Netflix is losing money on the background of the successful launch of Disney+

Netflix терпит убытки на фоне успешного старта Disney+

Streaming service Disney+ scored extremely successful launch on 12 November this year in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

During the first day after release were more than 10 million people decorated subscriptions and more than 3.2 million units a branded app Disney+. For comparison, the utility of Netflix for the same period of time after the premiere of 660 downloaded thousands of times.

The figures exceeded expectations of many experts who had predicted around 8 million subscribers Disney by the end of 2019. Against this background, the closure of trading in the US shares of Netflix lost about 3%, while securities of The Walt Disney Company rose 7.3%.

Netflix терпит убытки на фоне успешного старта Disney+1

Netflix терпит убытки на фоне успешного старта Disney+2

Do not become a hindrance even multiple technical problems in the early hours. A large number of customer complaints were recorded on the website DownDetector.

In total, the service provides access to more than 500 films and TV series. Special mention deserves a huge amount of positive reviews of the series «Mandalore», which takes place in the universe of «Star wars».

While it is not known when will be the official run Disney+ in Russia and the CIS. To access the service from Russia through an American site, it is impossible even by using a VPN.

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