: a week the video has gained 10 million dislikes allowed, now he has 16 million dislikes allowed. Users have accused YouTube in isolation from ordinary users, turning to Rewind the opportunity for advertising, not a community celebration.

In the past two years, YouTube Rewind was released on 6 December release Rewind 2019 is expected at about the same time period.

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