Tesla will present electropica 21 Nov

Tesla представит электропикап 21 ноября

Presents Tesla electric pickup is November 21 in his design Studio, which is located in Los Angeles, USA. This was told Elon Musk in his Twitter account.

The idea of the production of the pickup appeared in the Mask in 2013. It is known that the first car in this format from Tesla will cost $ 50,000, will accommodate six people and will pass from one charging 400-500 miles (~640-800 km) in maximum configuration. The design of the pickup has not been disclosed except for a single teaser.

Elon Musk noted that Cybertruck (so the owner called a pickup) is inspired by the movie «blade Runner».

In June, the network appeared the video of the Swedish inventor Simone Hertz. Using the grinder, it turned a Tesla Model 3 in the truck called Trackla. According to the girl, she was sick of waiting for Tesla to release its first pickup truck, so made his own.

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