«Yandex.The Rover» — a robot for transporting small loads

«Яндекс.Ровер» — робот для перевозки небольших грузов

«Yandex» has launched a testing robot for delivery of small cargoes — «Yandex.Rover». The creation of the robot was worked by the same team that released the unmanned vehicle.

When you create the Rover, we used our experience in the field of unmanned control. We have adapted existing technology for new tasks and a new system with a different set of sensors.

Running a few robots. «Yandex.Rover» self-building routes, recognizes the objects around and overcome obstacles, but in the testing phase him remotely watching operator.

So far, the Rover trust only the delivery of documents between offices of «Yandex» Lev Tolstoy street. In the future they plan to use for the service «Yandex.Food», «Yandex.Shop» marketplace and «Take».

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