Browser with focus on privacy Brave came out of the testing phase

Браузер с упором на приватность Brave вышел из стадии тестирования

The development team of the browser Brave have announced the release of the first release version — 1.0 Brave. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

The browser open source Chromium platform includes a built-in ad blocker and trackers Brave Shields, providing privacy when working online. Private mode supports connection via the encrypted Tor network. The creators promise the download sites «3-6 times faster than other browsers».

Also Brave is Brave Ads system based on the blockchain: users can view ads in exchange for payments. Brave Rewards allows you to share your favorite content creators a part of the earnings on viewing advertising funds.

During the open beta testing of the Brave used 8.7 million active users worldwide.

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