Google Maps will tell you the pronunciation of unfamiliar places in the desired language

«Google Карты» подскажут произношение незнакомых мест на нужном языке

Google announced a new feature in a mobile application «Map». Association with the service «Interpreter» implements scoring place name in a foreign language.

Next to the name of the field added to the «Map» icon will appear in the dynamics. Clicking on it will announce all the necessary information if it is necessary to pass to the taxi driver or ask passers-by. If you wish to continue the dialogue in an unknown language, «Maps» offers to proceed to full application of «Interpreter».

«Google Карты» подскажут произношение незнакомых мест на нужном языке1

The function will appear in the application «Google Maps» for iOS and Android this month and will support 50 languages, including Russian.

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