Infographic: the most popular series from 1986 to 2019

YouTube-channel Data Is Beautiful have released a video-infographic for the most popular TV serials from 1986 to 2019.

In 1986 was in the lead Comedy series «the Cosby Show», the sitcom «family ties» and «Cheers» («the Cheerful company»). All three shows were broadcast on NBC. To shift the three top positions was only in 1991, the TV series «Roseanne» TV channel ABC. Until 1999 in the top 10 with rare exceptions included projects for ABC and NBC, when he strengthened the positions of TV shows from CBS, Fox and HBO.

The legendary TV series «Friends» took the first place ranking in 2001, but then it was dismissed «C. S. I. crime scene». In 2006, pulled ahead of «lost» from ABC, and in 2009 — «Dexter» from ShowTime.

2012 began with a change of leadership: the first line was the series «Game of thrones» from HBO, where he stayed until 2018. The current ranking looks like this:

  1. «NCIS: naval criminal investigative service» CBS
  2. «Childhood Sheldon», CBS
  3. «We are» — NBC
  4. «Game of thrones», HBO
  5. «American family», ABC
  6. «Mandalore», Disney+
  7. «A very strange case,» Netflix
  8. «The walking dead», AMC
  9. «Orange is the new black», Netflix
  10. «Rick and Morty» for Cartoon Network

Data sources: reports of streaming services analyst DHT and TV ratings Prime-time.

The channel Data Is Beautiful was shown statistics on the most popular mobile platforms and most profitable fantasy kynoselen.

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